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Smiley360 Mission Sleep Number

My husband and I will be in the market for a new bed very soon. One of the beds we’re considering is a Sleep Number bed. When Smiley360 invited me to join the Sleep Number Mission, it was very easy to accept. The mission involved a visit to the store to test the Sleep Number Dual Temp layer. This is a temperature balancing layer you can add to any mattress brand or adjustable base. Although I knew I was in the market for a new bed and will probably not buy this item, I also knew I could test the beds while I was there. Of course, there is always a chance I could be sold on the item and buy it anyway.

Smiley360 usually sends a product to try out for free or sends a reward at the end of a completed mission. Once I completed this, I received a free 2” Memory Fiber Curved Support Pillow. They say supplies are limited, but I completed my mission the day before the deadline and still received one. If you’re worried about completing a Mission and not getting the reward, I’d suggest completing it as early as possible. If you’re unfamiliar with Smiley360, you can read more about my earlier Mission.

Smiley360 mailed this product card to me. There was also an option to print it from an email I received as well as another option in my profile. That means you do not even have to wait for the card to arrive. A media code is listed on the card for the Sleep Number associate to help you. Although you give the card to the associate, they do not have to do anything with it. I like this, because an associate who is unaware of the mission or what to do with the product card will not cost you the reward. Rewards are given based on tasks you complete inside your mission profile.

Smiley 360 Sleep Number mission

Smiley360 card

When I went to the store, Mark was there to greet me. I told him what I was there for, and he took me over to the Sleep Number Dual Temp Layer. He knew everything about the mission, so I am assuming I was not his first visitor. It was obvious from the moment I tried it that it worked well. On top of the fact that the 3/4″ pad adds a definite softness, I was able to feel cooling and warming. To fit my king size bed, he told me it would cost $1900. “No thanks,” I told him. As nice as this was, and it was truly nice, I would not spend $1900 on it.

sleep number 5

If you have $1900 to spare, you can add this to any mattress.

Sleep Number 6

Mark insisted I get in the comforter and let him take a picture. I promise this was his idea, not mine.

Sleep Number 7

He showed me the 2” Memory Fiber Curved Support Pillow I later received as a reward for completing this mission. I like that he even thought to give me a protector to lay on the pillow similar to the one dentists use when they clean your teeth. Other germaphobes have obviously visited the store or dirty people muck up the items. Either way, I appreciated the touch.

Sleep Number 3

The pillow was extremely comfortable when I tried it in the store. When I took my Dad to buy his Sleep Number bed years ago, he also got a sheet set. I must remember to buy whatever pillow case fits this, because I hate how messy it looks in my current pillow case. My husband tried the free pillow for a month. He decided it was not worth purchasing, so I am glad he got a chance to try it before I paid the $99 retail price. His issue was the design did not accommodate his broad shoulders, so he gave it to our eight year old son. My son loves the pillow. I slept on it a couple of times, and it seems fine to me. With how much my son loves it, I do not want to borrow it to test it any longer.

Sleep Number Pillow 2

Sleep Number Pillow

Now that my mission was compete, it was time to play. I wanted to look at a new bed. He showed me the p5 Dual Air Performance Series. It occurred to me that I was unaware which model my Dad has. Mark offered to look it up for me, since he bought it at that store a few years ago, but we both got distracted and forgot. This model costs $2800 in King size, which Mark claimed was a middle of the road model. Of course, I will do price research when I am ready to buy. I asked when they typically have big promotions. He told me the next one will be for Labor Day. Another will take place around Thanksgiving, and there is a great one around President’s Day. Hopefully, I am ready around one of those days, because I told him I need a deal!

Sleep Number 4

The benefit to this mattress is I like to sleep on a soft bed, and my husband likes a hard bed. He showed me the bed starting at 100, which is what a regular mattress feels like.

Sleep Number 10

Even at 100, this felt a lot nicer than my current mattress. I feel like my current mattress died, and should be replaced.

Sleep Number 8

Sleep Number 9

There was a helpful screen above the bed that helped me see everything the bed wanted to tell me. He adjusted it to a 30 to make it soft.

Sleep Number 2

sleep number

At 100, my pressure points were not being relieved. As the number dropped, my body sunk into the bed, taking the red (pressure) off my body. I could feel the change in comfort with the screen telling me it was helping. Mark explained this is why I prefer a softer bed. On a softer bed, my pressure is absorbed.

Sleep Number 11

He showed me an app that connects to the bed. It tells the user how well the number s/he’s using is working for them. It gets really specific with details helping the person find the perfect number. He showed me that he sleeps for an average of 8 hours and 2 minutes at his current sleep number but was sleeping for less than 8 on his earlier one. That is only one of the things it does. Too bad my Dad resists smart phones or else he could benefit from this app.

It was a good trip to the store, so I am glad Smiley360 included me in this mission. Mark really felt like he as trying to give me the info I needed and not simply pushing an immediate sale. I will almost definitely purchase a bed on one of the three upcoming promotions he was kind enough to tell me about. See all Smiley360 articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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  1. Hi, I’m doing the survey for this mission for Smiley360 and when they ask what kind of mattress you sleep on do you remember what you said to get approved? Thanks!

  2. I do not think they asked me this. If they did, I would have checked the mattress and given the appropriate answer. I am not home right now, so I cannot check. I am thinking of getting a Sleep Number Bed for their Labor Day sale though. My husband wants a Casper, but I have not even looked into it yet.

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