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Target Beauty Box 10! of our faves

Target releases seasonal beauty boxes. They range in price from $5 to $10. Unlike some beauty boxes, this is not a subscription. Box contents appear online once they become available, which decreases the likelihood of buyer’s remorse. Items inside a box only tend to vary in color meaning your only surprise will be in the color you get. Some items inside the box are full-sized, and it is not unusual that one item exceeds the cost of the entire box if you were to buy it separately. I like that they usually release more than one box at a time giving you a choice or the possibility to get multiples. Men are not left out either, because they sometimes get a box of their own.

When Target advertised the 10! of our faves box, I really wanted the: lipstick, Roc, and skinfix. Other items were all bonuses. The limited edition boxes are first come, first served, which is the only drawback on the lack of subscription. You have to act quickly when the boxes come out, because it is not uncommon for them to sell out quickly. I ordered it right away, because it was only $10. It is hard not to find $10 in value. This box sold out before I even got my shipping notification. That means waiting to see what comes in everyone’s box is not an effective strategy on obtaining one. If you want to make sure you get a fall box, subscribe to Target emails and look at them when they hit your inbox. Of course, I will always alert you on the front page when they come back in stock as well.

Target Beauty Box Summer 2015 4

The first thing you will always notice when you open a Target Beauty Box is a product card that goes over all the items in the box.

Target Beauty Box October 2015 5

There is a $3 off a $15 beauty purchase coupon attached to the product card. These are unique coupons that work once online AND once in store, because the online promo code is different from the bar code. They usually expire within a month of receiving the box. This one expires 11/29/15. It works on all beauty purchases, even body lotions and hand creams. I do not factor coupons into box values, because they’re only valuable when you redeem them.

Target Beauty Box August 2015 3

There are 10 items in this box making each one $1 of the investment.

Target Beauty Box October 2015 4

My recent Wal-Mart Box also had a Roc item, so I see the brand is making the rounds to find new customers. Well done Roc.

Target Beauty Box October 2015

The 1oz Roc Deep Wrinkle Night Cream. It will pair nicely with the 1oz serum from the same brand, and I look forward to using them together. This retails for $20.49, so it covers the cost of the box by itself. Items in the Target boxes can vary, because the item on the beauty boxes page is the eye cream (which retails for an extra $1.50 also causing some fluctuation in box value), and I thought this would include an eye cream. I am happy with what I received though, so variety is good with me.

The single serving of Olly Undeniable Beauty for Hair Skin and Nails has two gummies. It is worth $0.47. I already take a multi-vitamin and fish oil, so I doubt I will add this. Most vitamins have an awful taste, so I hate chewing them. They need to go straight past my tongue, so I prefer coated pills.

The 0.09oz Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede in 035 Backstage is full-size. It retails for $8.59. I love when products include coupons, so I can purchase more if I like them. A past Target lipstick included a promotion I missed, so I double checked this. No promotion.

Target Beauty Box October 2015 3

I am in love with this burgundy-wine lipstick and am so grateful this is the one I received. Not only is this a perfect fall color, but I have been really into this color the past few years. At some point I need to do a side by side swatch arm on all my lipsticks to see the differences in shades.

Revlon Lipstick

This one does not swatch as dark as it looks in the tube, but it looks dark on.

Revlon Lipstick 2

Revlon named this lipstick very well. After six hours of wear, it was still really bright when I went to remove it. My lips no longer felt like anything was on them, so I assumed most of the color was coming from staining. Imagine my surprise when I saw more lipstick on my remover wipe than I’ve seen in a long time. For a long-wearing lipstick, it is not drying. It is not at all moisturizing either. A very small film of almost wax-like materials is all I felt. While I prefer lipsticks that provide a balm like feel, I know those have a lot of transfer. If you want a long-lasting lipstick that is not moisturizing but does not dry out your lips, try this. It did not accentuate dry patches or highlight lines, which is a bonus.

Target Lipstick

This box was jam-packed, so I had to separate the contents into two photos to lay everything out inside it without covering anything.

Target Beauty Box October 2015 2

The 0.034oz Covergirl Intensify by lash blast Liquid Liner in 100 intense black is full-size. It retails for $6.99. While I admit I am not eager to own yet another black eyeliner, this one intrigues me. I hope it really has the control of a pencil with the intensity of a liquid eyeliner as it claims, because I have shaky hands and do not work well with liquids. Once I try it, I will report back.

The 1oz skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter is worth $2.25. I’ve wanted to try this for months. It has popped up everywhere as the next big thing. We’ll see if the claims are true. Super excited to find out.

The 0.75oz hello fluoride toothpaste is worth $0.67. My teeth are very sensitive to cold and fluoride helps. I look forward to seeing how this compares to my beloved Sensodyne.

The Goody Ouchless Silicone Lined Elastics includes three of them. They are worth $0.85.

The 1oz Acure repairing shampoo moroccan organ stem cell + argan oil is worth $1.25. It seems very moisturizing, so I really want to try this.

The 1oz Acure repairing conditioner moroccan organ stem cell +argan oil is worth $1.25. It also seems very moisturizing.

The S.W. Basics Certified Organic Body Scrub does not list a size. It is a foil that claims to give two uses. Even if there was enough for two, the packaging does not easily support that. I will probably only get one use from this. Foils in my boxes are welcome, but I do not calculate value on them.

As with all drugstore products, price variation is huge depending on where you shop. For this box, I used Target prices on all items. This box has a $42.81 value, which is lower than the $50 Target estimate. The difference in advertised value is probably in the foil. I never place values on foils and would have had a hard time placing value on that with no size listed anyway. Those who received the eye cream (which is what pictured online) would get a $1.50 bump in value. That total is almost right on with the value from Hello Sunshine, which was $3 cheaper. My personal value is also $42.81, because I will try everything in it. The winter box will come out in a couple of months, but I wonder if there will be any between then and now.

Remember to check all offers before placing an online order. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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