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Disney Collection Belle and Snow White Mirrors at Sephora

The Reigning Beauties mirror collection by Disney was released at Sephora on 09/15/15. Stock has gone in and out since the release, but Sephora is restocking the mirrors. If you have not procured yours yet, be sure to sign up for in stock emails and add the mirror of your choice to your Sephora loves list. From this list, you can periodically check stock as well. There are times when demand is high and stock is low that items are out of stock again by the time your in-stock email reaches you, so I adopt a multi-step approach to increase my odds of getting these limited edition items everyone else wants.

I was sad to see only six mirrors representing six Princesses and a Queen released. Keeping my stash to only two mirrors may already be impossible with six mirrors, so it is probably for the best Disney did not release more. Each one retails for $32, so you could easily pay over $200 with tax if you collected them all. My favorites are Belle and Tiana, so I would have purchased those for sure. With Tiana lacking representation, I opted for Snow White to go with Belle.

My current loves list still contains all six mirrors, so I have been periodically checking stock. They’re all out right now.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.32.08 AM

Elsa and Anna are on one mirror, which already makes this a little less special to me. The colors are perfect, because they remind me of Elsa’s magic sparkling off the snow. A white mirror to represent the snow would not have looked as nice. I love Frozen and think Elsa and Anna are both fabulous in their own right. They should have their own mirrors. By adding Anna to Elsa’s mirror, there is a princess represented. This beautiful mirror’s inscription is “Strong bond, strong heart.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.44.05 AM

Cinderella will probably always be in every collection, because she still remains one of the favorites. Her story defines a fairy tale probably better than any other princess, so I get the fascination. While I believe she belongs in blue, I wish it would have been a slightly lighter blue, like her iconic dress. This beautiful mirror’s inscription is “The right shoe can transform your life.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.44.16 AM

Belle will probably always be my favorite princess. Not only is she the most beautiful (to me), but I love everything she stands for. She loves inner beauty, being educated, strong-willed, opinionated, and so many other qualities I admire. Other than Tiana (who has a lot of similar qualities and is the only American represented), she has the prettiest princess dress. I love her perfect, yellow dress, so it is fitting that her mirror is yellow. This beautiful mirror’s inscription is “Let your inner princess shine.” Like others, I agree this inscription could have been better, I get what it means. Had it been up to me, I would have inscribed it, “Inner Beauty shines brighter than outer beauty.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.43.51 AM

Snow White is in red, which is my favorite color. The apple is the most iconic thing from her movie, so the red color is perfect. She is the first Disney princess, and the first Disney movie I remember watching. I will always have a special place for her. This beautiful mirror’s inscription is “Still the fairest.” While I think Belle may disagree, I like this inscription for her.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.44.27 AM

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) belongs in pink. Unlike Cinderella whose dress transforms from blue to pink and pink to blue, Aurora stays in pink consistently. All seems right when Cinderella ends up in blue, because pink belongs to Aurora. This beautiful mirror’s inscription is “A girl needs her beauty rest.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.45.14 AM

Ariel will always hold a special place with me, and I actually tried unsuccessfully to get her mirror. When I think of my favorite Disney movie, I always think of The Little Mermaid or the Lion King. While Ariel herself is not the most admirable princess, she comes around in the end. Her exploits are the most fun. The color of her mirror reminds me of water, and the pictures of the bubbles help it. This beautiful mirror’s inscription is “Go with the flow.” I get that the flow represents water, but I would have inscribed this, “I’m part of this world.” After all, she made it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.46.20 AM

These actually released at 12:47am PST on 09/15/15. I checked at 12:45am before heading to bed, so I missed them by two minutes. It was not until 8:04am that I checked again. Only Snow White and Elsa and Anna were in stock. Snow White fell out of my cart before I even added samples. Elsa and Anna fell out of my cart as I tried to process the payment. Sephora was releasing a few mirrors at a time all morning making it hard to get any, but not impossible. The best strategy for getting your order through as quickly as possible is pre-load your promo (most have a minimum, so keep one expensive filler item you can easily dump) and samples. It also helps to have a credit card pre-loaded into the system.

