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Review Directory Test InstaNatural Neck Firming Cream and Acne Spot Treatment

Review Directory is subsidiary of, which was founded in 2007 and has a database of over 1.5 million bloggers. Bloggers review products and services for free or at a deep discount in exchange for honest reviews. They are only required to give the reviews on the site the product comes from.

In my last article, I went over how Review Directory found me and offered three product tests. I got to pick the three on the list that appealed to me. Yesterday, I went over the first combo, which was test one. Today, I will go over the second combo, test two. Ann sent me the links for the products I ordered and the promo code to enter at Amazon checkout. Like test one, adding the products to my cart from the links and using the promo code removed all costs. Thanks to my Amazon Prime membership, the products arrived two days after I ordered them. Those without Prime probably get free standard shipping.

I love using a separate neck cream in my beauty routine. When I get samples, I always put them to use right away. The sheer volume of face creams I’ve received usually keep me from buying a neck cream. While face creams do work fine on my neck, I love items specifically designed for it. Plus, I love applying my neck cream right after my eye and face serum before I apply my eye and face cream giving the serums extra time to seep in. Neck skin is slightly different from face skin, so any cream that works perfectly for one will be less than perfect for another. It made my decision to sample this neck cream easy. Ann requested I review the products once I had three weeks of trying them out. That is a little soon, but I am a rule follower.

Before my order arrived, I received an email giving me instructions on how to use the product. Considering the instructions in a smaller format are already on the bottle, I was very impressed with this detail. The company, InstaNatural, was off to a great start in my eyes. This was an Amazon order, too, so I can only imagine how fast it would go out if someone placed a direct order (assuming they have a direct store). I studied the email and felt ready to start when the product arrived.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 8.34.24 AM

The InstaNatural Neck Firming Cream was thinner than I anticipated. It moisturizes extremely well for a thin cream though. More often than not, I do not cover my entire neck in cream, and I now know that is a mistake. I do not want to end up with tight face skin from great care and loose neck skin, because I took too long to tighten it with special products. Hopefully, this cream can help get me back on the right track. A little goes a long way, so I do not even need a full pump let alone the 1-2 pumps the instructions recommend. This smells incredible, like fresh oranges and lemons blended together. That is why this cream is bright orange!

Insta Natural Neck Cream

The directions recommend using this once or twice a day depending on skin sensitivity. Though it works fine on my sensitive skin, I opt to only use it once a day, in the morning. It does moisturize deeply, but I use thicker creams at night on my face and neck. Using this once a day for three weeks, I have not noticed any smoothing or firming results yet. My guess is it will take longer to see results if it delivers any. Based on how great this feels and how moisturizing it is, I can easily rate it four stars at the three-week mark. If I see any noticeable changes once I finish this, I will report back on whether it stays at four stars.

The InstaNatural Acne Spot Treatment is a definite must try for me. My combination skin struggles with acne in some areas and extremely dry skin in others. It is like two different people share one face. Sometimes, I use one product on my dry facial skin and another product on my oily facial skin. More often than not, I use one product across my entire face giving neither area the love it really needs. That results in dry patches and dreaded acne at the same time. Treating acne on an already dry face is difficult if the products are too drying. I also received an email of instructions before receiving this product.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.16.29 PM

This product smells like alcohol. I have some experience with treating acne with alcohol based products, and it has not always gone well thanks to my dry patches of skin. That made me a little nervous, especially as the weather changes. When it gets cold outside, my dryness gets worse. The instructions directing me not to shake the bottle and use a cotton swab to get product from the bottom are the same ones for the product I was already using when this arrived. Unlike my other product, this comes out almost completely clear with a very slight yellow tint. It does make it harder to see if I’ve worked through the alcohol to get the goods.

InstaNatural Spot Treatment

With my other product, I can see the pink through the alcohol, so it is a little easier to work with. Though it is harder to see if I’ve gotten much of the acne product, I apply it very night before I sleep like clockwork. Due to the alcohol content, I use the Q-Tip to carefully dab the product only over acne. It must avoid other parts of my face. My usual product almost completely removes small pimples overnight and reduces the size of larger pimples and dries them out significantly. This does the same but not as well. Pimples dry out faster than they do on their own but not as fast as compared to my usual product. That means this works, but not as effectively as I’d like.

I feel three weeks was enough time to properly evaluate this product. Three days would have been enough, because by the third day, I knew what I know now. My tip would be swirl the cotton swab at the bottom of the bottle to make sure you are picking up enough product. The product and alcohol base are almost the same color, so this is an important step. Coat the pimple nicely, but do not apply outside the pimple to prevent your surrounding skin from drying out. It does work faster than pimples go away on their own, so I rate this three out of five stars.

My second tests went well. I did not have an allergic reaction to either product, which is a huge issue for me. As I write this, I have an insane rash on my face likely caused by a new face cream (unrelated to these product tests) in my lineup. Once my Amazon reviews go live, I will send them to Ann to see if she needs anything else or if these tests are a wrap. If they’re not a wrap for any reason or I see any reason to add or deduct stars as I use the items more, I will report back.

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