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Ulta 20% Off Prestige

See the 2019 20% off Prestige Coupon Offers.

Ulta releases 20% off prestige coupons to UltaMate members five times a year: late January, early April, Platinum members in late June 2016, early July for UltaMate, late July for Platinum members (this is the normal time but members who received them in June did not receive the July offer), late October, and Mid December. The July offer was reduced to 10% for non Platinum members in 2015 and 2016. In 2016, the early April offer was also reduced to 10% for non Platinum members. During this promotion, select UltaMate members receive a coupon for $15 off a $50 purchase if they have not shopped in a long time. Each unique coupon is eligible for one online purchase AND one in-store purchase. Coupons emailed have a different code than coupons mailed. If you receive a coupon from both methods, you will have two different online codes and two different in-store bar codes.

Prestige offers have a few exclusions, so these coupons are not 20% off everything as the ad that comes with coupon states. They exclude: CliniqueLancome, Dermalogica, Dyson, Beauty Steals, and Benefit Brow Bar. Additional exclusions including fragrance and select new releases will be added at times. There are other times throughout the year to get offers for 20% off non-prestige or 20% off a single item, but those are general, multi-use codes. If you have more questions about this or any Ulta Coupon, I go over all types.

Although I love Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty and definitely prefer the spring steals to the ones in the fall, I did not partake in very many this year. A lot of the steals are repeats of earlier ones which are easy to pass on unless you need to replenish. There was one steal I wanted but did not get, so it was nice that it was still available the first day after the sale was over, 04/05/15. This was also the first day one could use the 20% off coupon. Ulta also released an evening Beauty Break on a Sunday, which is rare.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.48.53 AM

Although the order list makes it look like the full-sized Mally Lipstick in Must Have Pink was given with a Mally purchase, it was actually a step-up gift on a general purchase. The minimum amount was $60. If you’re wondering which item I got for a steal after the event, it is the one right on top. Though I cannot remember what day the steal was originally offered (it was an add-on, not a part of the original lineup), I do remember it was an add-on steal. Those are the steals not advertised in advance. You find out about them the day of their special event.

Ulta 20% off sale

Where Ulta is really lacking is the samples included with the order. You cannot select specific samples and can only specify if you want fragrance, variety, or skincare. They also cut back from three to two samples. The only time you get more than two is when there is a combo product, like the shampoo/conditioner below. Ulta sells low-end items, so the items in the foil can also have a very low value. I do not personally value foils per se, but I would rather receive a mid range foil than a low-end foil almost anytime. While this “variety” pack is all hair based, it is not so bad. I will happily try the Redken extreme length sealer, the Hask Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo, and The Hask Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner.

Ulta samples

With any $40 purchase, there was a three-piece Beauty Break by Mally. I love Beauty Breaks and try to shop when they’re available as often as possible. Although I already owned this 0.24oz Volumizing Mascara and the 0.03oz Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner in Midnight, I really wanted the 0.04oz High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Blossom. The color looked gorgeous online.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.41.13 PM

Mally GWP

The eyeliner is good. It applies smoothly, is pigmented and lasts all day on my upper lash line.

Mally Liner

Mally Liner 2

I later received a High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Blossom from Birchbox. With the names and colors looking similar, I compared them. The Birchbox one is on the left, and the Ulta one is on the right.

Mally Cherry Blossom and Blossom 2

The Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Blossom is already a product I love. It comes in pen that resembles a Stila Lip Glaze, but is nowhere near as sticky as those. While I dislike the little white brushes that dispense uneven product on both devices, I prefer the product that comes out of the Mally pen. She named it a high shine liquid lipstick, because it is like a lipstick and gloss in one. There are other claims such as it emulates a lipliner, but I disagree with that thanks to the awkward application brush.

This product does have a very slight sticky film. On a scale of 1-5, I’d call it a 1.5. For the comfort of a lipstick with the shine and wear of a gloss, I will take the slightly sticky application. It lasts longer than a lip gloss but not as long as a lipstick. It moisturizes better than a gloss and does not accentuate dry patches on my lips like some lipsticks.

Mally Cherry Blossom and Blossom

Too Faced Endless Summer

Mally Blossom

Blossom is more rose-shimmery, and Cherry Blossom is more pink. Although I got Blossom from Ulta, I am adding a picture of Blossom for comparison. The first picture is Blossom and the second is Cherry Blossom.

Mally GWP 2

The full-sized 0.12oz one included in this order is Must Have Pink. It wears the same as the others, but it is more pink toned than the other two.

