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h2o+ Free Blockbusters Best Sellers Bag

If you’ve seen my empties, you know I use a lot of h2o+ items. There are some gems in the line, and I love trying as many items as possible. The line lies between drugstore and midrange pricing, which makes it very affordable. When you get a fabulous deal with your purchases, the items almost become a steal. Every time I order direct from h2o+, my box arrives looking like someone played kick ball with it. Opening the box is always interesting, because I never know if I am going to find damaged items, spilled items, missing items, etc.


I still remember the first time I ordered with h2o+. It was the Sunday before Cyber Monday in 2013. They were having a nice sale, so I decided to order direct. Two weeks went by, and I never even received a shipping confirmation. On 12/16/13, I called to ask what was going on. They charged my card the full price of the order right when I placed it, and it finalized a few days later. Apparently, one item I ordered was out of stock, so they decided to hold up my entire order until it came back. They never called me, emailed me, or notified me in any way. Had I not called, I never would have known.

I asked if they could ship me the items that were in stock and mail me the out of stock item when it arrived. It’s not exactly a novel idea, because almost every other store does this. This is the only store ever to charge me for the order when I placed it and not when it shipped, so I was ready to get what I paid for. They agreed, and most of the items arrived at my house seven days later. The out of stock item should have returned to stock on 12/19/13.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.04.09 PM

On 12/26/13, the out of stock item still had not shipped, so I emailed them to cancel it. I had already been charged for it almost a month earlier, so I requested a refund. In other words, my first impression with this store was not good. The deal shopper in me will sometimes give a store a second chance if the deal is good enough. On 03/24/15, I got an email with exclusive one day code for a bag full of free items with a $40 purchase. Getting the bag for free was awesome, because these usually sell out quickly. This would be their second chance to see if I could purchase more of my beloved brand from them and not authorized resellers. If they blew it, I would forever order h2o+ from Ulta or Depending on the promotions and items, I always order from one of those two stores anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.02.46 AM

I can’t show you the order form for this, because h2o+ mistakenly loaded the order form for the order I made the next day (article coming). You may notice that not only do the items not match what I received in this order, but the totals do not match up. That is because the order I placed the next day did total $50.50. This order did total $40, but that is the only thing listed properly on the order from. Not being able to load the order history properly (it is still listed wrong all these months later) did not put them off to a good start. Luckily for them, I did not notice the improper order history until after I placed another order.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.04.51 PM

Luckily, the damaged box did not affect the contents. Everything was inside and in tact. I’ve received damaged boxes from other retailers before, but I cannot understand why they are always damaged from this retailer. Do the people who stock the boxes throw them around, is the box cheaper than other companies offerings, or does my delivery person hate h2o+, so he kicks the box when he sees it? There are probably other possibilities as well, but those are the three I keep thinking about.

The Hydrated Hand Care Duo, which includes 8.25oz bottles of Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream, and Targeted Care Moisturizing Hand Wash (no longer available on its own) was $10. I usually pay $18 just for the lotion, so this deal charging $5 each was amazing. This kit usually retails for $20, and I picked up a couple the last time I placed an order as well. The holiday minis were $7.50 each. Two of the minis include five 1oz shower gels. At $7.50 per package, each shower gel was only $1.50. The minis with the creams are all 2oz, so even though there are only three per container, there is 1oz more in each kit. These kits also contain three items I already love, Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream, softening mint Foot Rub, and Spa Sea Salt Body Butter. Each cream was $2.50.

The shower and bath gels are: Raspberry Guava, Blushing Orange, Crisp Cucumber, Natural Spring, Sparkling Currant, Sea Lavender, Sea Lotus, Sea Amber, Sea Salt, and Sea Marine. Eight of the ten shower gels are new to me, so I have some new goodies to play with. I like the two I’ve tried (Sea Salt and Sea Marine) even though I cannot really say I love either of them. They both smell lovely, so I have high hopes for how the others smell. Both also have a nice lather and rinse clean. If they were slightly more moisturizing, I would move them to love status. Thank goodness for body creams, because I can use shower gels that do not give enough moisture.

H2o+ Order 032415 2

I use the Hand and Nail Cream almost every day for over a year. It is not the absolute best hand cream I’ve ever used, but it is the best in its price range, especially when I get it on sale. The softening mint Foot Rub is so relaxing, and I love it on overworked feet. Ever since Disney Cruise Line replaced the Spa Sea Salt Body Butter with the Body Lotion, I’ve been disappointed. While the Body Lotion is nice, the Body Butter is better. This kit is perfect for me, because I love all three items in it. Frankly, I should have purchased more than two, because I love all the items. Getting them for $2.50 each is 50% of what I usually pay for.

Speaking of which, if you buy this foot cream, purchase the 2oz size when possible. The 4.2oz size is much more expensive per ounce when they’re full-priced. Yes, I’ve purchased the full-size when the travel size is not readily available, but I would never do it when it is. This is another reminder to always price things out per ounce. Sometimes the smaller size is cheaper per ounce, and they have a cheaper buy in. Win/win.

This h2o+ Blockbusters Bestsellers Bag full of items was my gift with a $40 purchase. Now, you see why it was time I gave them a second chance. There are so many items in here that I already love and a few I want to try. The gift along with the three deluxe samples I selected with the order included: a 4oz Spa Sea Lavender Body wash, a 1.7oz face Oasis Oasis Mist, a 0.5oz Aquafirm+ Intensive Lift Serum, a 1oz Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream, a 1oz Aqualibrium Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover, a 1oz Equilibrium Sea Mineral Mud Mask, a 4oz Spa Sea Salt Body Wash, a 2oz Spa Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter, a 1oz Bath Natural Spring Shower & Bath Gel, a 2oz Spa Sea Marine Revitalizing Shampoo, a 0.24oz Aquafirm Micro-Collagen Eye Cream, a 1oz total Source Optimum Cleanser, a 0.17oz lip Oasis Lip Mender, a 2oz Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream.

H2o+ Order 032415

I already have an open Sea Mineral mask that I find okay, but I think this mask is more suited for someone with oily skin. That is the only item I will probably give away. Everything else will be fun to try or is something I already enjoy. The very next day I received an offer (although not as nice as this one) and there were items I wanted but left on the table when I ordered this, so I did place another order. That box arrived damaged, too, but I did not know when I placed either of these orders that the box would arrived damaged.

Featuring Sea Grass and Water Lily extracts, the Oasis Collection helps provide continuous hydration for perfect, supple & smooth skin. Shop H2O+ Beauty!

I do not regret giving the direct h2o+ this second chance. Most of the h2o+ products I’ve tried are wonderful, so I am a huge fan of the brand. Thanks again to Disney for the introduction. Even though I find decent deals at Ulta and, I can only receive deals like this from the direct brand. Deals like this are defitniely worth a direct order of only h2o+ products. Remember to check all offers before placing an order. See all h2o+ Beauty articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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