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Sephora Face Mask Friday for Rouge Members

The Free Face Mask Event on 01/26/18 was for all Beauty Insiders.

This was an open-door Sephora VIB Rouge Event. Private, closed-door Rouge Events were canceled after the Points Promotion in August 2015, but they returned in June 2016 to launch new items from the Fall.

The Sephora VIB Rouge program has some great perks. This week I took advantage of two. You may have read about the VIBTOKENS code I used on my recent order, but one that pops up less often is an exclusive Rouge event. While I expect to see an event at the beginning of next month to kick off the 20% discount in the VIB sale, this Face Mask Friday event is a new offering. I like face masks, but I really wanted the free gift Sephora advertised with a $25 purchase, the umbrella. When I arrived at the store, I did not even know what I was going to buy. That umbrella would be mine though!

Sephora always announces events at the last-minute. My four-year-old son is with me on Fridays (he goes to preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays), and I did not want to arrange a babysitter. That meant he had to come with me.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.33.49 PM

There was an advertisement for a Skin Care Basics with Skin IQ event taking place this Sunday morning from (9am-11am) and evening (7:15pm-9:15pm).

Sephora Face Mask Friday

I did receive an email on for a K-Beauty Skin Care event yesterday, but the email made it seem like the event was ongoing from 10/02/15-10/04/15. The store makes it seem like a before and after hours event. It makes me wonder if the people who go during store hours are getting the same treatment or something different.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 2.32.01 PM

My store opened at 10am, and I arrived a little before 10:30am. I’ve never seen the store with fewer people in it. Most of the time I go it is on the weekends or in the evening. Weekday mornings are a great time to shop if you want to move around easily. A man with a clipboard added my name to this empty list, so I assumed I was the first to arrive.

Sephora Face Mask Friday 3

While I waited, I noticed a form left out they obviously used for someone else who completed this. Maybe, s/he did not go on the list because s/he was first and had no wait. No one else was nearby, so I am assuming they forgot to give this to person who had the service. There was a lady next to us when we sat down, but she was getting makeup applied. The first thing that jumped out at me is the rep misspelled Shiseido, but it took me forever to learn how to spell that. It is a misspelling I understand.

Sephora Face Mask Friday 2

Even though there were not many people in the store, there was a wait of about 20 minutes before an associate came over. Usually, I’d play with swatches during waiting period. Unlike my eight-year-old son who likes to swatch makeup, my four-year-old is anti makeup. The best technique with him is to know what I want before I go and swatch as little as possible. He has no patience for playing with makeup. After a few minutes of sitting in my lap (where I did snap a picture), he was over it.

Sephora Face Mask Friday 4

To keep him busy, I gave him my phone. That combined with being sidetracked by my massive headache kept me from getting a picture of the lady who assisted me. She was very nice, but I cannot even remember her name. My skin has been a wreck the past few days (it happens to me once a month). I thought they would be applying individually wrapped sheet masks. Maybe every store is different, but my store was doing a mask from a jar. Even if they carefully removed the contents from the jar with each guest, there is a possibility for cross-contamination. As a picker, I cannot take the risk of applying a mask that is not exclusively mine to my skin. It was best for her that she not touch my skin in this condition either.

I told her I was really there for the umbrella anyway, so I did not mind not getting a mask treatment. She told me to find her once I made my purchase decision (the umbrella requires a $25 minimum purchase), and she would make sure I get an umbrella. My son’s patience started wearing thin as I was looking around for things to buy. Not being able to think of anything off the top of my head, I asked her to grab me anything that costs $25 she liked.

She said she would just give me the umbrella without a purchase. I promise my son was not being a bother at all, so her kind gesture was not to get him out of the store. He was ready to go, but he was not being loud or rude. This kind lady either noticed my headache (which was excruciating at this point) or is just amazing in general. Either way, she knew I wanted an umbrella, and she made sure I got one. It was the best service I’ve ever received in Sephora, and I cannot even remember her name to give her a good review. If she is that kind all the time, I hope someone conscientious enough to remember her name gives her the positive review she deserves.

With the Sephora Beauty Shake-Up event, I’d rather order online anyway. I already won a 10% discount. If you have not played yet, play by 10/22/15 to receive an exclusive code for an online purchase before 10/31/15. In addition to 10% codes, Sephora is also issuing exclusive point promos and promos for special beauty products. Those are not exclusive, so I will add them as I win them to my Sephora promo code page.

After my head stopped pounding (it still hurts but not as badly), my son helped me model the umbrella. It is a full-sized umbrella, but his 37″ frame makes it look bigger than it really is.

Sephora Face Mask Friday 5

Sephora Face Mask Friday 6

Sephora Face Mask Friday 7

I love the umbrella. Less is always more, so the relatively small Sephora VIB Rouge logo written in coördinated black ink is classy. The black and white design screams Sephora but not obnoxiously so. It was totally worth a trip to Sephora, with a headache and a preschooler in tow.

This event lasts all day, so there is still time to head down there if you’re a Rouge member who has not attended yet. You do not need an appointment. If your skin does not have any open cuts, I’d suggest getting the mask service. It could be fun. The umbrella is worth the trip even if you choose to opt out of the mask treatment.

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  1. I’m glad you were treated nicely and got your umbrella. I really wanted one too, though I usually avoid the store and shop online. I chose a $29 item and asked for the umbrella. The clerk told me I needed to go back and have a mask treatment first. She was not going to let me have an umbrella unless I did it! I told her I did not have time. Someone else finally came over and said it would be ok to let me have the umbrella. Not sure why they have to be difficult with these perks!

  2. One of the things that Sephora could improve on is consistency. I’ve read several stories about the event, and it seems so many people had a completely different experience. Different stores had rules that did not line up with others. Another Rouge client in my city went to a different store and they had sheet masks. Some were allowed to even take free sheet masks home when they were unable to do it in store. My rep was very kind the entire time, and I am glad she was understanding that I did not want a mask from a jar. Giving me the umbrella without a purchase blew me away, because I insisted I did not mind buying something. I probably should have gone in knowing what I wanted. All I really wanted was the umbrella though.

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