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A Year of Birchbox Gifts: It’s a Wrap

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Thanks for following along with My Year of Birchbox Gifts Series. After ordering 16 subscriptions this year, I am finally done. I love stats, so I thought it would be fun to wrap the adventure that way. Of those 16 subscriptions, 14 went to lucky gift recipients, and I sent 2 to myself. This does not include my main subscription, which dates back to February 2014. A little trivia. The top of the body remained very similar across most articles as did the base. Did you notice toward the end of the series that I started to change the wording at the bottom to show the end was near?

Most Birchboxes had an out-of-pocket $20 cost, because I used points earned from reviews and earlier purchases ahead of the buying each subscription. Box Two was the only one I had to pay full price for, and Box Six was the only one I got for free. As I said throughout the series, you cannot count points toward the discount as you earn and redeem. To keep it simple, I always calculated the amount I paid as the cost of the box. It is at least worth mentioning that the amount I paid reduced because I was using points I earned from reviews and other purchases, so your starting cost would be higher without that point base. Thus, the real cost of each box was $20-$25, because I got a minimum of $5 in bonus points with every order. Some gave me $7, and others gave me $10.

All recipients were asked to text me a picture of the welcome box and product card. Of the 14 gift subscriptions I ordered, only three sent the pictures without me asking a second time. That means I had to bother 11, which was not fun. Recipient Nine never received a product card. Birchbox has never forgotten my product card, but I’ve had other subscriptions forget it. I did not get any pictures from Recipient Seven. She decided after receiving it that it is a hassle to take pictures and text them over. Luckily, Birchbox was able to send me a picture of her box. Her box was the same as Recipient Six, who was either missing an item or forgot to include it in her picture. The other box with missing items was Recipient Ten. Hopefully, the two items missing from her picture are inside the green pouch she left in her shot.

Why did I order two extra subscriptions for myself? You cannot use a promo code more than once. There were months where I needed to order up to three gift subs at a time. Having three subscriptions allowed me to use all promo codes available. Plus, I did not mind having three accounts. It was nice while it lasted, but I have dropped down to two now.

I offered 15 boxes, because I have: 4 sisters, a Mother-in-Law, a Step-Mother-in-Law, 2 Step-Sisters-in-Law, 5 Sisters-in-Law, and 2 future Sisters-in-Law. You need an email address and preferably a mailing address to send a gift. One of the people I offered the gift to never responded to my message even though I saw a notification that she read it. She was either not interested or forgot about it. Either way, I did not want to push a gift on anyone, so I took her non-response as a no. That is how “she declined” the gift. It is interesting to think someone would not respond to a gift offer, but it makes sense that offers are not always for everyone.

After publishing each article, I texted a link to the recipient to read if she wanted to. Ten never responded on the article, so I am unsure whether they chose not to read it or read it and decided not to discuss it further. A few responded to the text by thanking me again for the boxes or mentioning an item they loved, which makes me happy because I am glad they found things they love. None of my recipients love the beauty world the way I do, even though some of them wear makeup more often than I do. There are a few who never wear makeup at all, so my blog is completely off their radar.

One responded weeks later saying she read it and loved it. Another responded the same day saying she liked it but had no clue what I’d written when I talked to her about it later. A third responded to say she read half and would try to read the other half later. That seriously made me laugh, because my articles are so detailed that some people cannot even finish them in one session. My long articles are not for everyone as my husband tells me. The best response was from the one who told me she was not accepting that she was almost (the age she was turning) until the day before. That means she at least started the article, because I started each article with the age the recipient was about to turn or had already turned in the case of the ones I sent late.

Birchbox Tammy 2

My favorite is Box Nine, because it has Egyptian Magic. That is my all time favorite Birchbox sample. She was the only one lucky enough to receive it. Hopefully, she loves it as much as I do, because it clears up eczema patches in 3-4 uses almost every time without fail. This box is the only one to receive MD Solar Sciences Daily Eye Repair Emulsion. It is one of the few items across all the boxes that I’ve never received anywhere. As you can see in my August 2015 Empties, I am a fan of the Coola BB cream as well.

Birchbox Patrice 3

A close runner-up for best is Box Eleven. Recipients Twelve, Thirteen, and Fourteen received the same box. I did not calculate values the way I do for my personal box, because I did not want to bother them with sending me details on the sizes of each product. This box included a beautiful hair tie, which I did not need a size to look up the value. The hair tie is a bonus item, and it retails for $10. Getting a bonus item that covers the entire cost of the box means the others are all essentially free. From eyeballing alone, I’d guess this is the most valuable box. It has a large Kerastase sample I would love to try if it ever reaches me. There is also a Laura Geller Baked Blush, which is my favorite powder blush. It lasts longer than other powders on my dry cheeks.

The most sampled item was Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. It came in Boxes: Two, Three, Six, Seven, Nine, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, and Fourteen. That means 9 of the 14 recipients received this in their welcome box, and I would not be surprised if the other five received it in one of their other two. I’ve received it in two of my three subscriptions and as a sample with a general order. It gets really good reviews, so I look forward to trying it. Hopefully, some of the recipients liked it, because Birchbox obviously does.

You may have already noticed that some boxes repeated. Box One was unique. Two and three were the same. Four and Five were the same. Six and Seven were the same. Eight and Ten were the same. Box Nine was unique. Eleven, TwelveThirteen, and Fourteen were the same. That means there were seven box combinations for my 14 recipients averaging one unique box for every two recipients. It also means that one box repeated four times. Four boxes repeated two times. Two boxes did not repeat. The boxes that did repeat were all shipped very close to each other. Ordering another subscription after seeing a magical welcome box will probably not result in a beloved duplicate.

I had a great time sending these and seeing what everyone received. Thanks for following along. All welcome boxes can give you ideas of what you may receive, but as you can see from the articles, the boxes constantly change. Anyone interested in receiving a box from the current month and not a general welcome box has a better chance of doing so by ordering from the 1st through the 10th of the month while boxes from the current month roll out.

People who subscribe from the 11th through the 31st are more likely to receive a general welcome box, unless there are leftover boxes from the current month. If you’re sending a gift subscription to yourself or someone else, a general welcome box is almost guaranteed. The boxes from this series represent general ones. You have a good shot at getting a nice box no matter when you subscribe. I’m partial to Birchbox or I would not have sent so many gift subscriptions out.

Birchbox Women

Ready to send a Gift Subscription? If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers and all available offers. When you’re ready to spend your rewards points, remember to add your free two piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus Shop. See other Birchbox Subscription articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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