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Sephora Chic Week Shopping

I love Sephora. When there is a sale, it does not exclude anything. Gift cards cannot be purchased with them, but I do not see that as an exclusion. It is one of the few retailers where you do not have to read a bunch of fine print to plan your sale hauls. Chic Week is the first major sale of the year, and always falls around the beginning of April. Although, there are usually skincare point multipliers in January and perfume point multipliers in February that can boost your points. Every year, usually in April, the store goes on sale.  Rouge and VIB clients get 15% off, and Beauty Insiders get 10% off. The sale opened to Rouge members on the 12th, VIB members on the 16th, and Beauty Insiders on the 17th. Rouge members were even invited to a special event at 9am on the 12th.

Although I RSVP’d for the event, I woke up with a terrible headache that day and was unable to attend. I’ve attended events in the past though, so I can write from experience about the event. Brand reps come into the store. Some brands offer special gifts with purchase if you buy from them. They usually have stations to sample the products on shoppers. At a previous Rouge event, I received a mini facial from the Ole Henriksen rep, and my sister received a makeup application from the Smashbox rep. They served pastries, coffee, and water. Once we completed our purchases, we checked out where I received a bag of samples.  She was my guest, so she received a few foils. When I attend the next event, I will write a detailed description of everything.

One of the great things about getting advance access to the sale is items can sell out as the event progresses. As such, I usually purchase as close to the beginning of the sale as possible. I was not in a shopping mood on the 12th, so I did something unusual and decided to wait. My first chic week order on 04/14/15 was gifts for my mother-in-law. I shipped the items directly to her, so I do not have pictures of them. She did show me pictures wearing the lipstick, but I am unsure she would want me posting them publicly. It looked amazing on her.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.11.09 AM

I received 15% off her items listed above and all of my items listed below. My items were not in stock when the sale started, so I waited somewhat impatiently for their return.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.14.27 AM

I am assuming the warehouse ran out of YSL Touche Eclat samples, because mine was missing. They usually substitute samples when they’re out. There are times like this when if you order a sample that is out of stock, you will not receive anything in its place. Luckily, I have others of this sample. Shade two is dreamy on my skin tone. My husband was not a fan of the Armani Armani Code, which was substituted for the Versace Pour Homme, and I have yet to try the Clinique 3 step system. My skin is only oily in certain parts, so I will either spot use this sample or gift it.

Sephora Chic Week Order

Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes have mixed reviews. Some people love them and other people swear the quality is not there. The Tamanna palette shocked me with how amazing it was. It looked incredible in swatches and even better on. None of the colors creased. They were vibrant and pigmented. Although Maya Mia was not as impressive for me, it is still a good palette in its own right. Each shade in the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes are 0.025oz.  With 12 in each palette, you get 0.3oz of shadows. That makes the palettes $100 an ounce. While that may sound expensive, it is on par with Urban Decay Naked palettes, which cost $90 an ounce. It is a bit cheaper than most of the other palettes I own, including the two I purchased most recently from Sephora, which were both over $300 an ounce.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette 2

Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette 3

Other than my positive feelings about the brand, I the colors spoke to me. They looked so pretty. My mind was envisioning all the looks I can create with this. There are enough bright colors and enough neutral colors that I saw a lot of possibilities in this. On my first use, I opted for somewhat neutral to offset my bright lip. Was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette a good purchase? This is my third ABH palette, and I like them in the order I purchased them, Tamanna, Maya Mia, and the Artist Palette. Since my luck is on a decline, I will pass on the newest palette unless I swatch it first. That is how I fell in love with Tamanna. I bought the other two sans swatching based on said love. Anaconda looks very similar to the new Buxom shadow that sold out before I could buy it, so I will be trying it in my next look.

ABH Artist Palette Swatches

The swatches look beautiful, although not as beautiful as Tamanna. Dusty Rose, Aubergine, and Orange You Fancy instantly caught my eye. Those are also the three I used to create the look below. I love the orange shadow most. My goal was to create a sunset effect, but I did not really pull it off. Creativity is not my forte.

