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h2o+ Free Glow & Glisten

I use a lot of h2o+ items. There are some gems in the line, and I love trying as many items as possible. The line lies between drugstore and midrange pricing, which makes it very affordable. When you get a fabulous deal with your purchases, the items almost become a steal. Every time I order direct from h2o+, my box arrives looking like someone played kick ball with it. Opening the box is always interesting, because I never know if I am going to find damaged items, spilled items, missing items, etc.

When I was searching the site to place my 03/24/15 order, I came across a natural sea sponge I wanted to try. I’d never used a real sponge before, so the idea did not originally settle well ultimately causing me to pass. My husband and I discussed the order when he got home. He mentioned that he’s always wanted to try a sea sponge. The idea of using a living thing to clean myself still felt odd, so I did some research.

Natural sea sponges are antimicrobial, which is a huge plus. The biggest drawback on sponges in the germs and bacteria that fester causing me to toss them almost as quickly as I buy them. Couple that germaphobia with mostly scratchy artificial sponges, and you see why I am not a huge fan. Sponges do help spread liquid soaps better than hands and provide slight exfoliation. A natural sea sponge should do everything the artificial ones do without the germs or scratching. There is also research that shows cutting pieces off does not harm the sponge, because it grows right back. Something already existing in nature is also better for the environment. Yes, the two sites I looked at were pro sea sponge.

I did not take a picture of this box, but I did take a picture of the box from my 03/24/15 order. It looked similar. Like the order received a day earlier, everything arrived in tact despite the tattered box.

I told my husband I would buy one for both of us as soon as h2o+ released another great promotion. The one I used earlier that day was a single use code, not that I would want to use the same one again. On 03/25/15, I received an offer for a free Glow & Glisten set. It originally retailed for $25, but it was on sale for $12.50. If I purchased it, I would get it for $12.50 making this promotion far less valuable than the one I received yesterday. Nevertheless, it was a decent promotion even though it required a $50 minimum purchase.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.04.30 PM

I decided to get another Hydrated Hand Care Duo, because that is a steal for $10. It includes 8.25oz sizes of Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream and Targeted Care Moisturizing Hand Wash (no longer available on its own). Only getting one the day before was something I regretted, so this gave me a chance to rectify it. The hand cream is amazing, and I really enjoy the hand soap as well. With the Natural Sea Sponges costing $14 each, I was still $12 short of the minimum. Shiny & Bright was a combo set very similar to the one I was getting free, so I decided to purchase it. That free combo included: a 4oz Spa Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter, a 4oz Spa Sea Salt Hydrating Body Wash, and a 12oz Sea Salt Skin Smoother.

H2o+ Order 032515

Unlike the free one, which I already know and like, I had no experience with the one I was purchasing. Sea Lotus was a new line for me. Even though I ordered a mini the day before, it would not arrive in enough time to sample before I buy. Hopefully, I like the scent when I finally try it. This set included: a 4oz Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash, a 4oz Spa Sea Lotus Body Lotion, and a 12oz Spa Sea Lotus Skin Smoother. I also noticed that this kit includes lotion and not a body butter. I love the body butter for this line, but I only like the lotion.

You get three deluxe samples with every order. I selected Sea Results Deep Sleep Recovery Cream, because I already know and love the product. My skin wakes up feeling hydrated when I use this thick cream. My second choice was Face Oasis Shine Neutralizing Gel, because I sampled this in the past and gave up on it too quickly. It needed another shot. The last choice was Eye Oasis Moisture Replenishing Treatment, because I wanted to try something new.

I wanted to try the Natural Sea Sponge as soon as it arrived, but I already had an open sponge. The thoughts of using a living thing also got to me again so it took me a while to open it. Now that I’ve used it about 10 times (all with the Sea Salt Wash above), I can say for certain it is not for me. Most days, I opt for bar soap to avoid using this. While I do not hate it, I do not love it either. My strange feelings never go away when I use it. It is super soft, which I love and hate. Not being scratched is a bonus, but I cannot picture much exfoliation going on either. After about five uses, it started shrinking and thinning. Hair is also very difficult to remove when it gets trapped inside.

Featuring Sea Grass and Water Lily extracts, the Oasis Collection helps provide continuous hydration for perfect, supple & smooth skin. Shop H2O+ Beauty!

Most of the h2o+ products I’ve tried are wonderful, so I am a huge fan of the brand. Thanks again to Disney for the introduction. Even though I find decent deals at Ulta and, I can only receive deals like this from the direct brand. Deals like this are defitniely worth a direct order of only h2o+ products. Remember to check all offers before placing an order. See all h2o+ Beauty articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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