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FabuFinds: Product Spotlight September 2015

Every month, I review my empty products. Some products are not worth thinking about once the month is over. Others are so wonderful and seem like they’re made for me. Those are FabuFinds, and I generally like to devote a little more time to discussing them. They are items I have repurchased and will continue to repurchase even at full price if I could not find a good promo code.

To eventually spotlight all of my FabuFinds, I will never repeat items already mentioned in a past article. That does not mean they lost their magic. It is also possible an item not spotlighted in a past Empties article may get promoted as I try it more and fall deeper in love. Other times, it is because I had a lot of FabuFinds in a previous month and had to condense the article. There were two products I consider FabuFinds in my September Empties that I have not discussed yet.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.25.00 PM

Lancome BiFacil has been my holy grail makeup remover since I first sampled it in 1997.  You know you have a great makeup remover when everything looks like it removed and you do not wake up the next morning with raccoon eyes. Where does all the makeup hide! While this occasionally leaves a hint of makeup I only notice in the morning, it consistently removes makeup more efficiently and better than anything else. It does not sting my eyes. The oil blend very soothing and moisturizing.

Benefit’s They’re Real products are the only thing I can think of that cannot be removed with BiFacil. Thankfully, the Benefit They’re Real line has its own makeup remover that removes it nicely. I love that formula as well even though it is a completely different animal than BiFacil. That also works well as a spot remover where BiFacil is best when removing a large area at once. With BiFacil, I blot a cotton with two to three releases and that is enough using both sides to remove all eye makeup. If I have really dark shadows or a lot of eyeliner, I sometimes use two pads.

The best part of BiFacil is I rarely pay for it. As a Gift With Purchase King, Lancome includes a free BiFacil in almost every blockbuster GWP. With Lancome being my favorite brand, I usually have a lot of these on hand. I do keep a listing of all Lancome Gift With Purchase offers (but I take breaks from updating it at times). If my list is out of date when you stumble upon this article, there are other great sites that list Lancome GWP offers, including my favorite, Although she is less detailed than I prefer, she brings the deals. I do not want to inadvertently steal her deals, so I have to avoid her site now. You can visit it though.

You can use BiFacil on your face as well, but I tend to use it exclusively on my eyes. For my face, I prefer makeup removing wipes.

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Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Makeup Removing Wipes smell divine. I actually have not tried an Ole Henriksen product yet that I did not want to eat. Why do they all smell so good! I can still smell it on my face after following up with a cleansing water. The ingredients not only smell great, but they feel great. My skin always feel refreshed after using this. Some cheap wipes do not smell great or leave my skin feeling great. Expensive ones have let me down as well.

This removes all of my makeup with ease. I do not fully wash my face at night to prevent my dry skin from retaliating. After removing my makeup with a wipe, I cleanse with a Micellar water. My cotton round containing the cleansing water almost always comes out completely clean after removing makeup with this. With some other wipes, I need either a second wipe or multiple cotton rounds of cleansing water to finish the job. The cloth is large, moist, and durable. That prevents it from shredding as I wipe.

One wipe to remove the makeup and one cotton round of cleansing water does the trick 98% of the time. Although I love Protect the Truth wipes more, these are almost as amazing and worth FabuFind status. It is completely possible these are more efficient at removing makeup than Protect the Truth, but I still prefer those thanks to the smell, wonderful ingredients for my skin, and fact that they cleanse almost as well.

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