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Birchbox May 2015 Hello Spring

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Birchbox gives at least five beauty samples each month for $10. For every review I give, I get 10 points, which is equal to $1 in the shop. A five sample box like this one got me $5 back. I also shared my box on Facebook for an extra 10 points. That gave me a total of $6 back to redeem toward future purchases. You can read my detailed overview of the program for more information. Each month, you get a sample choice or you can select the guest editor box. For this box, I selected the hair oil.

This is the second of my three Birchbox Subscriptions. Box One and Three were different.

All boxes (other than the featured Beauty Solutions box) came in a Cupcakes and Cashmere box. While it is not my favorite design, it is the classiest looking box to date. Seems the guest editor has a hand in design, so she probably helped create this box.

Birchbox May 2015 C&C

The first thing you notice when you open a box is the product card. It gives you a brief description of the products as well as the cost to purchase the full size. Unless you choose to opt out for some reason, you will always get a sample choice. You can either select one item from a choice of 3-4 items or the guest editor box where you know all five in advance.

Julep Product Card 1

This month, the sample choice was between four items: a Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment, a Harvey Prince Sea Salt Hair Mist, a Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer, or a Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel. They all looked lovely, and I would not mind any of them. I actually love the Real Chemistry peel but opted against, because I had a lot of them. I regret that now and will always select this when possible. Their guest editor, Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere, was kept a secret until the last-minute.

This is probably why she did not curate a box of her own (outside of the actual box). She mentioned four items in her video that she loved and Birchbox would sample that mont. I did not get any of the four items across three subscriptions. Her items were Tocca Isabel fragrance, Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, Living Proof Restore Instant Repair, and Benefit Porefessional. There was also a featured Beauty Solutions Box with a W3LL People The Expressionist Mascara in Black, a Number 4 Blow Dry Lotion, a Marcelle Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating Gel, a Cotz Flawless Complexion SPF 50, and a Juara Candlenut Body Butter.

Birchbox 2 May 2015

This was the first time I received Harvey Prince Hello. I later received it in a September Box, but set that duplicate aside. As this was the original, I am definitely keeping this one. Trying this actually inspired me to add a rating section to my scent spreadsheet. When I have a duplicate scent, I will put it away for the time being. As I give scents to friends and family members, I will be sure to keep duplicates with higher numbers longer. If I never finish the original, I can get rid of the duplicate then.

This perfume gets a 7 out of 10. The smell was pleasant and something I could easily reach for. Within four hours, it was gone. I’ve sprayed things in the morning that have lasted into the evening, so only four hours of wear deserves a deduction. Only an incredible smelling, long-lasting scent would get a 10, so a 7 is fair on this. This 0.05oz sample is worth $4.43. When pricing items, I use the smallest size. That is the cheapest buy-in and most items get cheaper per ounce as they get larger. Using the bigger size devalues the item. The rollerball is about 4/5 bigger.

The 0.24oz Marcelle Hydra C Energizing Hydrating Gel is worth $3.39. This type of product is usually geared toward people with oily skin. My profile lists combination skin, which may explain why I received this. If I decide to keep this, I will only use it on the oily parts of my skin. I have not had good results with gels on my dry skin, so I do not even try them there anymore.

The 0.079oz Cynthia Rowley Cream Lip Stain Poppy $9.29. I also received this sample in my third April box, so I did not keep this. These pictures are from when I tried this for that box. Poppy is a pinkish coral, which I adore. It applies somewhere between a gloss and a lipstick in that it is not as shiny or moveable as gloss and not as thick as lipstick. My lips felt somewhat moisturized, which is impressive for a stain. Within two hours (drinking only) most of the product went away. That means it fades at the rate of a gloss. When the product is first applied, it looks great. As it fades, it leaves a very weak stain. Dry patches on my lips were completely hidden with this, so I liked that a lot. This is something I will reach for when my lips are dry, but I do not want overly shiny/glossy lips.

Cynthia Rowley Poppy

Cythina Rowley Poppy

The Beauty Protector Beauty Wash Body Cleanser does not list a size, but I am guessing it is 0.75oz. It looks the same height but not as wide as the oil, which is 1oz. If my assumption on the size is correct, this product is worth $1.50. This sample also came in my first May box (received before this), but I will probably keep this duplicate unless I hate it. Soap and cleansers are a product I can usually never get enough of.

The 1oz Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment is worth $9.52. I actually received this from an Ulta order in early April, but I still have not tried it. This was the biggest sample available, so I knew it would have a high value. Hair Oils or any product that assists me is smoothing frizz will always be welcome with me. My hair is frizzy, so I cannot skip this important step.

The box has a $28.13 value. My personal value is $18.84, because I gave away my duplicate Poppy. I really liked everything about it, but I have never needed a backup of anything. It is still a successful box when I can dump an item and still have almost twice what I paid in value.

Birchbox Women

If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers and all available offers. When you’re ready to spend your rewards points, remember to add your free two piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus Shop. See other Birchbox Subscription articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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