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Julep Birthstone September 2015

I love collecting the Julep birthstones, so I collect them all and not just my birthstone. September’s offering is a stunning blue, and it looks as beautiful on as it did onscreen. Some may want to order this the first day of the month when it opens up in the secret store to get it before it sells out. The problem is they charge the full $11.20 Maven price in the secret store, and promo codes do not apply. If you wait it out a little, even the colors that sell out will usually return. As a Maven, I get free shipping with every order, so I could order the birthstone each month and call it a day. That is not my style though, because I live for a deal. Mavens get offer codes in each box (that I will always share with you here as long as Julep allows me to share it).

I used promo code COLORME to get a free polish with a $15 purchase on 09/07/15. The code is still valid through the 30th, and other valid codes are available. This code required a $15 purchase after the discount, so the Stargazer and polish alone did not get me there. It was an easy decision to add the cuticle stick, because I have dry hands and shredded cuticles. Anything that can help is welcome. These treatments are strewn all over my house to make sure they are always within reach. That helps me use them a little more often.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.27.22 PM

Some of you may remember my tip to add anything you like that’s on sale to your wish list. Items stay on sale at times, but they cannot always be searched. These are savvy deals or specials. If there is an item in your wish list and it is in stock, you will always be able to add it. Assuming the item is still on sale, the discount will be automatically applied when you add it to your cart. There is a good chance that it will still be on sale, so check. The Stargazer set went on sale recently for $12, so I stuck it in my wish list.

Julep September 2015 Birthstone

Once the September polish released, I checked my wish list and discovered Stargazer was still on sale. I am technically on an eyeliner no-buy, because I have more unused than used eyeliners. This deal was too good to pass up, so I had to get it. That makes each 0.420z full-sized eyeliner in this set $2.40 each. Julep eye gliders are very nice. They do not smudge on the top lash line at all. The line is smooth and pigmented, because it truly glides across the eye.

Julep Stargazer 3

I love the shimmer in Julep Eye gliders. It is not a full-on glitter and reminds me of a more pigmented shimmer eyeshadow, which I also love. Bronze Shimmer is already one of my favorite eyeliners, and I am not referring to only Julep liners.

Julep Stargazer 4

This set also included a sharpener. Although I own a few sharpeners, I recently discovered one sharpener does not fit every pencil, so having multiples in different sizes is a great thing.

Julep Sharpener

Other than the black shade, I really loved every color. Though some of these are close to items in my collection, none of them are perfect matches. As you can see by the black swatch below, my first assumption that it would be another black was wrong. It is way more stunning than a standard black eyeliner.

Julep Stargazer 2

Purple is probably my favorite eyeliner color, because it lies between black, which we’ve naturally come to expect, and bright. I love this rich purple, Violet Shimmer. Like other Julep Eye Gliders, it was smooth and pigmented. The color lasted all day without smudging.

Urban Decay Lounge and Ether

I was very impressed with Champagne Shimmer. The color is light but really pops. It blends very nicely with lighter metallic or glittery shades.

Too Faced Vegas Nay 12

Sepia Brown Shimmer is already one of my new favorite eyeliners. These light browns with a hint of softer colors, like metals, are so versatile. They can be used for a really natural look or can be used for a bold look where you are staying away from black liner. The quality is on par with other Julep gliders. It smudged on my bottom lashes but stayed put all day with a smooth pigmented line on top.

Julep and Coastal Scents

Emerald Shimmer is quite striking and is a great representation of its name. I really love pairing my eyes with green and blue when I want a bolder look. It is rare to see my brown eyes pop, but this eyeliner certainly helps.

Urban Decay Vice LTD 2

Cosmic Black Shimmer wears almost the same as a standard black eyeliner. You can only see the shimmer in certain lighting (like the flash in the photograph). I know it’s there, so I will only wear it when I do not mind shimmer. I paired it with a pretty natural eyeshadow look, so I thought the shimmer could bring it to life a little.

Julep Black Shimmer

The five shades included in this Gel Eye Glider set are Cosmic Black Shimmer, Violet Shimmer, Sepia Shimmer, Champagne Shimmer, and Emerald Shimmer. As you can see in the swatches, the shimmer does not present as glitter. It can look like a very fine micro glitter in certain lights.

Julep Stargazer

This 0.67oz Hand and Cuticle Stick is huge. It looks like a glue stick. A little product goes a long way, so this will probably last a long time. For $5 on sale, this was a steal. My cuticles did feel softened as I worked this product in, so I know it works in the short-term. I’ve only used it once, so I cannot attest to long-term quality. If I remember I will report back.

Julep Cuticle Stick

The September birthstone is Sanaa, named after Sanaa Lathan. It is a sapphire according to Julep. When I think of sapphires, I do not always associate a color, but I do think of beautiful blue when I think of September.

Julep September 2015 Birthstone 4

I love when the promo code gets me the birthstone for free, because getting them free and loving them makes redemption that much better. Compare this to my other blue polishes.

Julep Sanaa

My birthstone collection consists of January 2014-September 2015, although I plan to replace March 2015 as soon as possible. As long as I am a Maven and can collect the polishes in order, I will continue to collect the birthstones. If you have not already taken a look, I highly suggest you do.

Julep Beauty Box Subscription

If you want to join Julep, visit my Julep Maven page to see all start-up offers. Visit my regular Julep page to see more offers for shopping. All polishes above are swatched once. They get darker with more swatches. See all Julep or Subscription articlesTips For Getting the Best Deal lays out every way I can think of to save money at Julep. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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