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Sephora VIB Sale 20% Off Holiday Shopping

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The annual VIB sale which runs from the beginning to the middle of each November is in full swing. This is the first year Sephora decided to exclude Rouge clients from the VIB part of the 20% off sale. I was curious to see whether HOLIDAY20 or VIB20 would work for Rouge clients. Sephora said it would not work, but parameters on new codes can fail. A VIB exclusive code had never been released before, so it was worth checking. The VIB sale runs 11/13/15-11/16/15. The code officially went live at 11:41pm PST on 11/12/15, so it came 19 minutes ahead of schedule for the west coast and was behind schedule for some others. When I tried to enter the codes from my Beauty Insider account (created solely for receiving email offers) and my Rouge account, I got a pop up that you must be a VIB member to redeem.

If you are a VIB, you can use VIB20 as long as your account remains in VIB status. It appears HOLIDAY20 is a one time use code only given to certain people. Accounts can no longer use the code once they cross over to Rouge status. Those close to Rouge status should try to put everything into one order. Although things coming in and out of stock throughout the sale can make that difficult. This means Sephora either did not write a parameter to include a cutoff date or the parameter failed. Since the weekend is in full swing and the developers likely have the weekend off, I doubt the code will work for people who were VIB at the start of the sale and hit Rouge status before Monday at the soonest. Hopefully, Sephora takes phone orders or extends the sale to help those adversely affected.

My order from the Rouge part of the sale was actually placed right after the code went live on the 5th, just before the clock ticked over to the 6th. I was glad that I decided to test the code early, because the item I really wanted sold out minutes into the sale. The limited edition item was worth the wait, and I am glad I got it on sale. If you’re placing a nail polish order, it will almost always come from the Maryland warehouse and ship slowly. Living on the west coast means orders typically take a week or longer to reach you. If you want items faster, you can always separate polish orders from everything else.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.53.49 PM

I decided to keep my order together. It did not arrive until yesterday, the 13th. Since I ordered so late on the 5th, it was almost like I ordered it on the 6th making this a seven-day order to delivery. That is not too bad for an order containing a polish. A lot of samples were substituted or missing during the sale, so I am actually glad my order went through the Maryland warehouse. While I cannot explain why, I get more missing and substituted samples from the Salt Lake City Warehouse. Most of my orders get fulfilled through Salt Lake City, so I get a greater number of orders from them making it unfair to compare the two. If I ordered from both equally, I would better be able to better compare. You generally cannot pick your warehouse. Sephora will fulfill orders from the warehouse that makes the most sense, but I’ve ordered a lot of polish from Sephora that always comes from Maryland.

Sephora VIB Rouge 20% Sale Haul

The Guerlain Météorites Powder For The Face And Décolleté are from the 2015 Holiday collection. They are limited-edition and sold out almost everywhere, including Sephora. There is an option on the product page to add your email for notification if they return, so there is a chance they could restock. Like all Meteorites, these give a subtle glow. Of all my meteorites, these may actually be the most subtle, probably from the lack of color in the balls. I do see a very slight micro glitter that activates in certain lighting. That is unique of the ones I own.

Guerlain Meteorites Holiday 2015 5

I am in love with this container. It is probably a thick aluminum with a thick plastic top to see the beautiful holiday design at the top of the ball. Those materials may not sound luxurious, but this is even more beautiful in person that it photographs. They feel wonderful.

Guerlain Meteorites Holiday 2015 6

The snowball container twists open in the middle. Inside the lid on the top, there is a mirror. A pouf with a gold ribbon protects the balls below. These balls arrived in more pristine condition than any of my other Meteorites, so I think this container agrees with it. I love the way this powder smells. It is as fragrant as all its sister powders.

Guerlain Meteorites Holiday 2015 2

I think the stars are an added touch to the usual balls.

Guerlain Meteorites Holiday 2015

The balls, which weigh 1oz, fill about half of the container.

Guerlain Meteorites Holiday 2015 3

The highlight is extremely subtle, so do not fear the darker balls for an all over glow. They blend nicely with the lighter balls to create a beautiful light.

Guerlain Meteorites Holiday 2015 4

The micro glitter, while almost imperceptible to the naked eye, will activate slightly when bright lights are present. Indoors, you will not look like a fairy.

I used this as a setting powder and all over shimmer in both of the looks below. It is extremely subtle, so I had a hard time using this as a highlight alone, but I will tomorrow.

Estee Lauder Limited Edition Color

Even with moderate peeling, my skin still has a soft glow.

Estee Lauder Holiday Palette 2

I’ve wanted the Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin, but I could not bring myself to pay $50 for a nail polish. It seemed insane. The bottle alone looks like a piece of art, and I love a gorgeous red. Christian Louboutin has a beautiful red. For $40, I wanted the polish. Then, the VIB sale came and went last year. Every time I put it in my cart, I took it back out. Thankfully, I was able to keep it in my cart this year and purchase it. This was a more than year-long purchase decision that I not only love, but I wish I purchased it sooner.

