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Julep September 2015

When it comes to nail polish, I am a huge fan of Julep’s five free formula. I find these polishes chip less than most, and the polishes themselves are a good deal when you have a Maven membership. They are quality polishes, so I would probably purchase them at $14 each if I did not have my Maven membership. Luckily, I do not have to pay that much. The color selections and polish finishes are more vast than almost any other nail polish line. Every month, they release nine new colors.

I have not skipped a box since I first subscribed in May 2014, because I find something I want every month. More often than not, the nail polishes are what draw me in, but I like to try Julep’s beauty products as well.

I have a membership that auto renews every three boxes for $59.97, $19.99 per box. Paying month to month charges $24.99, so I like paying in advance to save $15 every three months. New Maven subscriptions allow you to swap products in, so I always suggest trying that. You can at times get a higher valued box with swaps. Assuming you really want an item you are swapping out, you can generally get it in the add-on section, so put the more expensive item inside the box. Plus, swaps make the box possibilities almost endless.

Julep September 2015

I received an email on the 19th stating everyone would get a free gift for accepting the box this month. Although it said I had to accept the offer by the 24th, it did not mention anything about accepting on the email I received when the Maven window opened on the 20th. This probably means everyone got it. Prior to January, I had not seen Julep send a free gift with the box. The last time they sent a free gift was February. That made this my third gift for accepting a box. As I was getting a free gift and I was not pleased that the free gift for selecting three add-ons last month was a single polish I already owned, I decided not to select any add-ons this month.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.48.29 PM

The free gift worth $14 is a polish named Julep. It is the new, Julep signature cream. I’d call it a pink based purple. Julep is a pretty color. Having a polish named Julep Julep is interesting. Compare this to my other purple polishes.

Julep Julep

I was going to swap out Julep Rachael from my standard bombshell box. Sure, she’s a pretty graphite shimmer, but I rarely wear this color and have so many. That is my sister’s name, off spelling and all, so I decided to keep her. It is kind of fun to have polishes named after loved ones. Rachael is worth $14. Compare this to my other gray and silver polishes.

Julep Rachael

The polish that caught my eye this month is Aubrey. She’s a Rosewood shimmer and beyond gorgeous. When it comes to rose-gold colors, I am easily hooked. It is probably my favorite nail polish color, which is saying a lot for someone who loves so many colors. Aubrey is worth $14. Compare this to my other purple polishes.

Julep Aubrey

Strut is such a beautiful plum nectar creme. Dark lipsticks are my favorite. Like other Julep lipsticks, this is moisturizing and somewhat long-lasting. It was a little more patchy than I am used to with Julep lipsticks, but patchy colors are more common with lighter and darker colors. To even out the patchiness, I exfoliate first, apply a lot of lipstick, then blot. I just hope I love this color. This lipstick retails for $22.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 12.11.28 AM

Julep Strut

Julep Strut 3

I paid $19.99 this month for this box valued at $64. My personal value is also $64, because I want everything in this box.

Julep Beauty Box Subscription

If you want to join Julep, visit my Julep Maven page to see all start-up offers. Visit my regular Julep page to see more offers for shopping. All polishes above are swatched once. They get darker with more swatches. See all Julep Subscription articlesTips For Getting the Best Deal lays out every way I can think of to save money at Julep. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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