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Birchbox April 2015 General Welcome Box

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Birchbox gives at least five beauty samples each month for $10. For every review I give, I get 10 points, which is equal to $1 in the shop. A five sample box like this one gets me $5 back. I also shared my box on Facebook for an extra 10 points. That will give me a total of $6 back to redeem toward future purchases. You can read my detailed overview of the program for more information. Each month (after your first), you get a sample choice or you can select the guest editor box. This month was my first with this subscription, so I did not get a choice.

This is the third of my three Birchbox Subscriptions. Box One and Two were different.

Of all the special box designs lately, this is my favorite. It actually pained me to select the guest editor box on my primary account (which was my only account when I selected it). I really wanted this box.

Birchbox April 2015 Rifle Paper

The first thing you notice when you open a box is the product card. It gives you a brief description of the products as well as the cost to purchase the full size. Unless you choose to opt out for some reason, you will always get a sample choice. You can either select one item from a choice of 3-4 items or the guest editor box where you know all five in advance.

Birchbox Product Card 6

This month, the sample choice was between three items: a Jane Iredale lip/cheek combo, a Jouer blush, or a Pop Beauty eyeshadow trio. They all looked lovely, and I would not mind any of them. The guest editor box, Mad Men, created two boxes: New York or California. Both boxes looked amazing. I selected the California Box on my main account. There were multiple reasons I decided to open a third box. I wanted the guest editor and sample choice boxes, and I was sending gift subscriptions to all of my sisters.

Guest editor boxes are different on the outside, so if you hoard boxes the way I do, you will not have the signature box created for that month if you pick it. Having a second box gave me the chance to collect both, plus I could have more than one choice in products as well. Birchbox does not allow promo codes to repeat, so the codes I used to order gift subscriptions on Volumes: Two and Three would not work again. I created a second account and ordered Volumes: Four and Five using the same promo codes. Then, I created this third account and used the same promo code for Volume Seven I used on my main account for Volume Six and my second account for Volume Eight. Having more gifts to send at that point, it was worthwhile to keep the third account open. Of course, I did not mind the extra choices.

Birchbox 3 April 2015

When you order a subscription for yourself or someone else, you will almost always get a Welcome Box. This is a box of customer favorites that does not take beauty profiles into account. As you can see in my Year of Birchbox Gifts Volumes: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight (9-14 have not been published yet), these boxes are not boxes sent to current subscribers within that month. There is an exception, and Box Two this month was the exception. Birchbox sometimes sends a welcome box from the current month if you subscribe before the subscriptions for the month finish rolling out. I subscribed to this box on 04/19/15, so April subscriptions were all rolled out. That explains why none of the items were sample choices from the current month. It was nice to see the items arrive in the Rifle Paper Box though. While they do throw samples into whatever box is available for a welcome box, it is not generally the box from the current month when you subscribe that late.

You will see when my gifting series is complete that none of my 14 recipients received a welcome box from the current month regardless of when I ordered. That leads me to believe gift recipients almost always get a welcome box, not a box from the current month. I added two boxes in April, one during the roll-out and one outside. This one is a welcome box not from the month. In other words, if you personally subscribe and want a box from the current month, subscribing from the 1st through the 10th increases your chances of getting it. Boxes are still rolling out through that date. If you subscribe from the 11th through the 31st, you will probably get a general welcome box. This is not an exact science, because the more popular boxes will sell out faster adjusting the dates a bit.

The 20g Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator is worth $5.67. This exfoliator mimics the effects of a professional microdermabrasion and many people rave over this. As soon as I’ve used up some of the scrubs I have open, I will try this.

The Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle does not list a size. I am starting to think Beauty Protector is allergic to listing sizes, because I cannot recall seeing a size on anything from this brand. It is the only brand from the women’s box I can think of that repeatedly does not list the size. My guess for this bottle is 1oz. If my guess is correct, this is worth $2.74.

The 0.25oz Whish Shave Cream Blueberry is worth $1. I love the close shave I get with this product. While it is not the highest value sample, I love this shave cream and like having minis to take with me when I travel. A little of this shave cream goes a long way, so this mini will get me through a trip. This scent is one of the nicer ones in the line, too.

The 0.06oz Harvey Prince Imperial Gardenia is worth $5.85. I always use the smallest size to calculate value, because it is the cheapest buy-in to try the product. This sample is about 1/5 the rollerball. It has a very floral scent, which did not surprise me based on the name. Floral scents usually bother me, but this one was not overpowering within a couple of minutes (because the initial spray is strong). On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this a 5.

The 0.079oz Cynthia Rowley Cream Lip Stain Poppy $9.29. Poppy is a pinkish coral, which I adore. It applies somewhere between a gloss and a lipstick in that it is not as shiny or moveable as gloss and not as thick as lipstick. My lips felt somewhat moisturized, which is impressive for a stain. Within two hours (drinking only) most of the product went away. That means it fades at the rate of a gloss. When the product is first applied, it looks great. As it fades, it leaves a very weak stain. Dry patches on my lips were completely hidden with this, so I liked that a lot. This is something I will reach for when my lips are dry, but I do not want overly shiny/glossy lips.

Cynthia Rowley Poppy

Cythina Rowley Poppy

The box has a $24.55 value. My personal value is also $24.55, because I will try everything in here.

Birchbox Women

If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers and all available offers. When you’re ready to spend your rewards points, remember to add your free two piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus Shop. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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