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Sephora Mother’s Day Gift From My Boys Make Up For Ever Artist Palette- Volume 1 Nudes

My boys wanted to get me a gift for Mother’s Day after we went out to lunch. Xander insisted the gift be from Sephora. Nothing in the store inspired me, so I asked him if I could place an online order when I got home. He wanted to see me walk out of there with something, so I asked if they had the 500 point Marc Jacobs in stock. They did. Then, I saw a Dior bag behind the register and inquired if they were having a Dior GWP.

Mother's Day 2015 gift

I love when I get the samples I order, especially when one is a deluxe. The 0.05oz Givenchy Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara is one I did not own yet. Even though I own too many mascara samples, I am never passing on a chance to get a free deluxe sample when they’re foils more often than not. At the Rouge event in August, I picked up a 0.33oz Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum. If I like this 0.05oz foil, I will keep the deluxe. Lip samples are probably my favorite of any, so I usually get them when they’re available. It is especially awesome when they’re two samples in one like this Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Lip 20 Mask & Lip 20 Balm Ultra Hydrating Treatment + SPF.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.29.25 AM

After picking up the Make Up For Ever Studio Case in December, I’ve been interested in exploring more of the brand. The shadows are nicer than I expected. Both artist palettes caught my eye and although I have more nudes than I can ever use, I bought this during a period where I picked up a lot of colorful palettes. That helped me settle on the Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 1- Nudes. It has 9 0.06oz shades: I-528 Pearl, S-556 Taupe Gray, S-102 Onyx, I-514 Pink Ivory, D-562 Taupe Platinum, I-544 Pink Granite, ME-512 Golden Beige, ME-644 Iced Brown, and D-652 Celestial Earth. I also liked that there was only one repeat from the Artist palette, I-544 (the pink graphite), so I would be getting 8 new shades in this.


There is a bit of shimmer in some of the shades that you can only see in the flash.


The shimmer shades standout when they’re altogether, but these are some of the least chalky matte shades I’ve seen.

MUFE Nudes

These shades are very pigmented for light colors.

MUFE Nudes 2

The subtle difference between the middle and right one makes each equally gorgeous.

MUFE Nudes 3

These shades are all perfect. That is incredible for a matte black.

MUFE Nudes 4

I enjoyed working with these shadows. There was almost no fallout. Pigmentation built quickly. The shadows blended effortlessly and complemented each other nicely. This look uses the first five colors in the palette. Make Up For Ever shadows are like Urban Decay with less fallout and glitter. In other words, I am bumping Urban Decay down a bit after repeatedly loving every Make Up For Ever shadow I try. If there are duds in the line, I have not tried them yet. Quality is consistent, which is more than I can say for NARS or Urban Decay. Those lines have amazing shadows, but then they have a few misses that make you wonder how certain shades went so wrong.

MUFE shadows

MUFE shadows 2

I am not a fan of overly floral scents and even tried Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb in the past and remember not being fond of it. With a lack of interesting promos, I opted for this VIB promo, which included a 0.05oz Flowerbomb scent, three 0.5oz Bomblicious samples of Body Cream, Body Lotion, and Shower Gel. This promo is no longer available (to my knowledge), so I do not remember the specific promo code I used.

Flowerbomb 2

My thoughts were that I would try it again and gift it if I decided it was not for me. I gave it away so fast after using it the first time that I cannot even remember who I gave it to, although I have an idea. The scent was not as strong as I remember when I tried it again recently. It is definitely floral, but it is not too overpowering. If I decide to keep it, I will try it again to finally decide once and for all what I’d rate it. Right now, I am leaning toward 5 out of 10. The body samples are hopefully less scented, so I will try them eventually.

Flowerbomb GWP

The Dior bag, which I received in the store just before placing my order, was a free gift for a Dior event they did the day before. I always wondered if they had in store events the way Sephora in JC Penney does. Other than the VIB and Rouge advertised events, I never get emails on this. Since stumbling on this event (a day late), I’ve seen other events advertised in the store. My guess is my store either prefers to keep events small by only advertising in store or they do not take the steps other stores take to send emails to members. Had I known any details about this event, which I still do not because the sales associate did not, I may have attended. She graciously offered me a bag, since the event was over and they no longer needed them. That was really nice, because I did not ask for one.