Mally Pink

Mally Pink 2

When Ulta does a 20% off code that excludes prestige, it is usually a general code. These 20% off codes that include prestige are unique codes that can only be used once. Ulta used to mail one unique code and email another meaning you could place two orders. This was the first time they only sent one, and they’ve done it once since then. I think the days of two are over. Another prestige discount offer should come around November, so I will keep my eyes peeled to see how many I get. If I only get one again, I will count the days of two as officially over.

Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers 4

Getting two makes it easier to get everything, because I always forget something on the first order. Trying to make the most of this order, I grabbed everything I could think of. I wanted the Vice LTD palette earlier in the year but it was one of the specific exclusions listed on the offer. It was not excluded this time, so I had to get it. Who knows when the Butter Lippy would shoot back up to $18, so I had to get that as well. Ruby Murray is Butter’s version of Marsala. My skin was a wreck at the time but getting a four pack of Clarisonic brushes on sale is a great deal. I bought this set even though I was taking a Clarisonic break. My break is still not over, so I have not used any of these from this kit yet. The Too Faced Book of Bronzers was something I wanted when the bigger version came out, but I sat on the decision to purchase too long.

Butter London Lippy

My Marsala collection is way too small, so I was happy to get this slightly too purple version. I love purple anyway, even if it is not a perfect Marsala dupe.

Butter London Ruby Murray

The color itself is a dark, purple, wine. It lacks the reddish-brown I see in Marsala, but Ruby Murray is a striking color. This is my first Butter London Lippy, so I am unsure if the patchy application is only with this color. No matter how much I tried to fix it, the color was uneven with the very top and bottom of my lips having much more pigment than the surface closer to the inside. Unlike other liquid lipsticks, this was not drying at all. It stayed put most of the day and never dried out my lips once. I never reapplied to test the wear and still had remnants of lipstick over 8 hours after applying it. Unfortunately, the patchy start only got worse by the end of the day. While some lipstick lingered 8 hours later, it was gone in other places.

Butter and Too Faced Dark Chocolate 2

I’d suggest reapplying at least once or twice a day. If I purchase any more of these, I will go for a middle of the road color. When I get patchy, uneven application, it is almost always light or dark colors.

The Clarisonic Ultimate Brush Head Customization 4 Pack is the best I had seen, because previous packs only included basic brushes, which cost $27 each. This set included a luxe brush which retails for $30. That means I paid for three at $81, and received the luxe brush for free. These sets are not always available, so getting them with a sale was an added bonus.

Clarisonic Brush Heads 2

It includes a Deep pore (my favorite), a Radiance (which is the one I wanted to try the most, a sensitive (the most common brush head), and a Cashmere Cleanse (which feels really soft in the store). I have a Clarisonic Plus, so I wish they would consider including body brushes in these sets.

Clarisonic Brush Heads

The Vice LTD palette is limited edition, but it has disappeared and reappeared already. Other Urban Decay limited edition items have done the same, so I would not completely write off the idea of owning this if you do not have it yet. You never know.

Vice LTD

Like most Urban Decay shadows, the swatches are beautiful. The colors are bright and pigmented. They’re swatched below in order from left to right and top to bottom.

Vice LTD 2

Nameless is a medium taupe satin. Backdoor is a cool dark brown matte. Deeper is a medium metallic bronze. Disco is a pale metallic gold with iridescent glitter. Heat is a bright metallic copper.

Urban Decay Vice 7

Crystal is an icy metallic blue shimmer. Goddess is a deep smoky blue with micro-glitter. Vaporize is a medium metallic gray-taupe. Floss is a deep metallic emerald with micro-glitter. Perversion is a soft black matte.

Urban Decay Vice 8

Provocateur is an icy metallic pink with micro-glitter. Hoodoo is a medium metallic violet with pink shift. Freakshow is a bright purple satin. Junkshow is a bright pink satin. Blitz is a bright metallic gold.

Urban Decay Vice 9

Chase is a soft metallic bronze. Last Sin is a pale champagne shimmer. Roadstripe is an iridescent white with blue-violet shift. Anonymous is a pale peachy cream matte. Laced is a soft pink-nude matte.

Urban Decay Vice 10

Vice LTD 3

There are so many gorgeous shades in here, so I had a hard time deciding which ones to start with. I finally decided on Floss for my lid, Laced in my crease (to soften the transition), Backdoor in my outer V, and Chase on the center of my lid. They blended nicely (although I did have some fallout on my left eye). The colors were vibrant and stunning. Everything looked great and crease free when I washed it off.

Urban Decay Vice LTD

I did not notice until I saw the pictures that I took the emerald shade higher on my right (picture left) eye.

