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Citrus Lane July 2015 4 Year Old Boy Box

Citrus Lane is the subscription box for kids aged zero to six. My four-year-old loves getting a box that is all his. The boxes have a mixture of toys, educational tools, food products, beauty items, and more. A product card describing all items inside usually includes discount codes. As someone who looks for discount codes before every online purchase, I really appreciate this. A one month subscription is $29. Three months gets you down to $27 a box. It costs $24 a box for a six month subscription. Every month, you get the opportunity to select an item inside the box or add items on for a discounted rate. That allows the kids to have some choice in their box, but they still receive surprise items.

Citrus Lane July 2015

Citrus Lane does not sell all the items in their boxes, so I appreciate that they tell me where I can buy them. Hunting down a product, then tracking down a discount code separately are time-consuming. This two-in-one time saver is great.

Citrus Lane July 2015 2

There were four items in the box, and all four were a hit.

Citrus Lane July 2015 3

The Modern Twist Mark Mat retails for $10 at Citrus Lane. A reusable place mat that allows the kid to color at each meal is ingenious. Connor loves coloring on these placemats when we go out to eat. This mat will help him create never-ending art. Once I get some washable markers, he can draw at home, too. These silky food-grade, hand silk-screened silicone are durable. My guess is this mat will last a long time.

Citrus Lane Juley 2015 4

The My Super Snacks Granola Bites in Apple Raisin are not sold at the manufacturer’s website listed above. That explains why there was no code. I did notice coupons to sample other products from the line. They do provide a listing of nearby stores. Target sells the cookies covered by the coupons, so I will probably pick some of those up on my next trip. My husband stopped by Whole Foods on his way home form work today, but I did not know it carried these at the time. I did find these on Amazon. A six-pack of these 1.41oz snack bags retails for $15.69. That makes this worth $2.62. They are Prime Eligible, which is wonderful.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 5.34.36 PM

Neither my four nor my eight year old know how to color in the lines. This magical Melissa and Doug Water Wow which uses water to “create” the color. It makes the pictures foolproof. My older son wanted me to get him one of these, because he is the kid who will never color inside the lines. His creativity surpasses anything I could imagine. I have already refilled that water marker three times in the two days this has been in our home. It gets a lot of use. When the pages dry, the pictures are ready to be colored all over again. These little books are only $4.99 at Citrus Lane. My older son will be a recipient as soon as I find enough items to get me over the $49 shipping minimum. Subscription boxes ship for free, so I will see if this book is an add-on option to the next box.

Citrus Lane July 2015 5

Citrus Lane July 2015 6

Citrus Lane July 2015 7

Both of my boys loved the Snapo Block Set and play with it almost non-stop. My older son, pictured here, said these are better than Legos. My boys love Legos, so that is a huge compliment. This set retails at Citrus Lane for $12.

Citrus Lane July 2015 8

I loved the overall theme of the box. All the non food items can be used repeatedly for artistic fun. My boys both thoroughly enjoyed this box as well, so this was a bigger hit than last month which had a higher value. The total box value is $29.61. I am on the six month subscription, so I paid $24 for this box. Unless your kid loved everything in the box, like my son did, someone with a one month subscription may not find this box valuable. When you only have a $0.61 padding, you have to love it all! Want to join Citrus Lane? Check my retailer page for special start up offers. You can also send a gift subscription to a lucky little one.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 4.37.50 PM

Want to explore a box without the commitment! Mystery boxes are on sale for 50% off. They are all guaranteed to have double the value you pay. Similar to the sample choice concept, you will know at least one item inside your mystery box when you make the selection. In addition to showing one item from every box, there will also be a short description to help you purchase the age and gender box you want. See all Citrus Lane Subscription articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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