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Empties June 2015

The beginning of the new month to me always represents closing out the previous month. I am going to post June’s empties now and its FabuFinds later today. I am still trying to find a sunscreen I finished in July to go in July’s pictures, so I will take a one day break and post July on the 4th. There is something so fulfilling about seeing something empty even though that sometimes mean you have to go out and buy more (assuming you do not already have backups).

I will give you a mini review on each item. I’ll tell you the items I love and will repurchase. If I like or am indifferent to an item, I will not rush out to repurchase, but I would be willing to use or try it again. Lastly, I will present the items that are not for me. Generally, I will not use these any more in the future. If they’re really awful to me, I always hope I can find someone else who may actually like them. Thus, I will try to find someone to give duplicates to. For the items that I really love, I will do a separate product spotlight on them at some point to discuss them in more detail.

Empties June 2015


Eucerin Daily Replenishing Moisturizing Lotion- My favorite thing about this lotion is the cost. Even though it is a drugstore item, it is incredibly moisturizing.

Wen Lavender Cleansing Conditioner- It makes my hair look less frizzy, more shiny and so much more manageable. Read about how to get a good deal or how I use it.

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Sweat- Nothing else keeps me as dry or smelling as fresh as the Secret Clinical line. It works all day despite how hard my workout is or how hot it is outside.

H2o+ Targeted Hand and Nail Cream- It is creamy, has a smell I enjoy that is not overpowering and I like the $5 price tag. Lately, I only purchase them when I get a discount or in a bundle, so I get them even cheaper.

C.O. Bigelow Body Lotion Lavender Peppermint- This lotion is thin, so I do not usually use it in winter, but I love it in the summer. The smell is incredible and it moisturizes well.

Stila Smudge Stick Lionfish- This is one of my all time favorite eyeliners. The color is an incredible bronze It glides on well and the color lasts. I hate that the price is now $22 for 0.01oz. Waiting on a deal before I repurchase this.

Paula’s Choice RESIST Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum- This is one of those rare serums where you can see immediate results, so you do not have to wait four weeks to see it. Lines look reduced instantaneously causing me to believe the formula is somehow filling them in. I will definitely purchase this once I’ve used up some stock. It pairs extremely well with another instant serum, Genifique.

Lancome Renergie Foundation- My winter skin is slightly lighter than my summer skin. At the end of last summer, I got a darker sample of the foundation I use. After using it a few times, my very slight tan started to fade. I held off on purchasing it. When the spring rolled back around, I started using it again. This sample is definitely the right color for my darker skin. The other sample I was given was so dark that I was never able to match it even at the height of summer. I love the Reenergize formula. It wears and looks nice. Although I do love it, I cannot say it is my HG, so I cannot make this a FabuFind or halt my search for the perfect foundation.

Benefit Professional- This is what I consider a spot primer. I cannot use this on the dry parts of my face, because it is too thick and does not sit right. On the oily parts of my face where my pores are large, I love this. It does make pores appear smaller and keep oil at bay longer than other primers. If you’re extremely oily all over or have large pores, you should sample it.

Soap and Glory Naked Righteous Body Butter- This is a moderately thick cream that does moisturize. I love the scent. My husband really dislikes the scent on this more than he dislikes the H2o+ hand cream I love so much. Since there are better moisturizers on the market, I will limit how often I buy this lovely scent.

Bottega Veneta Shower Gel- I loved the smell and lather on this product. It was pleasant. This retails for $50 for a 6.7oz bottle. As  lovely as this is, I would not pay $7.46 an ounce for body soap. If free samples come my way, I will gladly accept.


Willing to Try Again

Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Shea Butter Soap- Bar soaps usually leave a sticky film on my skin, and this one was no different. The film is nothing I cannot tolerate, but I prefer the clean rinse I get with liquid soaps. I’d use this again, but I will not purchase it again. The scent is pretty, and I did not find it overly drying (I moisturize after every shower, so I cannot be sure how it feels without a follow-up moisturizer).

Camille Beckman Platinume Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy- I was not overly fond of the fragrance in this, which would prevent me form purchasing it. The hand cream itself was moisturizing, so I would use additional samples that come my way.

Urban Decay Naked Beauty Balm- This feels and looks incredible. It lasts all day, and covers better than most BB creams. My only issue is it runs a little orange. I had to mix it with another product to prevent looking like an Oompa Loompa. If they reformulated them for cool or neutral skin, I would be all over this.

H2o+ Grapefruit Bergamot Body Lotion- The best thing about this lotion is it reminds me of my happy place every time I use it. This is Disney’s most common scent. I like the scent, and the lotion is respectable. It is a little thin, so I cannot use this on my hands, but it works well on my body during warmer months.

H2o+ Grapefruit Bergamot Conditioner- The conditioner is probably the best item from this line if I had to pick. It is nothing I would go out of my way to purchase, but it works well enough to use when samples make it to me. Plus, I love the scent that reminds me of Disney.

Aveda all sensitive moisturizer- It is a little thin for my taste, but it does moisturize. Although it is technically fragrance free, I did not care for the scent. The scent was not a deal breaker again. I would use this on my next Renaissance Hotel stay, which is where I got this.

Malin + Goetz Geranium Body Wash- This has a nice smell, but I was not impressed with the cleansing effect. The lack of lather never really gives me a clean feeling. I’d use it again before I’d write it off completely, because this was not even enough for a whole body wash (thanks to the lack of lather).


Not For Me

Shine Conditioner- I am almost tempted to stop staying at the Sheraton based on how much I dislike this line of products. This conditioner does nothing for my hair, but I am trying to use all of my stash.

Whish Deodorant Swipe- This smelled incredible when I put it on, but the same cannot be said about how it (or I) smelled at the end of the day. I smelled like sweat. It was not a B.O. smell, but it was not super pleasant either. That never happens with my Secret Clinical Strength, so I would never buy this. I would never even try it again, because it did not help with sweat either. I got this in a four pack and hated this one so much, I gave the other three away. Hopefully, the recipients do not use clinical strength deodorant. Once you start using that, it is hard to go back to anything less.


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