I thought I successfully checked out with Elsa and Anna a little after nine, because I got a confirmation screen. Sephora emails confirmations, so I did not even think to copy the confirmation number. After seeing no email come, no record of the order in my history and the items still listed in my cart (with the mirror stating it was out of stock), I figured it was a fluke and my order did not go through. It is probably for the best, because I wanted one and was grabbing this as a consolation.

About 20 minutes later, I noticed Snow white came back in stock. I quickly loaded her in and checked out. Despite having my promo code preloaded, I did not see it listed on the order confirmation. This YSL promo required a $35 minimum, so I loaded a $3 set of hair ties from the sales section and a filler item with the samples I wanted. The promo was still listed in my account when I dumped the filler and thanks to the hair ties, my order was above the $35 minimum. Why it fell out is a mystery. I called to see if I could get it anyway, because I was only purchasing the hair ties to get the promo. Yes, I can always use hair ties, but I have enough.

Snow White mirror 3

The woman I spoke with was nice. She informed me once an order places, it cannot be changed. Reps can submit requests to have promo items mailed separately, but the requests are not always approved. My other option was to return the order once it arrived and place a new order with the promo code. As much as I want the promo, this mirror took about 1.5 hours of stalking. There was no way I would return it. The order sans promo shipped later the same day. Since I had her on the phone, I also asked her about the mysterious order that disappeared. She thought I never really saw a confirmation screen.

The mirrors are way nicer than I expected. They’re heavy and absolutely beautiful. These are not cheaply made at all, and I am now thinking they’re an incredible value for $32.

Snow White mirror 11

Snow White mirror 13

Snow White mirror 2

Snow White mirror

Snow White mirror 14

Snow White mirror 5

Snow White mirror 9

Snow White mirror 6

Snow White mirror 8

Snow White mirror 7

Although I added these Sephora Collection in the Nude Hair Ties to get the promo, I like getting 8 for $3. At $0.375 a piece, that is the lowest price I’ve received these for yet. Plus, they’re nude rather than the wild shades in most sale sets. Nothing against wild shades, but I do not use them as often as I use nudes.

Givenchy 100 point perk 4

Givenchy 100 point perk 5

Givenchy 100 point perk

Givenchy 100 point perk 2

The 100 point perk and samples I ordered did not fall out of the cart, so getting a nice deal with this great item was not a complete loss even if my request to have the promo shipped separately did not work out. I redeemed 100 points for this 0.03oz Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter lipstick in 201. All of my sample selections are items I’ve never tried before, but they are items I want to try, not items I settled on. They are: a 0.0008 x 4 tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer sampler, an Atelier Cologne Cèdre Atlas Travel Spray, and a 0.17oz Origins Original Skin™ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay. Some Atelier cologne samples are unisex or even feminine, so a female could easily use it. This one has a much more masculine scent, so I gave it to my husband. He liked the top note, but he thought the base note had too much of a cedar scent.

Givenchy 100 point perk 3

I love the color of this lipstick, which is a pale pink. It did not accentuate my dry patches as much as most other light colors which is a plus. This was not super long-wearing or moisturizing though. It is a nice lipstick that wore decently. For the price, I need more.


After I placed the Snow White order, I continued to stalk the site, and saw the Ariel mirror come back in stock. I tried to place the order as quickly as possible. When the confirmation screen came up, I noticed there was no confirmation number. Is that what happened earlier with the Elsa and Anna mirror? The screen disappeared so fast the first time that I saw the screen but cannot remember if there was a number. Sure enough, the Ariel mirror did not populate in my order history, and I did not get a confirmation email. Since there was no confirmation number, I could not call either. My best guess (since I’ve never seen anything like this on my countless Sephora orders) is the mirror went out of stock a fraction of a second earlier both times.

Once again, it was for the best. As much as I love Ariel, I was trying to only buy two mirrors. A little while later while stocking my favorites, I noticed that all six mirrors came back in stock. I checked out as fast I could with Belle. After checking out, I wanted to see if any others were left, and they were all gone again. The whole day they were there one second and gone the next. It is a good thing I did not try to get more than one, because it would have taken too long. My long but successful day wrapped with the first two mirrors of my choice. Even though this did not ship until a day after Snow White, they were both delivered at the same time. Thanks to Sephora for turning them around in two days.

