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A Year of Birchbox Gifts Volume Eleven

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Welcome back to the year of Birchbox gifting. This is the year I decided to send all the women in my immediate family three-month Birchbox gift subscription for their birthdays. On 05/27/15, I ordered a subscription for my sister-in-law’s girlfriend, who was about to turn 36. Boxes received have more to do with the ship date than the order date. Her birthday was less than a month away, so I selected 06/08/15 as her ship date.

I redeemed $10 in points and ordered this for $20 from my second account using the code LONGWEEKEND. This code gave me 70 points with the subscription order.

You cannot count points toward your discount as you earn and redeem, so I will only count them as I redeem. That means the $7 I get back on this order will be used on a future order just as the $10 I applied on this order was earned on past orders. Seeing what comes in their welcome boxes, which are never customized to a profile, would be fun for me and hopefully helpful to someone thinking of purchasing a gift subscription for a family member or a first subscription for herself.

Part of the fun (for me anyway) of seeing the first boxes for each recipient was to see how they chose to photograph their items. I love the way she posed the box lid just off the box featuring the product card. That is another presentation I’d never seen before. This hooray box was a welcome box you could select with a special promo code, SMPBOX. It caught my eye the moment I saw it, because I love Laura Geller Baked Blushes and a few other items look very nice. The box itself is also very pretty, which makes sense because the box was designed by “Style Me Pretty.”

“Style Me Pretty” also did a limited edition bridal party box around the same time. That retailed for $32, so getting this mini for the standard $10 seemed like an incredible deal. I prefer to use point promo codes for welcome boxes and not codes that guarantee a certain box. Promo codes cannot be combined. It is also nice to see what will come in each welcome box, and this was the first time in 11 gift subscriptions this year that my gift recipient randomly received a themed welcome box.

All boxes come with a product card explaining the contents of the box and what they would cost to purchase the full-size.

Birchbox Patrice 3

This was an exclusive welcome box, so regular monthly subscribers did not get this. Only new subscribers who selected it or new subscribers who were lucky enough to get randomly selected received this. Considering this one only shipped three days later than Box Ten, it is interesting to see they are different boxes. Box Ten may have just missed the cutoff for this one.

The Kerastase Elixir Ultime is 1.7oz. She should get a lot of use from that generous sample. I am a huge fan of hair oils, but some are heavy and weigh my hair down or give it a dirty appearance. This formula blends four oils together creating a light-weight spray. It is a sample I would love to receive.

Back to this blush I mentioned. When I first saw this welcome box included a Laura Geller Baked Color True Blush, I almost subscribed again to get it. What prevented me from doing so is I already had three accounts. You can only have one account per email, and I only have three email addresses. Did I really want to open a fourth email address to open a fourth account? Then, what if I received a color I already owned? Ultimately, I decided not to get this box. The color she received, although I cannot tell what it is from the picture alone, looks beautiful. I hope she loves the formula of this blush as much as I do.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator is one of the most raved about products at Birchbox lately. This was a box curated by “Style Me Pretty” meaning someone at the site selected it. Everyone seems to choose this sample. As soon as I’ve worked through some of my open scrubs, I will gladly try this. I’ve personally received it three times from Birchbox. It is a popular welcome box item, so I was not surprised at all to see it in my general welcome box as well as many other welcome boxes I sent others.

LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup Remover wipes are an item I have not tried yet, but I did purchase some of these from the store and will eventually get to them. Based on the fact that I purchased them without sampling them first, I have faith they will work. Hopefully, they do not let me down and my recipient loves them as well.

I know I have not been listing prices in the welcome articles, but I had to look up the price on this Deepra Gurnani Hair Tie. It is stunning, so I was curious. The box also mentioned it was a bonus, so seeing that it retails for $10 is surprising. That means the bonus item in this box covers the entire cost by itself. Even though it is a hair tie, it looks very formal. Wearing this to a wedding, as the box insists, could actually be possible depending on how you style your hair.

The Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow is the only product in this box I am a little apprehensive on. I received this a few times across boxes (I have not posted yet). To prevent the expiration countdown from starting too early, I am waiting until I write my personal box review to open one and swatch it, but these creams are usually too orange. Some of you may remember my recent experience with the Stila cream. While I am not good at guessing skin tones of others, I know my skin tone is too pink for most golden creams. Hopefully, her skin is warm enough to pull this off.

All of her items look exciting to me, except the BB Cream, but I could change my mind about that when I sample one of the creams I received. Some may wonder why I am offering my opinion on her items instead of getting her own. The reason is I did not want the gifts burden her, so I did not want to have her tell me what she thought of each one. On that note, I also refrained from asking her for the size of the items. Anyone who reads my personal box reviews knows I break down the value of the samples, and I will still do that for my boxes.

The welcome boxes usually do not take the beauty profiles into account, so I also did not feel it was necessary to ask my gift recipients a bunch of questions to see why they got the welcome box they did. I am not sharing any of their boxes that take their profile into account. Again, this is to let them enjoy their gifts without me bothering them. My boxes are pretty good, so I have not touched my settings in a while. I will be more than happy to share my settings on my box for people who want to tinker with theirs.

Birchbox Women

I answer more questions regarding the program if you want more details on how it works. You can review other welcome boxes I’ve sent and received this year. Ready to send a Gift Subscription? If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers and all available offers. When you’re ready to spend your rewards points, remember to add your free two piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus Shop. See other Birchbox Subscription articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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