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Sample Society March 2015 Roller Lash Arrives

By now, I am sure you’ve heard Sample Society Boxes no longer exist. Allure took over management and anyone who chose to continue with the subscription was transferred to the Allure Beauty Box. After receiving my March box, I decided to cancel. Do not get me wrong. I was happy with every single sample that came in this box. It just arrived during a time when I was not in a beauty product mood. Based on my history, which was hit or miss, I did not want to continue. Sample Society also sold boxes that did not sell out on Beautybar’s website for the same price subscribers paid.

The only benefit to subscribing was a guaranteed box, which based on some of them, was no benefit at all. My thoughts were I would just buy any box that tickled my fancy after I saw the contents. Beautybar stopped selling the newer boxes. I am still deciding whether I want to subscribe to Allure’s new box, but I did not subscribe in time to receive June, July, or August.

Red is my favorite color, but I actually preferred when these boxes were black. They just looked more sleek and sophisticated. It looks like Allure is keeping the red boxes with new subscriptions. I love when I open a box and look forward to trying everything in it. These items were all technically new to me as well. Although I’ve received three of them from other sources, I have not tried them yet. My husband stole one of those Malin+Goetz lip balms from me in the past, but I am keeping this one for myself.

Sample Society March 2015

The 1.5oz Oscar Blandi pronto Texture & Volume Spray retails for $11 at Ulta. I’ve received more texture sprays to try recently, so I need to get on trying one of them at some point.

The 0.5oz Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer is worth $11.25. Although Juice Beauty products do not have an impressive fragrance, I’ve been impressed with the items I’ve tried so far. I always think of Clueless when I use Juice Beauty, because Alicia Silverstone is a rep for the brand. Who does not love that movie! This is a sample I’ve received elsewhere but have not yet tried.

The 0.1oz Benefit Roller Lash mascara retails in this size for $12. Like most Benefit launches, there was a lot of hype surrounding this mascara. Their marketing team is everywhere. As someone who cannot hold a curl, I wanted to try this. It was the item I most looked forward to in this box. My first attempt with the mascara went well. Unlike They’re Real which transfers to my face from the lower lashes, this did not. The curl lasted for a few hours, which is a huge accomplishment for me. This picture taken many hours after application shows most of the curl faded, but it did not completely fall flat.


Juelp liner shadow

The second application did not go as well. There was a little transfer to my face. Why do Benefit mascaras hate me? These pictures were earlier in the day, so you can still see the curl. I also noticed slight clumping, which was upsetting for a mascara worn only one other time, two days before this. It was not too bad, so I hope the clumping does not become an issue as I wear this more.

Julep shadows

Julep shadows and roller lash

This 0.20 oz Malin + Goetz mojito lip balm is full-sized. It retails for $12. Hopefully, it is as nice as people claim, because I plan to keep this one for myself.

The 0.08oz Cargo Cosmetics Essential Lipgloss in Prague is full-sized. It retails for $16. This is a deep cranberry. I like the color, which can lean dark pink with a light application but mirrors something closer to red with a heavy application. The gloss was not really sticky, although I have used formulas even less sticky. I did not like the way it wore though. As this fades, it looks patchy and uneven. It creates a line almost as lipliner would around the lips and tends to wear inside first. If I wear this again, I will apply more consistently to prevent it from looking like that as it fades. Although it could have worn more consistently, it did moisturize decently well for a gloss and hid the dry parts of my lips (which I have come to expect from most glosses).

Cargo Essential Gloss

Cargo Essential Gloss 2

Cargo Gloss

This box has a $62.25 value. That is extremely impressive, so it went out on a really high note. Although I opted out of April, I saw the contents and doubt it was much more than the cost. My experience with the subscription was always hit or miss, so I was not surprised to see such a lackluster April after an incredible March. Hopefully, Allure can deliver more consistency now that they’ve taken the box management away from Beautybar. See all Sample Society articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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