Christian Louboutin Polish

It comes in a beautiful thick cardboard package making the polish shape look cubed. I have not decided whether I want to display it this way or without the package yet. When you are even contemplating displaying something inside its package, you know that the retailer went all out with packaging.

Christian Louboutin Polish 2

The glass bottle is clear at the top and turns a sheer black as it moves down. That lets a hint of the lovely red poke through. It also makes the bottle more beautiful than if the entire glass casing was clear.

Christian Louboutin Polish 3

The handle is huge, so I wondered if it would make painting difficult. It was actually really easy to grip and reminds me of a nicer created Julep Plie wand.

Christian Louboutin Polish 4

The casing is beautiful and the handle is efficient. If there is any room for improvement, it would be in the brush. It gets the job done, but it is on the smaller side. Larger nails will probably need multiple dips in the polish to finish. I prefer dipping once, because the polish is smoother when there are not extra seconds between painting a single layer. You could bring a big glob over and try to work with that, but I’ve found that often makes polish too thick and takes longer to dry. Working with thinner strokes is better all the way around. Compare this to my other red polishes.

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin

Although I have a lot of red polishes and would not be surprised if many of them look exactly the same, this red settled into a deeper color as it dried. It makes it a wonderful red for the holidays. This will probably adorn my hands for Christmas. I painted this swatch at the same time as Julep swatches for an article tomorrow, and this took longer to dry even though the polish is not as thick as Julep.

I ended up using this polish at Thanksgiving. The color is beautiful, and I am very happy with the way the polish looked.

Christian Louboutin 3

That was done without a manicure beforehand. I also did not use a base or a topcoat. Less than 48 hours later, my nails were already chipping. For the cost of the polish, I will give myself a manicure first and use a base and top coat next time I use this.

Sephora VIB Rouge Qualification 2015 6

I attached the picture above holding the lipstick to show the polish was chipping  two days later. My son found some blue eyeshadow (thankfully not mine) and placed it on my niece. She looked like a better looking Mimi from Drew Carey. He then used the eyeshadow to “paint” her nails. Despite my MIL’s best effort to remove the eyeshadow, it was not going anywhere. I offered to paint her nails, and this was her result.

Christian Louboutin 4

After loving my polish and her granddaughter’s polish, my MIL requested I paint hers as well. This was her result.

Christian Louboutin 5

Red is my favorite color, and I really love this Louboutin red. I have no regrets buying it. The polish does not seem special enough to warrant buying it in every color, but I still suggest buying this classic color (if you prep properly).

Sephora VIB Rouge 20% Sale Haul 2

I am a fan of GlamGlow, other than SuperMud. I do not dislike SuperMud, but I do not like it enough to purchase it or use points on it. If it comes in a kit, I will gladly use it. FlashMud is the only GlamGlow I had not tried yet. It only costs 100 points for a 0.24oz sample, which is enough for 2-3 uses. Once I try it, I will report back.

Sephora VIB Rouge 20% Sale Haul 4

The samples I selected all arrived, and I am happy to try all of them. I’ve tried Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer before, but the color was not right. When I saw the 0.03o sample in shade 2 in Shim Beige, I thought it might be a better match. This is a wonderful formula, so I look forward to seeing if this color works on me. Every Fresh mask I’ve tried so far has been wonderful, so I have high expectations for this 0.06oz Fresh Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask. Although I had a very bad reaction from my Cover FX CC cream, I am hoping this Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation does better on my skin. All four colors (N20, N40, N60, and N100) will probably be too dark, but I will probably get a feel for how I like the formula. I will also know if I am allergic to this as well by trying shade N20.

Sephora VIB Rouge 20% Sale Haul 5

I love getting scent cards as bonuses. They usually come before an event, but these cards did not advertise a specific event. Christmas is a great time to gift scents, so they probably have gifts in mind for these. Fragrance is such a personal thing that I do not recommend buying someone a scent unless you already know they love it. If you are insistent on buying fragrance but do not know which one to get, get a Favorites Kit, so the recipient can try all the fragrances in the set and redeem the certificate for the one that appeals to him/her most. These sample cardss came with: Chloe, Prada Candy, Marc Jacobs Mod Noir, Tory Burch Absolu, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black, and Elizabeth and James Nirvana White. None of these scents are new to me, but I like having portable ones. The Prada Candy will probably not stay with me, because I am not a fan.

I was already a fan of Nirvana Black, but I used the sample foil anyway. It is a deep scent but not overpowering. When I go to sleep, I can still smell it. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate it a 7.5.

The Favorites Book, which came with the order lists the Give Me More Lip set. It sold out online and restocked before it sold out again. Ignore the $39 price listed here, because this has sold for $59 every year for a while, including this year. That is a misprint. I wonder if including the set in a new booklet means they are restocking it again or they printed it before they knew how popular this version would be. It really was incredible, so I am not surprised it sold better than earlier versions.

Sephora VIB Rouge 20% Sale Haul 6

While I do not like the changes this year: lack of private shopping event, no bag online, less total shopping days, not getting the VIB shopping days, etc, I am still happy with the generous 20% off everything sale. That is the real star, and I will always be ready for it as long as it’s offered. Stores everywhere are having sales, so it is a great time to shop.

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