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My First Makeup Love, Lancome, Will Always Be a Gift With Purchase King

I started wearing makeup when I was 13. My Dad never bought it for me, so I only purchased drugstore brands or used whatever items I borrowed from my older sisters. Though I remember liking certain items, I do not remember loving anything. One day at age 17 while strolling through Dillard’s with my boyfriend (now husband), I came across the Lancome counter. It was having one of the infamous GWP sales. We’ve all seen them. They’re the ones that give you 6-8 items worth over $100 for purchases as low as $35. After my first purchase, I fell in love with the brand.

This was 1997, and it was my introduction to mid-range, department store makeup. I found Definicils, which is still my favorite. Poeme and Tresor were scents I could actually wear. Most scents still make me light-headed, but I found both of those rather pleasant. Dual Finish taught me that being shine free in the middle of a Vegas summer is possible. Prior to that, I thought the opposite. At the end of the day BiFacil took everything off like a dream. Everything was magic. Although I took a healthy break from wearing makeup, I returned to investing in my first love once I starting purchasing makeup again in 2013.

The other gift with purchase kings did not resonate the same way. I also sampled Estee Lauder in 1997 during their gift periods and enjoyed that brand as well. It just was not the same. Their products were nice enough, but they lacked the magic. The Double Wear foundation was a bright light, and I do remember liking that more than the Lancome alternative. Nothing screamed you have to buy me. Clinique would wait another 16 years before I would make my first purchase. Although it entered my game later, Clinique has nice items of its own. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the sunscreen. Still, as great as Estee Lauder and Clinique are, they will never be Lancome, my first and truest makeup love.

Fascinated by the gift with purchases, I hunted them down when I started buying makeup again in 2013. After about a year of shopping, I realized I had purchased over 30! It was time to slow down, and I did. My Lancome collection was healthy, so I stopped actively searching out all the lovely gift with purchase opportunities. Then, I saw the Pardon My French palette. The colors were so feminine and pretty. They were a lot less shimmery than its average palette, not that I mind shimmer. Temptalia only gave it a B- rating, and I usually trust her opinion. Some of her swatches looked lovely and others looked average, so I pushed the idea of getting this out of my mind for a while.

Sometimes you will see a Lancome discount from 10-20% or you will see a GWP. Lancome has trained me not to place any orders unless I am getting something substantial in exchange. As such, I’ve been conditioned not to purchase Lancome from Sephora or Ulta and recommend against others doing so. The exception could be during a Sephora sale if you prefer the discount, but Ulta even excludes Lancome from its sales. That means my Lancome shopping is directly through the brand or at any of the department stores that carry it, and I believe I have purchased from all of them (many more than once). Lord and Taylor is one of my favorites to purchase Lancome from.

There is no Lord & Taylor in my state, so I do not pay sales tax. Shipping over $49 on beauty is free. On 04/15/15, the store had a Lancome GWP at $35, a step-up gift at $70, and 10% discount that applied to beauty purchases. Step-up gifts give you a free gift on top of a free gift when you go over a second minimum. Lord & Taylor is one of the rare stores where you can get the gift and the discount. When both are available at other places, you usually have to choose. The gift loads automatically, so you only need a code for the discount. It was FRIENDS, which is the recycling code for the store.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.57.01 PM

The Pardon My French Palette was $58, which qualified for the first gift. Knowing I would have to replace my concealer soon anyway, I decided to add it here to get the step-up gift. My Maquicomplet shade in Ivoire costs $30.50. That made the items $88.50 together. With the 10% off, they were $79.65.

Lancome French Eye Palette 9

This 0.3oz palette makes these shadows $193.33 per ounce. While that is expensive, it is nowhere near as expensive as the $354.61 per ounce the $50 5 shade palettes are.

Lancome French Eye Palette 8

These mirrored palettes take on a completely different look when using a flash, so the ones without the flash below give a better look.

Lancome French Eye Palette 5

This palette is pretty on the inside, and the outside.

Lancome French Eye Palette 10

I like that the greens are in a hidden compartment. It looks like a neutral palette until you open the sneaky pops of color.

Lancome French Palette 11

The prettiness of the palette changed slightly as I opened up the hidden greens. My nail caught in the brown, so be careful.

Lancome French Eye Palette 4

It is much easier to see the beauty with the flash.

Lancome French Eye Palette 6

I have a lot of Lancome brushes. Although the one in this palette is pretty, the quality is not the same as the ones you purchase separately. Other than #13 and #23, Lancome brushes are pretty good.

