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Sephora VIB Sale 20% Off Holiday Shopping Event Rouge First Access and Gift 110615-110915

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The annual VIB sale which runs from the beginning to the middle of each November started. By now, all of my fellow Sephora US Rouge shoppers should know our private shopping event to kick off the annual VIB 20% off sale did not happen. Apparently after surveying us about our satisfaction with the last event, Sephora decided to cancel the event instead of making improvements. There were certainly areas I felt could be improved. As I mentioned after attending the August event, my store event could have been better. If my store stepped it up the way some other stores do, I may have enjoyed the events a little more. While I appreciated the Face Mask Friday event added this year (which I now wonder if it was a replacement to the private shopping event we usually have in November), I was not into the jar masks my store opted to go with.

Had Sephora not canceled the event, I may have attended. Guess we will never know one way or the other now. While I took the survey after the August event, I cannot remember what I wrote. I do remember being asked to rank event happenings and am pretty sure I rated brand reps presence lowest. Sorry, I really enjoyed spending time with them in August of 2014, but I found something missing in November of 2014, and August of 2015. Some people reported brand reps would still be visiting the stores, but I did not see any at my store yesterday. Not sure I really missed them either.

Instead of an event to kick off the sale, our sale started randomly at 11:47pm PST on 11/05/15, which was 13 minutes ahead of schedule for West Coasters and slightly behind for everyone else. I am usually up late, so I placed an online order (which I will present in a separate article once it arrives) before the stroke of midnight. If you are a Rouge client, use code ROUGE20 through 11/09/15 for 20% off everything but gift cards and flash shipping. Sephora’s lack of restrictions has always been refreshing. You can also shop in store the same dates. Be sure to mention the discount, because some Sephora reps will not automatically give it to you even if you present your Rouge card. They make you work for it.

Even though I placed an online order right when the event started, I drove over to the store. While supplies last, you should also receive a tote bag. I would love to show you a picture of said tote bag, but sadly, I cannot. It was not until hours after I left the store that I realized I did not receive my free tote bag, but I will circle back to this soon.

I’ve swatched Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine in 06 Pink in Devotion and 08 Pink in Confidence a few times. A girl has to have the right lipstick. For some reason, I could never decide which to buy. Usually when I cannot decide, I get them both. The problem is these, while different, were too similar to justify purchasing both. Since I had to drive over to the store to get my tote bag anyway, it was time to decide. In the past, I’ve sampled Pink in Devotion. As a true germaphobe, there is no power on earth to get me to sample from a tester. Since a bubble foil of Pink in Confidence eluded me, I was unsure of it.

After swatching both shades today, I finally decided to get the one I’ve sampled, Pink in Devotion. Just as I was about to grab it and check out, an SA approached me. They always approach when I shop with makeup on, so I was not surprised. Thanks to my newest acquisition of Burberry Rosewood, I had some on. She noted that the colors were similar but thought Pink in Confidence was more cool thus better suited for me. This was my original instinct but getting that sample of Pink In Devotion played with my head.

Who knew picking lipstick was this difficult, right? Somewhere someone is reading this shaking her head about first world problems. Anyway, I finally decided on Pink in Confidence.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Pink in Confidence

This is 0.15oz, but it looks smaller than that. Regardless, I never finish lipstick. It will be fine.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Pink in Confidence2

The swatch is such a beautiful pale, rosy pink. It will probably be very subtle on my naturally pink lips.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Pink in Confidence 3

This color did not build as well as I thought it would, so it was a paler pink on me. I am still happy with the color, because I do not have a large collection of pale pinks making the chances I have a dupe slim. Like other Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks, this was extremely moisturizing. It feels heavenly to wear. It feels like a balm but less tacky. Not that I find balms overly tacky, but lips do stick together for a fraction of a second with some balms. The formula did not accentuate lines or dry patches, which is impressive for a light color. My only complaint with this formula is it wears off too fast. I reapply more with this formula than most others.

YSL Pink

I noticed Sephora had the new holiday bags out. Usually, I decline a bag when I am buying something small, but I was hoping for a holiday bag. Sadly, she did not give me one.

Sephora 110615 2

Did I mention I shopped with my lovely assistant? He wanted to hold the bag, which is the only reason I did not return it. Having a handsome man volunteer to hold my bag is what I want all the time. It was awesome.

Sephora Assistant

I met my Dad for lunch afterward and took my first look at the bag she gave me.

Sephora Tote

Although I did not like the smell, the canvas bag was large and cute. My first thought was Sephora stepped up the bags from the cheap plastic ones they handed out last year. Maybe, they invested some of the money they saved on the event in our bags. Wrong!

I looked online a few hours later to see if any of the out of stock items had returned. Placing three orders (two online and one in person) in less than 24 hours is totally worth it when everything is 20% off and items are going in and out of stock throughout the event. That is when I noticed I was missing points! A careful examination helped me realize I was missing 250. They were there after I placed the order the night before, so I knew I lost them in store somehow even though I declined redeeming any. The lady who checked me out (I am not good with names) charged me 250 points for a free bag!

I called the Rouge line and the lady I spoke with apologized. She said the bag should have been free, so she returned my points. It did take a few hours before the points finally appeared in my account, but they did finally pop back up (just late enough to diffuse my second online order). Had they arrived sooner, I may have bought something else and used more points, so thanks for holding my points a while and diffusing me, Sephora.

After the call, I logged into Beautytalk and discovered this charge for the bag happened to other people as well. Apparently, there is a new 250 point bag, which is separate from the free bag. This is it! While I did not get the free bag I should have, I did get this. My points are back, so other than an extra phone call, it was hassle free as well as free. I wonder how many people paid points for a bag they thought was free, and I wonder how many may never notice because they either keep a large amount of points or do not pay as close attention to points as I do. I do dislike not having the bag everyone else got, but I am not driving back to the store to get it. They came with online orders last year but did not this year.

Other cuts came to the sale this year as well. Rather than getting extra days to shop the sale, we get the same amount of days to shop as VIB clients, four. Although Sephora advertises Rouge clients getting all the perks VIB clients get, we are allegedly not allowed to shop the VIB dates for the sale next weekend, the 13th-16th. I say allegedly, because I am trying to see if they do not format the code properly and to see if they decide to change their minds and give us the VIB benefits we’re promised.

While I do not like the changes this year: lack of private shopping event, no bag online, less total shopping days, not getting the VIB shopping days, etc, I am still happy with the generous 20% off everything sale. That is the real star, and I will always be ready for it as long as it’s offered. Stores everywhere are having sales, so it is a great time to shop.

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  1. Your assistant is adorable!!!
    I hate the Rouge events but any feedback I gave was to improve them not end them. Living in a larger city, the better Sephoras are packed. Brand reps tend to be stingy with samples (so many people) and lines are long. Sephora has done opening events for new stores and those were amazing. So they can do better.
    I also appreciate the 10% off!

  2. Thanks. Yes, I wish they would have attempted to improve the underperforming stores instead of removing the event altogether. Some stores did a great job with the events, so I imagine those customers were extremely disappointed to lose a fun time they look forward to.

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