Urban Decay Vice LTD 2

Urban Decay Vice LTD 3

The Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers really is little this time. Each shade is only 0.08oz, so it is a little harder to get brushes in there than it looks. It is possible though, so I have zero regrets picking this up.

Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers

If you’re into matte bronzers, this is not the palette for you. Only three shades are perfectly matte and one is semi matte. The other four have a lot of shimmer. I am not afraid of shimmer yet, so I like the shimmer shades for some looks, and the matte shades for others.

Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers 2

Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers 3

Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers 5

They’re swatched here almost in order. I had to put the three Chocolate Soleil bronzers next to each other for easier comparison. Those are also the only matte shades in the palette, so I figured it would be best to group them together. This first group from left to right is: Milk Chocolate Soleil, Chocolate Soleil, Dark Chocolate Soleil, and Snow Bunny.

Too Faced Bronzers

The second group from left to right is: Pink Leopard, Beach Bunny, Endless Summer, and Sun Bunny. Compared to the high shimmer of the other three, you can see that Endless Summer has less. It is similar in color to Chocolate Soleil (the second swatch in the top picture), but I prefer the slight difference in Endless Summer. I also prefer the subtle shimmer of Endless Summer versus the matte look of Chocolate Soleil.

Too Faced Bronzers 2

Bronzers tend to lean orange, because they add warmth and a glow not easily created with shades wonderful at simulating shadows. If I had to describe all the colors, I would say the orange colors are Dark chocolate Soleil, Snow Bunny, Beach Bunny, and Sun Bunny. Yes, all the bunnies are orange. I am cool toned, so I have a harder time pulling off orange toned bronzers than someone with warm toned skin. Most people are warm-toned, so orange toned bronzers have a better shot of working for them.

Although I wear very little bronzer (you rarely see lines my bronzer), the pictures below do not lie. The bronzers without the orange tones suit me better. The brown tones are Milk Chocolate Soleil (almost a light-yellow brown though), Chocolate Soleil and Endless Summer. These suit me better. Pink Leopard is the sole pink toned bronzer in the palette. It is beautiful when I am going for an overall pink look, but I prefer browns when I am going after a bronzed look.

Snow Bunny consists of four colors: golden bronze, delicate pink-white, and fawn glimmer. When blended together, they create a subtle brown-orange. It is light, so you should not appear overly orange unless you use a heavy hand. This shade is less shimmery than  some of the others, but the micro fine glitter may make it seem even more so when it connects with the right light. The indoor flourescent lighting was a little harsh, so it certainly did not help the appearance of this bronzer.

Benefit Gimme Brow

Chocolate Soliel took me a while to get used to. This was the original Too Faced Matte Chocolate bronzer, but a new, lighter version was made for fair-skinned users who complained it was too dark. It is now marketed for medium to deep skin tones. Every time I used it, I felt my skin looked muddy. It almost felt too dark for me as well. Then, I discovered applying a little at a time actually made it a lot more wearable and natural looking. Thanks to the matte formula and almost complete lack of orange in the shade, it actually mirrors shadows making it more than your standard bronzer. It is a perfectly acceptable contouring shade. My cheekbones are not that chiseled either, so using a very light application makes a huge difference. With a heavy application, you will either look fake (if done wrong) or super chiseled (if done right). Play around with it.

Bronze Bares All 5

Endless Summer is my favorite Too Faced Bronzer. It is actually one of my favorite overall bronzers as spotlighted in the August Fabufinds. This brown looks cool-toned on my skin, which is a nice fit. It has a very slight touch of orange to give a little warmth, but it still pulls very cool on me. There is a micro glitter in it but it looks great and natural in most light. Although it does not last 16 hours on me, it does seem to fade slower than most other bronzers. This may work on darker skin with a heavy hand, but I like that it is not too dark for my skin when I want my bronzer to really show.

Too Faced Endless Summer

Sun Bunny blends a satin suntan with a rich satin bronze. This creates a bright orange-brown. In my opinion, this is the most orange toned bronzer in the palette. It is high shimmer, too, so it is a little more difficult to achieve a natural look with this. I saved it to pair with my boldest makeup look to offset the affect some. That strategy could backfire if everything looks overdone. While I definitely see the orange and the shimmer, I was fond of the pairing. When I reach for this palette, this will be the bronzer I use the least.