Belle Mirror

I was very careful to make sure my promo did not fall out of my cart this time. The extra two seconds it takes to verify can be the difference between getting a mirror and missing it, so it was a risk that thankfully paid off. To get the best value out of my promos, I mostly stick to VIB codes which have a $35 minimum. That means I had to purchase an extra item with this order as well. My favorite blending brush is missing, so I decided to grab a replacement. This one looks different from the one I usually use, so it may not work as well. If I remember, I will come back and write how it went.

Belle mirror 15

Belle mirror 14

Belle mirror 7

Belle mirror 8

Belle mirror 9

Belle Mirror 4

Belle mirror 6

Belle Mirror 3

Belle Mirror 5

Here is one last shot of the two beauties together. I cannot think of a more beautiful pairing.

Belle and Snow White

The Sephora Collection Classic Blending Eye Shadow Brush #71 was on sale for $11. That is the main reason I selected this one. My thoughts are that I will find my beloved Lancome #17 soon, so I did not want to invest in an expensive replacement. I used this for the first time today and found it works nicely. It is a little more dense and slightly less rounded than my usual blending brush, so it works and feels a little different. This will work out, because it glided easily and felt comfortable. Although I hope to find my regular one soon, this is better than my current backup. Sephora makes decent brushes, and when they’re on sale, they’re very reasonably priced. I wish it was a little bigger like the other two brushes I am used to.

Sephora Blending Brush

I received a Skin Inc. serum in a Glossybox, but I have not used it yet. The only thing I can remember is it is yellow/orange. When using the promo ROUGEINC, you get two select two Skin Inc. serums that are half a full size. That makes them full size (worth $45) when you add them together. My only goal was to select two that were not yellow, so I went with Skin Inc. Hyaluronic Acid Serum REPLENISH and Skin Inc. Vitamin A Serum REGENERATE.

Skin Inc. serums

Samples occasionally get substituted, and I really want to try the Origins Original Skin™ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay. I selected it again to increase my chance of getting one. Luckily, none of my samples got substituted, so I have two of that one. My other selections were a 0.14oz Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser and a 0.030z Dior SAUVAGE Eau de Toilette Spray. The Dior is obviously for my husband, but the Atelier may end up as his, too. He loves all the Atelier samples he’s tried so far.

I called earlier today to see what the status of the promo request was. The woman I spoke with this time was also very nice. She said the last request was filed in a different office, but she cannot see any updates. Since she is in a different office, she thought submitting another request would help. For my troubles, she offered me 250 points. Two important notes here. I’ve never received bonus points from Sephora before today. Never! Well, there was one time in August 2014 where my point balance went up by one single point on a random day where an order was never placed. It was nice, and I hoped I would benefit from more random point assignments.

I do not save points, and I’ve never had any issues with orders before this, so there was never a need for me to call in before. The second note is I did not ask for points, nor was I rude to the rep. Her offer to give me points was so awesome that I thanked her, probably a little too profusely. Then, we laughed over how I was getting the mirrors delivered later today, the points, and probably the promo. Great day. If and when the promo comes in, I will edit this article Of course, getting the points means I can get 2.5 100 point promos or maybe even one of the 250 Bite releases for free. That would make up for the promo not coming, if it never does.

I decided to call one last time on the 22nd (a week after I placed the order) to follow-up on whether the promotion had been successfully reordered. The lady I spoke with said it had, and I could follow up on Friday if I had not received it. Three calls was enough, so I already decided I was not calling any more no matter what. On 09/24/15 ay 9:33pm PST, I got an order confirmation via email for the promotion. Hopefully, the items will be here soon.

The promo code order arrived on 29th, so it was exactly two weeks from when I placed the order. I used the VIBBLUR code, which should have included two products. Only the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Perfector arrived. That was the only item listed in my order history and on the packing slip as well, so I am unsure why or how they split the promo. Sephora used UPS and a huge box to ship this tiny sample. While I am happy to get half of the promo I ordered, I do not have the energy or want Sephora to send anything else to send the other half. Thus, I am taking this product as a partial victory and walking away from this order.

YSL Touche Eclat Blur Perfector

It took a lot of effort to get these items for two extra minutes of sleep, but it was well worth it. The only thing I love more than beauty products is Disney, so combining them seemed like and obvious must buy. If you have not received yours yet, stay persistent. Hard work and stalking pays off. Good luck.

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