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Citrus Lane September 2015

Citrus Lane is the subscription box for kids aged zero to six. My four-year-old loves getting a box that is all his. The boxes have a mixture of toys, educational tools, food products, beauty items, and more. A product card describing all items inside, which includes discount codes usually comes inside as well. As someone who looks for discount codes before every online purchase, I really appreciate this. A one month subscription is $29.95. Three months gets you down to $27 a box. It costs $24 a box for a six month subscription. Every month, you get the opportunity to select an item inside the box or add items on for a discounted rate. That allows kids to have some choice in their box, but they still receive surprise items.

While the choice is usually only between two items, Connor loves that he gets a say in what comes in his box. He looks forward to selection day, which is the end of the previous month, almost as much as he looks forward to arrival day. This month, he selected Hape Family Pets. With Paw Patrol high on his radar, this is what I thought he would pick when I showed him the email.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 2.46.42 PM

Connor was instantly drawn to the colorful box full of treasures.

Citrus Lane September 2015 4

Every box has a product card that tells you about the product and if any discounts are available should you decide to purchase anything you sample. Citrus Lane does not sell all the items in their boxes, so I appreciate this. Hunting down a product, then tracking down a discount code separately are time-consuming. This two-in-one time saver is great.

Citrus Lane September 2015 6

Citrus Lane September 2015 5

This box also encouraged giving, which I love. Kids at this age are eager to receive but not as likely to give. There was even a bag with free shipping to ease the donation to Schoolia. It is an organization that collects clothes and donates money raised from the collection to the school of your choice. If I was 100% done having kids, I would donate for sure. In case I have another son, I will keep his old clothing for now. The cause is fantastic though, so I will keep it in mind for the future.

Citrus Lane September 2015 7

Citrus Lane September 2015 8

Citrus Lane September 2015

His choice is way more adorable than it seemed in the email. It is extremely well made and very striking. My older son, who is allergic to dogs, tried to claim the cat as his. I love how connected my older son gets to these boxes, because I plan on ordering him a subscription for his birthday, but he is too old for Citrus Lane. The retail price at is $14.99. Citrus Lane does not sell this specific product, which is a shame. Hape made this smaller version exclusively for Citrus Lane, so they should sell the toys.

I am placing a $10 value on this, because the kit above includes a rabbit, rabbit house, and rabbit food for that range of prices. This is basically one-third smaller, so I deducted 1/3 of the price. That is the price for a lot of Hape toys on the Citrus Lane site, so I assume it would be around there if they sold this version of the toy. Connor adores the set, so I will probably purchase more beautifully constructed Hape toys from the Citrus Lane store.

Citrus Lane September 2015 2

Connor loves all things apples, so the Plum Organic mash ups apple sauce will probably be well received. The apple sauce, fruits & veggies may not go over as well, but I will try to report back once he’s tried them. A four pack of these 3.17oz snacks retail for $3.99 at most places, so the two in this box are worth about $2. I love feeding my kids organic food when possible, so I really enjoy the chance to sample them before we buy them. With the added cost of organic food, buying unknown items that miss the mark is more of a risk.

Citrus Lane September 2015 3

Every mom loves musical insturments, right? I have chronic headaches, and he pounded on this Hohner Hand Drum for 10 straight minutes. Connor obviously loved it, and that it really what matters. Despite my best efforts to have him cup it to mute the noise, he knew that is not the way it worked. For a tiny drum, this thing lets out a lot of sound. It is striking (pun intended), too. This drum retails for $14 on the Citrus Lane site.

Citrus Lane September 2015 9

Citrus Lane September 2015 10

Although Connor cannot read yet, I love when he gets books. It gives me an excuse to work on reading with him. Whenever I try, he usually gets frustrated and says he cannot read. Trying new ways to get him to attempt reading is a challenge that new books help with. He wants to play with all his new things, so I plan on reading with him when he gets home from school today. This book retails for $6.99 at While I am uncertain if they sent me two on purpose or by mistake, my older son claimed the second book as his. He is really interested in the box, and read his book to his brother last night. With both books, the value is $13.98.

I liked the overall theme of the box. It seems to have more emphasis on playing than past boxes. This box was a bigger hit than last month, which had a lower value. The total box value is $39.98. His personal value is $32.99, because he has no use for the duplicate book. That duplicate book was probably an error anyway, so his personal value is probably the intended box value. He may not like both of the snacks, but I will have them try both. Thus, I will not deduct from his personal value even if he dislikes one. I am on the six month subscription, so I paid $24 for this box. Unless your kid loves everything in the box, someone with a one month subscription may not find this box as valuable. Want to join Citrus Lane? Check my retailer page for special start-up offers. You can also send a gift subscription to a lucky little one.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.49.09 AM

Want to explore Citrus Lane without the commitment! There are always promotions running, so deals are ready and waiting. See all Citrus Lane Subscription articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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