Too Faced Sun Bunny

Pink Leopard is a bronze with golden pink shimmer. It is not only being the prettiest looking bronzer in the palette, but it is the sole pink toned bronzer. I like using a pink toned bronzer alone placed slightly below where you’d place your blush and slightly above where you’d place your bronzer. The pink tone inside the brown makes a great blend. In the picture below, I am actually wearing Too Faced Perfect Flushed Blush in Something About Berry (using a very light hand). They pair so well that I could not help wearing them together. When you are going for a pink look, this is the bronzer I’d suggest. My skin leans pink, so I do not do the pink look too often. If I am taking the time to do makeup, I usually want a different look and not a makeup enhanced look of what I regularly look like. Otherwise, this bronzer would easily be up there with my favorites. I do really like this bronzer and the shimmer in it makes my skin look luminous.

Too Faced Perfect Flush Blush Something About Berry 4

Milk chocolate Soleil was made after too many fair-skinned people complained Chocolate Soleil was too muddy. It is for light to medium skin. Although it is brown toned, it is a very yellow-brown. Like Orange, yellow can warm the skin. It can make a cool-toned person look jaundiced if it is not applied properly. I purchased the full-size version of this after crashing and burning with early Chocolate Soleil attempts and had a hard time making this work for different reasons. Chocolate Soleil made me look muddy and milk chocolate soleil made me look ill. After some trial and error, I found a way to successfully wear this, but it is far from my favorite shade. Too Faced probably made it a tad light for a bronzer even on fair-skinned people. If you use a heavy hand to layer it, your skin may look to yellow unless your skin has a natural yellow base this can bend into. I used a Becca highlighter to offset some of the yellow.

Becca Under Eye

Dark Chocolate Soleil seems intimidating for someone with light skin, because it is for deep to tan skin tones. The range is actually odd to me, because I think tan to deep would be better. Regardless, the description makes it interesting to even attempt on light skin. Unlike the Bunnies, there is no shimmer in the orange tone to illuminate the face. That is good and bad, because the bronzer can look natural on dark, warm toned skin. On lighter skin, especially when it’s cool like mine, the orange has nowhere to hide. Although, I readily see the orange everywhere I applied the bronzer making it unnatural looking on me, I actually do not mind the orange tone and think I pulled this off. Makeup does not always have to look natural. That is part of the fun.

Butter and Too Faced Dark Chocolate

Beach Bunny is only slightly less orange than Sun Bunny, so it called for a bolder look. I paired it with Cargo Los Cabos Swimmables Water Resistant Blush, which is also very orange. My goal was an orange glow, and I think it succeeded. Both Beach Bunny and Los Cabos bring shimmer to the table.

Too Faced Beach Bunny

I actually enjoyed playing with the Too Faced Bronzers. Some were new to me and even after swatching went into trying each with an open mind. Although I can make any of them work with the right application, my standouts are Endless Summer, Chocolate Soleil and Pink Leopard. Those are the only three I’d buy as singles. Of course, I did buy a single of Milk Chocolate Soleil in the past, but I will never finish it. If your skin tone is not light and cool toned, you may choose a better suited lineup. If you buy this palette, do not be afraid to try them all. Build up the coverage until you are happy with the application.

Start planning your haul, because the 20% off prestige discount is coming. It will either release at the end of this month or the beginning of next month. I expect to see it by mid-November at the latest. The Love Your Hair event is still happening through the 24th.

I will continue to post offers I am aware of, so no worries if you happen upon this post after the offers above expire. If you have questions about any Ulta Coupon, I go over all types. Targeted Offers are exclusive to UltaMate Members, so I do recommend joining. New members get $10 of their first purchase with a referral. Remember to check all Ulta offers before placing an online order, because there are always general or brand specific offers that are not targeted. Deal stacking is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. See all Ulta articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal at Ulta. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I discovered that deep pore Clarisonic brush heads really make me break out. Ouch! Like big cystic acne type pimples! Not sure why you were on a break from the Clarisonic, but I was always puzzled why something that felt so good after cleaning my face could end up making it hurt so bad later on! I don’t know the exact science behind it, but I just know it needs to be avoided.

  2. I really love the Kate Somerville EradiKate for cystic pimples. That treatment usually brings them to the surface within a few days. Cystic acne is the worst, so I am glad I do not get it often. Hopefully, your new routine cut that out for you. I cannot recall if I got more acne when using the deep pore brush or not. It was my favorite, but I’ve been drawn to the luxe brush heads lately. The clean does not feel as deep, but they’re pretty soft. I get hormonal acne, which goes away if I do not pick at it. When I pick at it, I take longer breaks from the Clarisonic. Even the gentler brushes are a little much on open skin. I’ve recently discovered more chemical exfoliants, so I also use physical exfoliants less often. I still like my Clarisonic for a deep cleanse, but I do not use it very often.

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