Dior Gift

Inside the bag, there was a 0.05oz Dior j’adore and a mini Dior Lip Maximizer. I did not like the top note of this. It smelled like there is too much alcohol in the formula. Within a few minutes, I could breathe again. In less than two hours, the smell disappeared altogether, so the base note is almost the opposite of the overpowering top note. Strong alcohol smells live hard and die fast. On a scale of 1 to 10, I am generously giving this a six. Unless I love a scent, I will not purchase one that fades too quickly. This smells nice, but it is nothing incredible.

The Lip Maximizer is sticky when you first apply it, but settles into something less sticky as it wears. Within two minutes of applying, it is about a two out of five on the sticky scale. That makes it tolerable, but nothing I would purchase. It has a cooling effect and tastes weird (not bad, just weird), so my tongue tingles when it inevitably gets into my mouth. I did not find it very plumping and thought my lips looked the same as they always do, only more shiny. They also felt slightly more moisturized than what a standard gloss brings to the table. The light pink color of the gloss is almost non-existent on the lips, so this is essentially clear.

Dior Lip Maximizer 2

Dior Lip Maximizer

The Marc Jacobs 500 point perk only had four items. While I prefer 5 perks (because I get 5 I want when I redeem 100 at a time), they are becoming less common these days. While I will use the liquid eyeliner and mascara, I really wanted the lipstick and Highliner. This point perk is no longer available.

Marc Jacobs 500 point 2

The items inside are: a 0.03oz Le Marc Magenta, a 0.1oz Oimega Lash Volumizing Mascara, a 0.01oz Highliner Gel Crayon Blacquer, and a 0.01oz Magic Precision Pen Eyeliner Blacquer. This perk is no longer available, so I will not look up the value (unless requested).

Marc Jacobs 500 point

The Highliner is the eyeliner I used for the pictures above. This formula is the best I’ve ever worked with. It glides on like a dream. There is zero skipping and no retracing necessary, because a single line provides more than enough solid pigment. Like every other formula I’ve tried, it did not hold up perfectly on my water line. Those day pictures show it still decently in tact, but you can see some fading in this evening picture. My eyes on top looked the same all day long, so I did not take extra pictures. I decided to go with a thicker application than I usually do, because a formula that applies this effortlessly applies to areas even when the hand shakes. With shaky hands, I have to accept that I will never have perfect lines.

Target Lipstick

Not only is this one of the most pigmented with almost zero skipping eyeliner swatches I’ve ever done, but it was incredibly difficult to remove.

Marc Jacobs Highliner

I am not interested in opening the mascara or liquid eyeliner until I am ready to use them full-time. The expiration countdown starts once I open them and ticks faster than other products. When I finally use them, I will edit this.

The Marc Jacobs lipstick from the kit is below (the similar one above is from my recent Target Box). This formula provides a decent amount of moisture and is long-lasting. Very few lipsticks make it almost completely through a meal with me. It did. Although this is one of the darker magenta colors I own, I love it. I may have inadvertently waited for fall to try it, because it is perfect.

Marc Jacobs Magenta

Marc Jacobs Magenta 2

Marc Jacobs

Beauty Deals 2.0

Even though this promo code is no longer available, there are always a number of promos to redeem. Sephora does not inform a single Beauty Insider of all deal details. Certain offers are targeted and others have different purchase minimums based on the code. Remember to check New Offers and/or Recycled Offers before placing an online order. If you’re spending over $25, you can add a promo code to any order. See all Sephora articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal When Shopping Sephora. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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  1. I also love Marc Jacobs highliners. They apply so easily. I was sad the holiday set was pulled. I do like their mascara and the liquid eyeliner. I have been debating getting the MUFE nude palette for a while. I am glad to hear it has no fallout and good pigmentation.

  2. Yes, The Highliners are amazing. I heard about the bad batch, but this had to have been made before the bad batch. It was over 5 months old when I first applied it, but it still went on like a dream. This is probably my favorite palette all year (of the ones I’ve tried, because I still have more to try). If you’re considering it, I say go for it. You will be happy.

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