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Beautytalk Chat with Drybar and Bumble and Bumble Yields Free Gifts

Sephora hosts a variety of chats via Beautytalk with beauty professionals who represent the brands we know and love. I’ve participated in a lot of them for over a year. Who better to ask your brand specific question to than the brand creator or a top executive! On 06/29/15, Drybar and Bumble and bumble each chatted with Beautytalk members for an hour. Although I’ve dabbled with Bumble & Bumble, I do not have a lot of experience with Drybar at all (other than my shower cap, which I adore). The topic was hair, and I struggle with nothing when getting ready more than hair.

I want to find a magical product that reduces or eliminates frizz in a foolproof form. Hair oils can look greasy when they’re not applied perfectly. My hair is seriously a huge frizz ball, but I almost prefer the frizzy look to oily when I apply hair oil improperly. Rubbing it together and applying from mid shaft to ends helps reduce the oily look, but I wish there was something more effective near the base of my head. Though neither Alli Webb nor Mischa answered my specific question, I did find some helpful responses in the insightful questions others asked.

Even though I did not get an answer, I did receive a package dated 07/27/15 that arrived 08/07/15. Inside the package, I found a letter thanking me for my participation in the chat. There were also free gifts from both brands.

Beautytalk Chat Bumble

Bumble and bumble sent an All-Style Blow Dry creme. This 0.5 oz sample should extend the life of my blow dry. I rarely blow dry my hair, so I do not typically purchase things for this. Getting samples is perfect, because I have something for the rare times I do blow dry without wasting money when it expires before I can use it all. At 1/10th the full-size, this is worth $3.

Beautytalk Chat Drybar

The Drybar gift is a 4 pack of Bay Breeze Hydrating Shots. When I looked it up to see what it is, I noticed it is the full-sized $38 product. Drybar could have easily sent one 0.5 oz shot, which retails for $10. Sending four gives me a chance to really try it out. A recent sunburn on my scalp craves hydration, so I tried one of these. They should deliver essential moisture to dry, dull, lifeless hair. While I cannot tell if my hair is more moisturized, I definitely feel a slight improvement in my scalp.

Granted, that improvement could have come from other products. These say to use them once a week, but I am probably going to use them twice a week until the burn heals. How would one tell if these impart more moisture to the hair anyway? My hair was harder to comb through thanks to using this in place of conditioner, but that was the only difference I noticed with my hair.

Once I’ve tried the creme, I will also come back and edit this article and place my review in whatever month’s empties it winds up in. Thanks again to Bumble and Bumble, Drybar, and Beautytalk.

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