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Citrus Lane August 2015 4 Year Old Boy

Citrus Lane is the subscription box for kids aged zero to six. My four-year-old loves getting a box that is all his. The boxes have a mixture of toys, educational tools, food products, beauty items, and more. A product card describing all items inside, which includes discount codes usually comes inside as well. As someone who looks for discount codes before every online purchase, I really appreciate this. A one month subscription is $29. Three months gets you down to $27 a box. It costs $24 a box for a six month subscription. Every month, you get the opportunity to select an item inside the box or add items on for a discounted rate. That allows the kids to have some choice in their box, but they still receive surprise items.

The product card was missing from my box this month. I sent customer service an email on the 24th when the box arrived. On 08/30/15, I received an email with the product card. Connor immediately connected to the puzzle, so I wanted to see if there is a discount code on the card to purchase more. Unfortunately, there was no discount code for the puzzle, but there were discount codes for other items. It made the email to customer service worth it if I redeem any of the promo codes. There were other cards inside.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 6.51.12 PM

One was for That is an online site helping people find babysitters and nannies. I’ve been getting emails from them for months and wondered where they got my email address. Now, I know. As long as I live near a lot of family, I will probably not need their services. If I ever move, I may consider it. There were no offer codes on the card, so I did not even bother taking a picture. A recent email did have the code 30SAVE for 30% off if you want to try it before 08/26/15. As I have never personally looked into it, I cannot recommend them. Look into them before you redeem anything.

Citrus Lane August 2015 2

Citrus Lane August 2015 3

The next card for Gathered Table did have an offer code for 40% off an annual subscription. Healthy food is always a good idea, so I will look into this a little further. I am unsure I want to commit to a subscription for this at the moment, so I will probably pass.

There were four items in the box, and only three hit. Citrus Lane gives you the chance to select one item inside the box. Although we participated in sample selection, I cannot remember what item he picked. He does not remember either and asked me what it was. I really need to start writing down or taking a screenshot of his pick.

Citrus Lane August 2015

The miss was good 2 grow Juicy Waters. Connor did not care for the no sugar added grape chosen for his box. He also complained that he would have preferred Captain America to Hulk. His superhero admiration is fickle, so a month from now a different superhero could be on his radar. It is too bad he did not care for this product, because the bottle is cute. My first thoughts before he dismissed the idea was buying some of these for Disney trips. I love that they have Disney characters that would be right at home in Disney. The good 2 grow website will even send you a coupon for $1 off if you enter your email.

It is all a moot point since he did not care for it. Finding a price on this was incredibly difficult. The main site would only offer nearby stores that carried it, but I could not find a store that listed the price online. Amazon listed the refills but sold most of the six-ounce drinks. This is an 8 ounce one with a character lid. I am going to save the lid. A spill proof lid with Hulk on it would be wonderful if Connor may like a different flavor. My guess on the value is $5. Three packs of the lids alone sell for $9.99 on Amazon. It costs over $1 each for the refills when you buy there in bulk.

The bumpkinsbags large Snack Bag retails for $4.99 at Citrus Lane. Connor really loves the car design. Although it claims be machine washable and resist most stains, I would rather not pack snacks directly in the bag. This will be perfect to place freezer packs in.

Connor loved the Janod Magnetic Letters. He has not started reading yet, so I hope to use these to play with him to sound out small phonetic words like cat and dog. By this age, Xander already knew how to read from preschool. Maybe, those preschool teachers can give me tips on what games to play to get Connor up to speed. Citrus Lane sells these for $14.99.

The last item was the biggest hit, petitcollage Pop-Out + Color pirates. Citrus Lane sells this for $11. Connor insisted he get decorate and assemble this himself. He is still coloring more than connecting at this point. Once he finishes coloring and puts it together, I will have to come back and share a picture.

I liked the overall theme of the box. It seems to have more emphasis on learning than past boxes, which says a lot for boxes where learning is a big thing. This box was not as big of a hot as last month, which had a lower value. The total box value is $34.98. His personal value may have seemed less, because the juicy water flopped. He did try it, and I will keep the top. Thus, I am not deducting value. I am on the six month subscription, so I paid $24 for this box. Unless your kid loves everything in the box, someone with a one month subscription may not find this box as valuable. Want to join Citrus Lane? Check my retailer page for special start-up offers. You can also send a gift subscription to a lucky little one.

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Want to explore a box without the commitment! Swimwear Mystery boxes are on sale for 50% off. They are all guaranteed to have double the value you pay. Similar to the sample choice concept, you will know at least one item inside your mystery box right away. In addition to showing one item from every box, there will also be a short description to help you purchase the age and gender box you want. See all Citrus Lane Subscription articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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