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Birchbox Lovely Day Limited Edition Box

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You’ve banked a lot of points at Birchbox. What should you spend them on? There are thousands of great items in the store. If you’re a subscriber, you’ve probably even sampled some gems you could buy. I like to use my points to purchase more boxes.  The Limited edition boxes, in particular. When the Mother’s Day Box released this year, I wanted to get it. This was when I was purchasing gift subscriptions for everyone. In an effort to save my points for that, I passed.

The Lovely Day Limited Edition Box has so many amazing items in it. I’ve loved so many of the limited edition boxes lately, and this one was no exception. Other than the tea, because I do not drink tea, I wanted to try everything in this. Thinking it would sell out very quickly, I wrote off the idea of ever getting it. Fast forward to July 21st. All of my gift subscriptions for the year (more articles to come) are ordered. I received 50 bonus points for telling Birchbox I want them to come to Vegas during their road trip promotion.

That 50 point bonus put me over 400. Those bonus point opportunities are rare, but I will share them on the main page as well as my Birchbox page when I see them. It was finally time to buy my box. My BEAUTYMAVEN code awarded after my 16th box for 25% off was still working. Those codes always claim to expire, but they tend to work after as long as you really qualified in the first place (will not work for people who have not received 16 boxes) and have not used it yet.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.45.16 PM

I added my mystery sample pack from the bonus shop, which is eligible on all orders over $35. If your order is less than $35, it will not deduct the $10 charge from your account. The $62 box cost me $6.50 after my points and the discount applied. This account has been in Ace status for a long time, so I get free shipping. There is no Birchbox in Nevada, so I do not pay sales tax.

lovely day box

I love the boxes these special sets come in and save them until I am ready to re-use them to gift something.

lovely day filled box

Every Birchbox comes with a product card. It gives a brief description of the items inside. Some of the items are already full-sized, so it usually does not include the price to purchase the full-sized version.

lovely day

lovely day product card 2

My box arrived smelling strongly of fragrance. That is never a good sign. As I looked for the spilled item, I noticed an almost oil like coating on a lot of the items. Turns out it was melted wax. The culprit was the Greenleaf Bella Freesia Candle Tin. I thought the fragrance was a little overpowering, but it was not as strong when I burned the candle. It is not a scent I would purchase separately, but it is something I will use. This 6.0oz full sized candle retails for $10.


After I cleaned this wax off all the items, I had to laugh at the thought that it is so hot here. The heat seriously melted a candle. Most of the candle reset nicely once it cooled down, so despite liquified wax being all over everything, I believe most of the candle arrived almost in once piece.

candle mess

The 0.317oz Cargo BeachBlush Powder Blush/Bronzer in Cable Beach got pulverized in transit. Sometimes, you can tell an item got crushed as you open it, because you can feel the contents shaking around or see product coming out of the sides. Neither were clear here. This container is a tin, which protects spill over. It is also a little on the heavy side making it weigh more than the contents inside. All items were loose inside the box with a small amount of paper strings. There was not enough padding inside the cardboard box it was wrapped in either, so it was a recipe for potential disaster.

broken blush

Since I had no clue it broke and the tin is not as easy to open as some other containers, I had a bit of a spill when it opened. As someone who puts powdered blush on only to wonder where it all went two hours later, I think it is a good sign that this stain did not completely come out of my couch. I know the couch is fabric and my skin is not, but I hope it stays on my skin as well as it stays on the couch. My couch definitely disagrees, because I am sure it preferred not being stained.

cargo spill

The picture below, courtesy of ebay, is what the blush looks like when it is whole. This would usually result in swatches of the four separate colors and one swatch of them all blended together.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 7.43.25 PM

I sent an email to Birchbox on 07/29/15 right after I tried to clean the mess (less than 30 minutes after it got delivered). Not knowing how they would respond, I decided to see if I could repair the time. There was no way I wanted to go through the hassle of returning the box for one item. If they allowed me to return just the blush, I would have considered as long as I did not have to pay for shipping. With a little rubbing alcohol and a toothpick, I blended the powder together inside the original container. It created an almost paste consistency.

When I returned 24 hours later, the powder was dry. It did not look pretty, and the pattern separating the four colors would never be there. There was an inner container sitting in the outer tin. I carefully tipped it upside down to see if it set. The alcohol separated them. I dried the fluid out from between the tins. Then, I used superglue to set them. There was an uneven plastic tin that attached one tin to the other. There was no real way to press down on it without risk of damage to my newly repaired powder. As such, I am unsure how great the seal is.

fixed blush

Once the superglue set for 24 hours, I tested the seal. It was in tact for the time being, but a few new cracks appeared in the powder. I was unsure if this was a permanent fix. Even if it was, the alcohol changed the powder, so the product would never really be the same. Considering how much powder spilled on my couch, the counter, and the sink as I dealt with this, I could not believe the container looked like it filled back up. A lot was wasted. Someone told me the alcohol all evaporates, so the product is free of alcohol once it had dried. The texture and consistency of the powder changed so much post alcohol, so it seemed changed to me. Although I love the color described as a deep plum-bronze, it disappeared within two hours.

