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Get Free Samples Volume Four

Nothing beats completely free offers. Sometimes, there really is no catch to obtaining free items. You just have to know where to look and how to find them. Welcome to the fourth installment of items I’ve received for free. Past free sample articles feature different freebies. The offers at times come in emails. Sometimes, you will see them on a blog or the direct brand’s website. Other times, you can find free offers on social media or even through snail mail. My Free Samples Page provides more information on sample opportunities. Offers can at times come by phone, but I never answer numbers I do not recognize. I will miss out on any that come that way.

Some of you may remember that I responded to the Lancome Definicils emails from Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman even though they have the same Lancome rep. The emails usually say one per person, but I believe they mean one per person from store. I have received one from Neiman Marcus and one from Bergdorf Goodman when I respond to offers from both stores. My Lancome rep for Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman is the same person, so she sent both emails.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.59.57 PM

I received the free mascara sample from Bergdorf Goodman before the last article. The Neiman Marcus one took a little longer to arrive, but it came.

Definicils Neiman Marcus

Bergdorf Goodman also sent an email for a free Lancome BiFacil sample of 08/10/15. This was the first time in a while I received an email for a Lancome freebie from Bergdorf Goodman that I did not receive from Neiman Marcus. The message was at the bottom of a normal looking Lancome promotional email mailed by Bergdorf Goodman, so it would have been easy to miss this had I not read the entire email. It is completely possible I missed a similar offer in a Neiman Marcus email, but it is also possible I was only targeted from Bergdorf Goodman on this one.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.20.28 PM

I responded the same day and received it in the mail on 08/28/15. BiFacil is still my favorite makeup remover, so I am always open to receiving free samples. If you have not tried this yet or already love it and happen to win my giveaway, be sure to mention that when I ask you for ideas. These are almost always on hand, so I should have one available.


I received an email from Beautylish on 08/13/15 offering a free sample of By Terry Baume de Rose. We were at a well child appointment for my four-year old. There was a bit of a wait after I checked in around 3pm Pacific. Something told me to clear emails. This offer made me so happy that I responded right then and there. My plan was to add the link to the offer on my front page and my Beautytalk thread as soon as I got home. By the time I got home, the offer was gone. The amazing offers do seem to go really fast. Had there been no wait at the appointment, I would not have this darling sample. Sometimes patience is a virtue.

This is my all time favorite lip balm. It moisturizes well, have a nice scent, does not have a yucky taste, and it looks pretty on. With the hefty $60 price tag, I only purchase it during a sale or nice GWP to soften the blow a little. All the stars lined up for this offer. Why? The main reason is I’ve never ordered anything from Beautylish and do not remember subscribing to emails.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.29.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.30.39 PM

Where did the offer come from? As you can see at the bottom of the email, it says I registered. But when? It took me a while to realize where I registered. I remember entering a contest on a blog to win a By Terry eyeshadow palette. There was a Beautylish logo on it, so I assume they sponsored the blogger’s giveaway. Although I did not win and cannot even remember which blog I saw this contest on to follow-up anyway, I think this is a nice consolation prize. That By Terry palette may still be mine at some point in the future, but I never would have received this without entering that contest. Thanks mystery blog.

By Terry Gift

The instruction card made me laugh heartily. Years ago, I was at a theme park where a soap brand had wall appliqués giving instructions on how to wash hands. This reminded me of that, because I cannot think of anyone who would need instructions on applying lip balm, but it was good for a laugh and helped the free gift look nicer. Apparently, it is customary to receive nicely wrapped items from Beautylish. If they mail people who’ve never purchased anything from them gifts like this, I would love to see how they treat paying customers. I will probably place an order there soon to have my first experience.

Nivea In Shower Body Lotion looks interesting. The main thing I dislike about self tanners is how patchy they apply thanks to my dry skin. When I apply a moisturizer before the self tanner, they take forever to fully set into my skin. This may work wonderfully with self tanner, because it should hold moisture after the product rinses off. I ordered this well over two months before it arrived. Since I experimented with self tanner a bit this summer, it would have been nice if this arrived a little sooner. Better late than never, so I am glad it made it. There are technically a few weeks of summer left even if the schools disagree. This will probably get used very soon.


Nivea 3

Nivea 2

Nivea 4

I already know and love Always. When I read about a free sample involving FlexFoam, I assumed it would be a new improved version of Infinity pad. This looks exactly the same as the FlexFoam Infinity Pads I’ve already purchased multiple times. Although I am slightly disappointed it was not a new product, I can always use more of a product I know I love. The samples went fast, so I cannot link this one.


Always 3

Always 2

There are frequent coupon and free sample offers at Procter & Gamble. When I saw this ZzzQuil sample, I knew I had to order it for my husband. CB lives for Niquil and DayQuil when he is sick, so this seemed obvious. My decision was correct, because he liked it. The active ingredient in this is diphenhydramine. Benadryl has the same active ingredient in the same 25mg dose. He already liked Benadryl and said this worked exactly the same, only faster. As they are now marketing the active ingredient in Benadryl as a sleep aid, I have to remember to stop giving this to my son during the day. My son recently got a new allergy medicine to test, so I hope it works. The coupon this came with will come in handy.


ZZZQuil 2

Breathe Right is something I’ve always wanted to try. On a random search looking for beauty products, I came across this offer. Google searching beauty products is usually not productive. For some reason, it seems like all the sites you should avoid are the first ones to pop up in Google searches. Once in a while, it is fruitful. If you happen upon a site that wants credit card information or gives you a weird feeling, run! Anyway, this was obviously a legit link, because the sample arrived as promised.

I already have trouble getting deep breaths when I am awake, so my healthcare provider prescribed me an inhaler. That makes me feel loopy, so I do not really use it. This really helped me breathe deeper, so I will use this whenever I am under the weather.



I’ve linked offers that were still available when I wrote this. If you missed out on any of these offers, no worries. New ones always come along. I have a dedicated spot on the front page where I share specific offers and you can always find general ones from the sites I trust. See all free sample articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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