I started with the Pardon My French Palette, and I definitely think the shadows are different from the usual Lancome palette. They’re softer, more matte (Lancome is known for having a lot of shimmer), and more natural looking. Although I do not do a typical rating, I will give my rating on these to show how mine compares to Christine’s. To me, this palette is a Bt. Some of lighter shadows are not as silky or pigmented as other Lancome shadows I’ve used, but they lasted as long, blended easily, and did not crease.

Lancome Pardon my French Swatches

Lancome French Eye Palette

Lancome French Eye Palette 2

The pictures above are actually were actually taken the second time I wore this. This one was taken the first time, but I forgot to take the picture until I had already been wearing the shadows for a long time.

Lancome French Eye Palette 3

The base gift with the $35 purchase included: the Creme Mousse Confort Cleanser, Hypnose Drama mascara, the Absolue Premium Bx Night Cream, the Le Gloss Sensual Vibrant Lipshine in Coral, the Color Design Lip Color in Vintage Rose, the Advanced Genifique, and the large pink bag. None of the items in the gift were new to me. I love them all, except the mascara, which I only like. It was a great gift. The lip colors were new to me, but I already owned the products in other colors.

Lancome GWP

The step-up gift included: the mini flower bag, the BiFacil, le Crayon Kohl eyeliner, and the mini palette. None of these were new to me either, and I love them all as well. Although I own other palettes, this was my first Chocolate Amande palette.

Lancome GWP eye Palette

The beauty of the large Lancome gifts is you have so much more to play with once you’ve used the items you’ve paid for. Yay! Chocolate Amande was similar to the usual Lancome palettes. It had pigmentation, shimmer, silkiness, lasted a long time, did not crease, and blended easily. The palette is well crafted and the colors compliment each other well. This palette gets an A.

Lancome Chocolate Amande

There is a micro glitter in some colors, but it does not present as glittery in real life as the camera close up makes it seem. It is much more subtle.

Chocolate Amande

Lancome Chocolate Amande 2

I am always happy to receive more Genifique and BiFacil and have not had to buy either for a long time thanks to all my samples. The lippies were also welcomed, because I placed myself on a lipstick no buy until I have more used than unused. The gloss is the least sticky version Lancome offers across its gloss varieties. Sticky glosses are nothing I wish to purchase anymore, although I admittedly own 10 Juicy Tubes, which are incredibly sticky. This gloss is sparkly and glittery. It is also long-lasting and hides dry patches.

Lancome Gloss 2

Lancome Gloss

The lipstick is one of the simplest yet most beautiful colors I own, and I own a lot of lipsticks. I cannot explain the subtle pink beauty as well as the swatch. Lancome Color Design lipsticks wear incredibly beautifully. If your lips are dry like mine, you will never be able to tell through this formula. It wears like you applied it to a silky smooth canvas, even though you are sporting some serious chapped lipped some glosses cannot hide. Unlike gloss that sits on top of lips, this lipstick penetrates to moisturize nicely. That also makes it long-lasting. This is not only Lancome’s cheapest lipstick, but it is the best.

Lancome Lipstick

Lancome Vintage Rose

Getting all this stuff for less than $80 makes it seem more drugstore pricing than mid-range, which is another reason I love the brand so much. The quality is higher than what you find at the drugstore. If you buy at the right time when the gifts are items you want, the items are actually cheaper than if you went to the drugstore and bought similar items. For $80, I got eyeliner, concealer, face wash, face cream, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, serum, makeup remover, two eyeshadow palettes, and two makeup bags. Lord and Taylor also sent me three foils to try. It is hard to get all that for those prices at Target. Granted, some of the items are small.

Remember to check all Lord and Taylor offers before placing an online order. Lancome gifts are generously sized though, so nothing is overwhelmingly small. I get a decent amount of use from everything. If you have not explored the brand in a while, view my Lancome offers page to see what current gift interests you most. Do not rush into one you’re lukewarm about. The offers are constant. One you like may come shortly. See all Lancome articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (12 and 7) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 12-year-old to apply it.

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  1. Glad to see someone else is obsessed with lancome. I used to get all the gwp. I stopped for several years because I had so much stuff that I needed to use. But I still love lancome products, it is probably my favorite brand.

  2. I have a feeling it will always be my favorite as long as they remain a GWP king. Some of my favorite items like: BiFacial, Genifique, and Definicils are regulars in the gifts, so I no longer have to buy any of those.

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