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Citrus Lane October 2015

Citrus Lane is the subscription box for kids aged zero to six. My four-year-old loves getting a box that is all his. The boxes have a mixture of toys, educational tools, food products, beauty items, and more. A product card describing all items inside, which includes discount codes usually comes inside as well. As someone who looks for discount codes before every online purchase, I really appreciate this. A one month subscription is $29.95. Three months gets you down to $27 a box. It costs $24 a box for a six month subscription. Every month, you get the opportunity to select an item inside the box or add items on for a discounted rate. That allows kids to have some choice in their box, but they still receive surprise items.

While the choice is usually only between two items, Connor loves that he gets a say in what comes in his box. He looks forward to selection day, which is the end of the previous month, almost as much as he looks forward to arrival day. This month, he selected Mudpuppy Stencils Start Retro Robot.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.23.03 AM

You always get an option to add items to each box. I usually do not partake in add-ons, because they’re sold for full price. The only benefit is you can add it on without worrying about the usual $49 shipping minimum (for items purchased outside of the subscription). My older son loves a lot of the items that come in these boxes, but he really connected to the Water Wow book from the July Box. I promised I would add one on for him if it was ever an option, because I did not want to pay shipping just to get the book. It was finally an add-on option, so I had to fulfill that promise. His Water Wow book is Animals.

Citrus Lane October 2015 3

When my younger son saw I was adding something on for his big brother, he insisted he needed an add-on and well. He selected the Creativity for Kids Activity Book Construction Zone.

Citrus Lane October 2015 4

Every box has a product card that tells you about the product and if any discounts are available should you decide to purchase anything you sample. Citrus Lane does not sell all the items in their boxes, so I appreciate this. Hunting down a product, then tracking down a discount code separately are time-consuming. This two-in-one time saver is great.

Citrus Lane October 2015 9

The box included a unique code for two months free of Groovebook. This is an app where you upload up to 100 pictures, and it sends you 4 x 6 books. It appears this is a monthly subscription for $2.99 a month. In theory this is a great idea. I have until the coupon expires on 12/31/15 to decide whether I want to partake. Whether I do or not, I do not add coupons into box value.

Citrus Lane October 2015 7

There was a small spill inside the box but it luckily did not ruin any of the cute contents.

Citrus Lane October 2015 2

You can probably guess what spilled, the 2oz Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap. It is worth $0.50, so it is a low value sample. I still look forward to trying it though, because I use mostly natural dish soaps. This 97% natural product is one I have not tried yet.

Citrus Lane October 2015

The Little Adventures Power Mask was a hit. He loved that the color changes on each side making it suitable for more outfits. Red is his favorite color, so he wanted to put it on that way the moment he saw it. Prices vary for this mask, but I found it as low as $2.99 at Kaplan. Citrus Lane sells it but only with a full costume making it harder to price it there.

Citrus Lane October 2015 5

The Automoblox Vehicle is adorable. He took off to play with it the moment I opened it, so I had to get the picture from the Citrus Lane website. It is so artistic that I am impressed it retails for $12. I’d be willing to pay more for the stunning architecture.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.42.23 PM

The item he selected was the Mudpuppy Stencils Retro Robots retail for $14.95. His drawing is still a little short of being able to master stencils, but he only got to select the kind of stencil, not another option. I actually saw him drawing at dinner tonight and was so proud that he is progressing. His older brother is very artistic (gets that from his Dad, not me), so he was already drawing well at this age. Hopefully, he will get into a stride and start drawing circles around me soon.

Not counting the items that I added on (and paid for separately) this box is worth $30.44. His personal value is $30.44, because he (or I in the case of the dish soap, because he told me he does not want to wash any dishes) will use everything. This box was not as good as last month, but he still loved it. I am on the six month subscription, so I paid $24 for this box. Unless your kid loves everything in the box, someone with a one month subscription may not find this box as valuable. Want to join Citrus Lane? Check my retailer page for special start-up offers. You can also send a gift subscription to a lucky little one.

Want to explore Citrus Lane without the commitment! There are always promotions running, so deals are ready and waiting. See all Citrus Lane Subscription articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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