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Best of Becca Collection

This article covers the original Best of Becca set. I also have a review for Radiant Glow and Blushed Radiance. All of these are 4-piece sets that arrived with a broken piece. The Becca minis in Sephora Favorites sets, like: Bronze Bares All and Paint It Pink arrive in tact, so the problem is how Becca wraps these sets. They are wonderful products, but they are not wrapped well enough for rough shipping and handling. Sephora wraps its favorites sets and does a much better job.

Becca entered the highlighter world with some strong game. The pictures always looked amazing. I got my hands on a sample and found out that the effects were legit and not clever photo editing. While researching which products I wanted to start exploring the brand with, I came across the Best of Becca kit at Ulta. Sadly, it was out of stock, so I decided to wait before purchasing anything. On 05/09/15, I got a Beauty Break offer that looked interesting.

A Beauty Break is a general gift with purchase good toward any online order over the minimum amount. The Beauty Break was for two Prada scents. I am not a fan of Candy, and my husband is very selective with the scents he will even sample. My first instinct was to ignore the Beauty Break. Ulta releases Beauty Breaks about once a week usually on Wednesday mornings. There are special surprise Beauty Breaks that are a little harder to predict. This Beauty Break required a $40 purchase. Knowing the Becca kit would get me most of the way there, I decided to see if it was back in stock.

It was! There was no way I was not going to order it, because it had been out of stock every other time I checked. I quickly searched for something to get me over the $40 threshold for the Beauty Break. The female scent was different from the original Candy, so there was a chance I could like it. My nail beds are always a mess, so I can never use too much cuticle oil. With over $40 in my cart, I checked out with my Best of Becca collection, the cuticle oil, a skincare sampler, and the Beauty Break. Free shipping usually kicks in with a $50 purchase, but it was only $35 this week. All the stars aligned.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.56.20 AM

I have very dry hands, and my cuticles shred. Cuticle treatments are products I keep multiples open of. Then, I strew them across the house. This Nicole by OPI Oil to go adorns the end table by the living room couch. Although I still do not use it as often as I should, I use it a little more often now that it is in sight. It is not the most moisturizing cuticle treatment ever but I’d buy this again to get over a shipping minimum, especially if the sale repeats.

Best of Becca

I wish Ulta allowed us to pick our own samples. It’s bad enough they skimped from three to two without saying anything, but not being able to select what we get makes samples hit or miss. With a skincare sampler, I do not want to receive two primers. I consider primers makeup, not skincare. I do not even use primer unless I am using some form of makeup. While I do love Benefit Porefessional for my oily areas and can use this sample while traveling, Smashbox primers give me a rash, so I cannot use this Photofinish primer. There is no way I would select one.

There was nothing inside that large Becca box other than two sheets of silver tissue paper and the four deluxe samples left to loosely run amuck.

Best of Becca 2

And, run amuck they did. The powder arrived cracked in four equal pie-like pieces, but the cracks did not go all the way through. I wanted to see how secure it was, because the powder was buckling at the sides. A gentle tip confirmed the powder was not even attached. To prevent it from falling out, I did not complete the tip. After using the highlighter for the first time, all four cracks pushed all the way through leaving me with four large and a bunch of tiny pieces. It is very soft powder and despite being gentle, the damage was already done in transit. The lid to the soufflé was also a little loose causing dryness in the product.

Best of Becca 3

By the time I called Ulta to discuss my broken powder and slightly dry souffle, these kits were completely out of stock. That meant I could return this for a refund. Both the souffle and the beach tint are full size. Alone, they are worth more than the kit. Returning it before I could play with everything was not happening. The rep, who was lovely, suggested I keep the product and offered me a full refund. That was way more than I expected, and unusually great service from Ulta.

Within an hour, she issued me an e-gift card for the full amount, but I still had the items. I wanted to make the most of everything, so I vowed to try to repair the powder before I used it a second time. This is an endeavor that took me a few months, but I eventually got back around to it. Thus far, the repair is holding up, but it has only been a few days. The last time I used alcohol to mend a broken product, it only lasted three days.

