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Sephora Play Sign Ups

A new subscription has entered the market, and it is from one of the best retailers on the market. What are subscribers in for with the Sephora Play! Box? For starters, they can expect to only receive mid to high-end brands. Sephora does not carry low-end brands in the stores, so I doubt we will see low-end brands in the box. It makes the most sense to sample items the store carries, so we can fall in love, then purchase them. At $10 a month, this subscription is sure to give Ipsy and Birchbox a run for their money. Most of you are probably familiar with how I feel about Ipsy and Birchbox, but I wonder how my feelings will change once I get my Play subscription.

Play is only open by invitation. It opened in September 2015 for select markets and expanded in 2016. I was lucky enough to subscribe before the May 2016 box, so my reviews are available. You can get on the waitlist if you have not already. Once they’ve tested the subscription, they will open spots for those on the waitlist. The test market was originally limited to three cities, but it expanded to give spots to very early entrants on the waitlist. Hopefully, they eventually open up to everyone, but it could take a while for them to set everything up and work out the kinks.

I am really excited about this subscription box, because I love sampling subscriptions and adore Sephora. It really is an easy decision to join once they open it up. There will be a mini perfume vial in every box, which I am not keen on. The perfume will be a bonus sixth sample though, so everyone will still get five deluxe beauty samples in addition to the perfume. Spoilers from the first box have trickled down, and it is already looking fantastic.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 2.10.40 PM

The $10 monthly fee earns points and counts toward status. That means you’ll earn $120 a year toward your VIB or Rouge status. That is also enough to redeem a 100 point perk and have 20 points leftover. Hopefully, they adopt a review system as other boxes have and those reviews will add points as well. Rather than offering reviews, they may stick to the model where you go into the store with your box insert and learn more about the products. This could be an interesting perk to a new beauty enthusiast, but I think it is not the best idea for those more familiar. I’d rather have points/rewards as the program incentive than assistance I will probably never use.

There is also a Play! Pass in every box where subscribers can turn it in with any online purchase before the expiration for 50 Beauty Insider Points.

Sephora set up an FAQ section to answer basic questions about the program. There is also a thread on Beautytalk where members are getting questions answered by moderators. If you have a specific question not addressed elsewhere, this is a good place to ask it.

Boxes started shipping, so the first subscriptions will be arriving any day. If you were one of the lucky recipients selected to test the products, I cannot wait to see what you get in each box. I asked someone to set up a thread on Beautytalk to share hauls, so please share yours there as well. We’ll all look on with as little jealousy as possible., Inc.

Sephora does not inform a single Beauty Insider of all deal details. Certain offers are targeted and others have different purchase minimums based on the code. Remember to check New Offers and/or Recycled Offers before placing an online order. See all Sephora Play! articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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