They'Re Real Liner 2

The application on my left eye (picture right) was smooth and easy to blend. I found the opposite on my right eye. No matter how much I blended, the application was patchy. My eyeliner (They’re Real) was already a mess, so I decided to roll with the patchy shadow and see how it wore throughout the day. No surprise that the patchy one creased. The shadows faded unevenly. By the end of the evening, the shadow looked nothing short of messy.

They're Real Liner

In fairness to ABH, it was very windy and slightly rainy, and I was outside a great deal of the day. That never bodes well for eye makeup. I have not completely written the shadow off as terrible, but I will not go into the second try with high hopes.

Since the Guerlain Meteorites compact released, I knew I wanted Clair. The problem is everyone else did, too. Seeing it consistently out of stock only confirmed I had to have it. I loved the idea of having my beloved magic balls in a portable compact. That soft, subtle glow could be mine anytime I wanted it or anywhere I traveled. Although it is unusual to see something go out of stock and get restocked during a sale, I am really glad it happened in this case. This item lived up to my expectations, and the compact is beautiful.

Guerlain Meteorites Compact 3

Guerlain Meteorites Compact 2

Guerlain Meteorites Compact

Like most portable high-end items, it came in a lovely black fabric pouch. While the color of the pouch varies from brand to brand, if I do not see a pouch, I think the product missed the high-end mark. The lovely silver compact is sturdy and heavy. It has a beautiful engraving that resembles a flower above the Guerlain branding. When the compact is open, I am even more impressed with its beauty. The mirror looks much more expensive than most compacts. I love the Meteorites engraving. This beautiful, mosaic pattern is even more beautiful than the classic balls, which is an impressive feat.

The powder in pressed form loses no magic. When I use meteorites, I either use them as a setting powder which also creates an all over glow or I use them as a highlighter. In this picture, I am using this compact as the former. They create a much more subtle glow than your average highlighter. Considering this pairing is with a BB cream and not a foundation, the powder had more work to do.

Too Faced Perfect Flush Blush Something About Berry 4

Here it is with a foundation still used as a setting powder for an all over glow.


The Sephora train cases are substantial, beautiful and expensive. Although I had always wanted one, I could not bring myself to drop $110. I was browsing the sale section when I saw this beauty listed for $59. Not only is it one of the large ones, but I love the Rose Gold color. Two days before this, I ordered a $79.99 Caboodles at Ulta (with $5 off), so I may not have needed a new train case. There was no way I was letting this deal go, and I buy so much makeup that I knew I would have no trouble filling them both (a task I have already completed).

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.14.05 AM

I did not take pictures of the samples from this order, but I received something else in place of Touche Eclat.

Sephora Train Case

Sephora Train Case 5

Sephora Train Case 6

Sephora Train Case 7

Sephora Train Case 4

Sephora Train Case 3

Sephora Train Case 2

Side 1- No Flash

Lippies 2

Side 1- With Flash

Lippies 3

Side 2- No Flash


Side 2- With Flash

Lippies 4

This was a fantastic purchase, and I am very happy with it. My only complaint is on the second shelves. I cannot access the back easily, which at times makes removing itmes a little more difficult. That is not a complaint that would keep me from buying another one of these. When I need a new train case, I hope these go on sale again. Of the four, large, metal train cases I own, this is by far my favorite. It is the prettiest, the strongest, the heaviest (measures durability), has a strap for travel, locks, has adjustable compartments, and is the perfect case with all the extra compartments for my lipsticks. Other train cases without removable inserts mash all of my lippies together.

Like all good things, the sale had to end. It said goodbye on 04/21/15. Due to missing the Rouge event, I probably spent less than I otherwise would have. I am happy with all the items I received, so I used my discount to the fullest. The next event will be here sometime in August. It will bring point multipliers. Based on history, Beauty Insiders will probably get 2x points, VIB members will probably get 3x points, and Rouge members will probably get 4x points. Hopefully, I do not miss the Rouge event for this promotion. November will probably bring the VIB sale where Rouge and VIB members get 20% off. I am already planning some purchases for that sale.

Beauty Deals 2.0

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