Cargo Blush 1

I am very fond of the color it created temporarily. Here it is about an hour before it all faded away.

Jouer Lipstick 4

Cargo Blush 7

My attempt to save it did not work anyway. After three days, the cracks were bad. I barely touched the top to see how stable it was, and the powder split in multiple places. There is no way I am going to try to fix this again.

Cargo Blush 3

Rather than replacing the blush, which is what I expected, Birchbox offered to replace the entire box. If yours is not crushed, it is worth $30. This is worth zero to me, but I will value the blush from the replacement below. Some of you may already know that I am in love with the customer service Birchbox provides. I really liked the color, so I hoped the replacement box would give me the same one.

They replace entire boxes monthly subscriptions for one damaged item, but this is the first time I received a damaged item in a limited edition box. With full-sized items and a much more expensive starting cost, I had no idea they would replace the entire box. This is my sixth limited edition box. In the past, I received:

The Modern Mermaid Box (loved)- far right


CEW Mass Appeal -left (loved) and CEW Prestige Headliners -right (loved)


Vanity Affair (my favorite)- this is still available for purchase. I got the box well before I started this blog, which is why I have not reviewed it. If it stays in the shop any longer or I get requests, I can review this.

Haul 112414

Birchbox + babyGAP

Birchbox + babyGAP 2

I received a sample of the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum in the past, but I gave it away. This 0.33oz sample will stay with me this time. The moisturizer version of this was good, but I like my creams a little thicker for my dry skin. When you shake this tube, it feels very thin. That is part of the reason I gave this serum away in the past. If I follow through on trying this, I hope I find its worth the price. It is worth $26.33 in this size.

Davines Anti Aging Hand Cream smells good and moisturizes without being greasy. It smells almost like a hair product, which is what Davines is known for. This 1.69oz product is full-sized and retails for $14. As much as I like this, I cannot see myself paying $8.28 an ounce for it. The anti aging properties could be worth it, but I wash my hands too often to worry about an anti aging  hand product. Every wash would be expensive anti aging product down the drain, because I reapply hand cream after every wash. That said, I am glad I got to try this. I would welcome it again in sample form or in a kit making it less per ounce.


The Illume Demi Perfume Go Be Lovely is in Desert Tulip. When it comes to perfumes, I have a love/hate relationship. I love trying them, because I am still in search of my perfect scent. Most perfumes make me dizzy and light-headed. Some do not, but I have not found the one made for me yet. Thus, I reluctantly welcome scents with half-open arms. My expectation is disappointment, but I hold a glimmer of hope. Although, I do not love the scent, it does not make me dizzy or light-headed. I will occasionally wear this. This 0.220z rollerball retails for $14.


The 0.12oz Jouer Hydrating Lipstick is in the color meredith is full-sized. It retails for $24. I like the color a lot. It is a creamy nude-pink. This container is very heavy and beautiful. Pretty lipstick on the inside and the outside. It had a very nude application. That always accentuates my dry skin and looks a little patchy. For a lipstick that accentuated dry patches, it felt very moisturizing. Although I like the color and the way it felt on my lips, I wish it would have looked a little nicer.

Jouer Lipstick

Yes, this is the same picture as above, because I wore the blush and lipstick together, probably as intended. They complimented each other nicely.

Jouer Lipstick 4

I do not like sweaty lipstick, which is how this arrived. While I know it technically does not affect the lipstick, I do not like seeing it like this. It is a main reason I barely order lipstick in the summer. Being on a lipstick no-buy this summer has helped with my sweaty lipstick problems.

Jouer lipstick 2

jouer lipstick 3

After the product cooled down, the dots settled down a little. Now, it just looks like spots on the lipstick. When I do my next lipstick cleaning, I will remove those spots.

Jouer lipstick meredith

The pictures were not only taken after the sweat resided but after a spin through the washing machine. I love that the lipstick container stayed together. There was a little water that seeped through, but it did not seem to do any damage, Thank goodness the case was substantial or I am sure I would have a load of lipstick destroyed clothing.

The 1.0oz Living proof Perfect hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector intrigues me. I am already a fan of the line, but I have never used a hair product specifically designed for overnight use before. There are times when I use a product in my hair overnight that are not necessarily designed for overnight use, so this is right up my alley. It is worth $7.

The 1.6oz Rituals Foaming Shower Gel is interesting. It is Hammam Delight Fresh Eucalyptus & Rosemary. I’ve never seen a bath product come in a container like this, but I have seen a gel like this. This is worth $3.75.

There are two NAILS INC Gel Effect Polishes. These 0.27oz polishes are a little over half-size and worth $8.57 each. Both shades are nice neutrals. I am already a fan of NAILS INC and recently purchased my first Gel Effect Polish from them. Hopefully, these last a fraction of the time real gel polish does.

Mayfair Lane is a light pink. Compare this to my other pink polishes.

Nails Inc Mayfair Lane

Porchester Square is a light purple-beige. Compare this to my other purple polishes.