The o.24oz Prada Candy L’Eau is completely adorable. I have a hard time passing up mini perfume bottles. My husband found his 0.3oz Prada Luna Rossa mini okay. He said it was nothing special, but he did not say he hated it either. Men also get bottles that are nowhere near as cute. Right away, I can tell I like this scent more than regular Candy. It does not seem as strong. Strong scents make me light-headed and give me headaches. I will wear this again before I decide to keep it.

Prada GWP

The swatches from left to right belong to the beach tint, the souffle, the rose gold powder, and the Opal perfector. All four are incredibly beautiful, but I only notice very subtle differences in each highlighter as well as each blush.

Becca Kit One Swatches

Despite the broken powder inside, The Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Rose Gold is beautiful. It is a fabulous product that provides a rosy highlight. My fascination with all things rose gold usually stops at highlighters, because my cool-toned skin is not usually a good git. This was an exception though. Becca highlighters are magical, and I have yet to find one I do not absolutely love. With the variation in shades and tones, that is an accomplishment.

Becca Rose Gold Pressed

Since the cracks did not survive the first use, I had to repair it to use it a second time. It is still in tact so far, and I have high hopes it will stay that way. To repair it, I used a lot of alcohol and some toothpicks to slide it back into place and pat it down.

Becca Rose Gold

The Beach Tint in Guava is definitely a winner. It had a bit more staying power than its beautiful Souffle sister, even though it was nowhere near as fun to work with. Powder blushes fade quickly on me, so I appreciate that this lasted longer. Neither went the distance, but I am still searching for something that does. This orangish pink color is stunning.

Becca Tint

The Beach Tint Shimmering Souffle in Watermelon/Moonstone is a coral-red infused with pale gold. It is probably the last color I would have purchased had I selected one without sampling. Although I love red, my skin leans pink, so red can overpower my skin tone. The gold mixture tames the red a bit creating a beautiful pink flush. Once I peeled away the dry exterior, I was happy to find moist fluffy product underneath. If your top layer gets hard, peel it away. Now that I know that, I would happily purchase more of these.

Becca kit

The Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal actually repeats in the second kit. That was actually a little disappointing, and I probably would have passed on the second one had I noticed. While I love the formula, and think it highlights beautifully, I do not see myself finishing the generous 0.17oz sample any time soon. With five beautiful colors to choose from, I wish they did not select Opal for both (even if Opal is the most iconic shade). It seems crazy to call a relatively new brand iconic, but they entered the highlighter world that distinguished. They’ve earned it.

Mally Cherry Blossom

This kit was limited-edition, and I have not seen it come back in stock for a while. Becca did release another kit with four minis (article posting soon). That one has a less impressive lineup of Becca favorites, and my broken powder in this one looks like a cakewalk compared to the pulverized mess that came in that one. In other words, avoid these Best of Becca kits at all costs unless you can pick them up in store. Even then, I’d open it to make sure it is not already damaged. Getting damaged products thanks to careless packaging is not a good deal. The only way I’d consider purchasing a third kit (should they release one is if they change the packaging. Sephora had a Becca powder in its Bronze Bares All kit lodged inside hard plastic. I had a hard time removing it.

I will continue to post offers I am aware of, so no worries if you happen upon this post after the offers above expire. If you have questions about any Ulta Coupon, I go over all types. Targeted Offers are exclusive to UltaMate Members, so I do recommend joining. New members get $10 of their first purchase with a referral. Remember to check all Ulta offers before placing an online order, because there are always general or brand specific offers that are not targeted. Deal stacking is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. See all Ulta articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal at Ulta. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (12 and 7) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 12-year-old to apply it.

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  1. Hey Kim,

    Sorry to hear about what happened to the highlighter. I have to say, while I love Becca powder highlighters, the Opal liquid one is great too. I am a fan.

    I have had better luck with these highlighters, as I have received them in perfect condition. I hear you about being cautious ordering the powders now, because of what happened in the past, though.

  2. Thanks. Yes, the Opal liquid highlighter is great, but I wish the second kit (posting later) had a different color. Why do companies repeat in kits (unless they assume each kit will appeal to different people).

    The next kit came in worse shape than this one, but I am glad yours arrived in great condition. Getting them replaced is a hassle, and my couch is still slightly stained and shiny. These powders seem to fade on my skin, but they stick to the fibers on my couch really well.

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