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Empties April 2015

Welcome to the new month. The beginning of the new month to me always represents closing out the previous month. While I am obviously still behind in writing articles, I did finish some items in April I’d love to go over now. There is something so fulfilling about seeing something empty even though that sometimes mean you have to go out and buy more (assuming you do not already have backups).

I will give you a mini review on each item. I’ll tell you the items I love and will repurchase. If I like or am indifferent to an item, I will not rush out to repurchase, but I would be willing to use or try it again. Lastly, I will present the items that are not for me. Generally, I will not use these any more in the future. If they’re really awful to me, I always hope I can find someone else who may actually like them. Thus, I will try to find someone to give duplicates to. For the items I really love, I will do a separate product spotlight on them at some point to discuss them in more detail.

April 2015 Empties


Dial Antibacterial Spring Water- I use this on my hands only in the shower. The smell is nice, and I like the price. There are certain times where nothing short of antibacterial will work for my hands. This or any other antibacterial will never touch any other part of my body.

Eucerin Original Healing Soothing Repair Creme- If this was not so thick, I would gladly use this everyday. It takes a long time to work into my skin, but it is extremely moisturizing. I love this in the winter months when my skin is more dry.

Ahava Mineral Body Lotion- This is a medium density lotion, but it moisturizes extremely well. The scent is not my favorite, but it luckily fades.

DERMADoctor Shrinking Beauty- This made my cellulite look less dimpled with each application. The effects of the magical cream washed away when it hit water. Cue the Wicked Witch jokes.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream- I love the glow this creates. It takes my normally dull skin and gives it a subtle dewy look.

C.O. Bigelow Lavender Peppermint Body Lotion- This smells dreamy. It is thin, but it moisturizes extremely well. I love this during the hotter months when my skin likes to breath rendering thick moisturizers less effective.

H2o+ Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream- The cream is thick and moisturizing. I really like the price, and the scent. It will always be a staple in my products.

Aveeno Protect and Hydrate- The first time I used this, I made the mistake of applying it to my face. It is way too shiny for my face, especially when there are so many matte products on the market. I love this on my body though. Two-in-one products are usually not my thing. This is a decent one though. It hydrates and protects just as it claims, and I like that I cut getting ready time by a few minutes with one product instead of two.

Deborah Lippmann the Stripper to go- I love the name of this product. This pad not only does a great job of removing polish but I like that you wear it. Slipping is not possible.

Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Hold and Control- This held extremely well. Too well in fact. My hair would not budge. The sample dried out too fast, so I hope the full-sized version is in a better container.

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask- This mask has a brightening effect. When I use it, my skin looks a lot more vibrant. The sample is small, so I am unsure if it will lighten dark spots as it claims.

Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel- I love the clinical strength deodorant. It keeps me dry and fresh smelling. The only thing that keeps this from being a Fabufind is I prefer the Invisible Solid. This takes a while to set, and I do not like the wet feeling while it sets.

Willing to Try Again

Skintimate SignatureScents Moisturizing Shave Gel Raspberry Rain- Before I started using Whish products more regularly, I loved this. Now that I use Whish, I know this product does not get as close of a shave. I’d still use this in the future, because I love the price.

Heavenly Spa White Tea and Aloe Shampoo- This shampoo courtesy of the Westin hotel is nothing special. I did not love or hate it. The smell is not my favorite but it did not bother me in my hair.

Heavenly Spa White Tea and Aloe Conditioner- This conditioner is nothing special. I did not love or hate it. The smell is not my favorite but it did not bother me in my hair.

Peter Thomas Roth Conditioner- This conditioner courtesy of the Hilton is nothing special. It is a little thin as conditioners go.

Smarty Pants Adult Complete Multi- I received this in a Birchbox, which is the only reason I am listing it with beauty empties. It took me almost a year to try it, and I finally used it on the day it expired. Though I take a multi-vitamin every day, I need them tasteless. A nice coated one goes down easily. The idea of chewing it as I took it seriously grossed me out. Luckily, it was not as bad as I expected. I am sure the sugar coating helped with the taste. No sugar on my vitamins, please. Taking them without tasting them at all is still preferred, so I would never buy these. If more samples made it my way, I would take them though.

L’Core Multi-Use Cream- This was a thick lightly scented sample. I tried it on my face once and was not sure what I thought, so I used the rest of the sample on my hands. It worked great on my hands. When I tried to look it up, I could not find pricing on this specific product. The brand itself is ridiculously expensive. Buying something I am not sold on when it is this expensive will never happen.

Not For Me

Dermelect Timeless Anti-Aging Hand Treatment- The idea of using a anti-aging hand cream intrigued me. My hands are starting to look older. This is way too thin for my hands though. I had to apply it in between hand washes. If it cannot last from one hand wash to another, I would never buy it. I do have dry hands, so this could work for someone else. It may take a while to see improvement from use, but I did not notice any. Whether I noticed it or not, the lack of moisture places it in the proper group.

Heavenly Spa White Tea and Aloe Body Lotion- This is a thin body lotion that is not extremely moisturizing. The bad smell on this also lingered a lot longer than it did from shampoo or conditioner form.

Urban Decay Lip Gloss Wallflower- I embarked on a massive project to clean all of my lippies.  I cannot even review it, because the pinkish color on the front hides the black color in the back.  One of the downsides of having a lot of makeup but not wearing makeup often is I have things I sometimes cannot get to in time.  This lip gloss came inside the Urban Decay Feminine palette.

The Feminine palette was already on clearance when I purchased it, so this lip gloss is old.  My issue with it clearly molding out is it was never even opened.  I am actually glad it turned black if there is mold in there, because I did not have to make the mistake of thinking it was fine and putting mold on my lips.  This is also a huge reminder that gloss can mold out at any time.

I have used other Urban Decay lip glosses, so I can say that the minty flavor is not my favorite.  It is not the worst either.  The formula is a little thin, so it does not always sit on the lips as pretty as some other glosses with a thicker, more consistent feeling. This formula is not sticky at all, which is my favorite thing about it.  Urban Decay glosses in general are in my willing to try again group, but moldy gloss definitely falls into the Not For Me category.

Urban Decay Moldy Gloss

Urban Decay Moldy Gloss 2

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