Nails Inc Prochester Square

Last and definitely least, is the tea. I do not drink tea, so my husband has already been informed these are his. In the past when I’ve received teas from subscription boxes or other places, he failed to drink them. Hopefully, he really drinks these. There were seven unique flavors of Harvey and Sons Fine Tea Wrapped Sachets worth $3.36.


My sample pack arrived a day after my box, which makes sense because this box took all the space of the outer box. I wonder if they would have filled the inner box a little more if my blush would still be in tact. They were decent sized, so I was extremely happy. The 0.67oz Naobay natural & organic Oxygenating Cream Moisturizing is a sample I’ve received in the past but have yet to try. It is worth $14.40. Although I am not a fan of multi use products, I will find where this works best and use it there.


There was also a 0.17oz Jouer Lipgloss in Starfish. It’s full-sized even though it came as a sample. This retails for $22. That means the 2 piece sample pack on this order has a $36.40 value. I am incredibly impressed, because I do not think I’ve ever received a sample pack with a value that high. The shimmery, sheer peach-champagne is quite stunning, too. It was a pretty good gloss, which was not sticky at all. As I find more non-sticky glosses, I am really thinking of permanently ditching all sticky ones.

Jouer Starfish

Jouer Starfish swatch

Jouer Gloss

The replacement box had some variety from the original. I was sad to see the blush was a different color, because I preferred the smashed color to the second one, which arrived in tact. This variety almost makes me want to increase the box value listed below, because I got an extra lipstick shade and a different perfume. I was glad those were different. Most people will not get two different lipsticks, so I am only valuing one but knowing that the crush blushed resulted in a second color and scent.

Birchbox Lovely Day Replacement

Birchbox Tea

Most of the items are exactly the same, so I will not list them again. I will mention that the second candle arrived without the wax damage, so the paper on the outside is not stained. I am going to place the stained one on my second floor where guests never go and put the new one on the first floor.

The second perfume smells 100x better than the first one. It is Illume Demi Perfume Go Be Lovely in Coconut Milk Mango. I can see myself wearing this often. This scent is subtle, not floral (floral scents are the worst offenders for my dizziness). If I had to pick one flaw, it is the scent does not last as long as the other one. For a scent this lovely, I would not mind reapplying though.


The second lipstick is also better. It did have some tip damage, which I will also remove when I clean it. I like that it did not arrive sweating, because it is prettier than the other bullet. Based on the lack of sweat here and the candle arriving not melted, I think this order did not get anywhere near as hot as the last order. This Jouer Lipstick in Lola is a sheer dusty-rose. I cannot tell you how much I love dusty-rose colored lipsticks, so I am glad this made its way to me. It was just as moisturizing as meredith, but it was less patchy and did not accentuate dry lips as much thanks to the slightly darker color.

Jouer lola 3

Jouer lola 2

Warning: I had an allergic reaction to a different product, which explains the rash and swelling face. My skin was also peeling from a recent sunburn where the sunblock failed me a bit. You can see the new lipstick and blush in this picture. There is even a BB cream and some brow work. My eyes were too swollen for anything.

Jouer lipstick lola

The second blush is not only a less desirable color, it is actually a cheaper product. Rather than the four panel Beach Blush in the first box (well it would have been four panels had it not arrived crushed), this is a single shade powder blush. It is Cargo Powder Blush in Cannes, which retails for $26. It looks like a pale orange. Unlike the first one with a bit of shimmer and pop, this one is matte and powdery. Although it applied a little less powdery than the swatch, it disappeared from my face in less than an hour. Granted the rash took over. I did not react to the first blush, so I am almost positive this allergic reaction came from skincare where I broke my cardinal rule with not one but two new introductions at a time. Now, I will play detective to find out which one dislikes me.

Cargo Blush 4

Cargo Blush 6

Cargo Blush 5

The blush and lipstick from the second box do not pair as nicely as the blush and lipstick from the first box, but they did a fine job working together. It seems like color pairings are deliberate and not random. I wish Birchbox would allow users to choose colors because this pale blush color would probably barely show up on darker skin, unless it’s used as an orange-based highlighter. These color considerations mean I probably would have received a duplicate lipstick had I been lucky enough to get the same blush color replaced.

The box is worth $145.58, which is a bit less than the $180 Birchbox advertises. Whenever my numbers are that far off their numbers, I try to envision where the rest of the value is. Some companies charge a lot more for smaller sizes, so my valuation which divides the smallest size sold by the size of my sample may not reflect the method they use. My personal value is $142.22, because I will not use the tea. With the samples, the total value of this order is $181.98.

I am happy with the value of the box, especially for what I paid. Although, I would be all right if I only had my repaired crushed blush, getting it replaced in a second box was better. The box is still available if you want to pick one up. Hopefully, your blush arrives in one piece and your candle waits for you to melt it. As long as the product is still in stock when your box arrives, Birchbox should replace damaged items, if any.

Birchbox Women

If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers and all available offers. When you’re ready to spend your rewards points, remember to add your free two piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus ShopTips For Getting the Best Deal lays out all the ways I know to save money at Birchbox. See other Birchbox articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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