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Finding My Beauty Unicorn: MAC Ocean City Blush

We all have those beauty items we missed for one reason or another. Cosmetic companies put out limited edition items, discontinue items, reformulate them for the worst, or at times make them hard to get in certain markets. Limited edition items are probably my least favorite group. Why put so much money and time into making something fabulous only to immediately stop selling it once demand goes through the roof! I know they probably have precise reasons of their own, but my opinion is three-fold.

Cosmetic companies want to stay relevant. As much as I love the established brands, they get talked about as lacking innovation when they continue to release the same products everyone knows and loves. When they do release a new item, many are not even willing to try it, because they’re beauty dinosaurs. Never mind that the quality is usually there. The perception is not, and that is all that matters. My grandmother wore that is the first thing they say when they refuse to try new releases from an established line. The answer is to keep releasing limited edition items. No way granny wore these, because the item was only out a day. Granny was asleep when it launched at midnight and not yet awake when it sold out at 3am. It feels so awesome to purchase this new item that will certainly be a trendsetter for the three days it takes until the next limited edition release.

The second is buzz. How long before a limited edition release comes out do we hear or read about it? Months and in some cases even longer. Long before it comes out, you already know you’re buying it. Who cares if you have to order before you can swatch it. You saw the pre-release and so’s blog, and it was amazing on her. If she can pull it off, you know you can. All your friends are talking about buying it. Surely you cannot be the only one in your inner circle of beauty lovers not to own it least you be judged. all of this buzz is why granny misses out.

The third is the most obvious, price. Let’s slap limited edition on it and people will pay the increased price. Would you pay $36 for that Bite lipstick if it did not sell out within hours of the release? What about those limited edition MAC items that look like the same items for a higher price tag in different packaging. Did I really just pay a premium for special packaging? Yes, I did. They charge inflated prices over what items in the brand are worth on the market, and we usually pay what they ask. Why?

If we do not pay what they ask and decide later we must have it, we will have to pay a lot more. The inflated brand price tags are actually a bargain when you compare them to the resell market. Yes, limited edition items bring out people who buy items with the sole intent of marking them up and selling them to the highest bidder for prices that will drop your jaw. Companies claim to dislike resellers, and I am sure some do, but how much? Resellers only make that item more desirable. Two minutes ago, I thought I would never have the item. Now, I see it listed here. Sure, it’s double the price, but I can actually get it.

As a deal shopper, I have never and will never pay a reseller a marked up price. I fall for the limited edition items my husband refers to as schemes just as the average beauty lover. Accepting I missed out on a limited edition item I wanted is all I can usually do. Occasionally, magic happens and items you thought you’d never own become possibilities. A very lovely Beautytalk member repeatedly offered to send me this unicorn. The offer was very kind, but I rejected it. She offered again, but I only agreed to accept if she accepted items from my stash in exchange. This kind soul wanted only a few small samples. Of course, I had to send her a little more. Hopefully, she found some items she liked.

Next thing I knew, the item I’ve wanted for a long time arrived at my door. I wasn’t the only one who sent extra items either. In addition to the beautiful MAC Ocean City Blush, she sent me a Lush Ultrabland Facial cleanser sample. Even though that is one of the most unfortunate names I’ve seen for skincare, I look forward to trying it. Hopefully, whoever named it gave it a sarcastic name and not an informative one. We’ll see. Lush is a fantastic brand that I would readily explore more of if they offered any promo codes or at least went on sale a little more often. It is a brand I like but have little experience with. The Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy balm is a product I am already in love with. It missed being a featured FabuFind in January 2015 for space reasons, but I think this one has a good shot of making it depending on what I finish it with.

MAC Ocean City 3

MAC Ocean City 4

MAC Ocean City Gift 3

The note attached to the items was very touching.

MAC Ocean City Gift

The color is dual toned and leans rather warm, so I really have no idea why I wanted it so much with my cool/neutral skin. It is a coral-orange ombre into beige. Coral, check. Orange, check. Beige, smaller check. We all have our own desired unicorns whether the reason makes sense or not. Pigmentation is easy to build as demonstrated by the swatches. Left is the coral-orange by itself. Right is the beige shade.  The middle, which is my favorite, is what the blush looks like when the colors blend together.

Ocean City Swatches

I found when I applied with a light hand, the warm tone actually looked decent on me. Thank goodness. After wanting this for almost a year, it would have been sad if it did not suit me. Like most powder blushes, it did not last very long on me. Another thing about limited edition products is you’re afraid to use them too much for fear you cannot go out and buy another. Luckily, this pan is huge. If I have multiple places to go, I will reapply once it wears off. Once I hit pan, it will only get one application per day.

Hard Candy All Glossed Up sand castle 2

Dior Contraste Horizon 3

What is your beauty unicorn? Have you obtained it yet? View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (12 and 7) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 12-year-old to apply it.

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  1. i literally lol’d about your “most unfortunate names for skincare” comment..seriously, what were they thinking? and that blush looks great on you! i like the 3 striped swatch for the different tones..that beige intrigues me..i know what you mean about the limited edition items..unfortunately, i can easily be suckered into them..luckily, i’m not crazy about bite’s lipstick so that hardly ever gets to me (the canadian maples line is another story b/c of the maple scent, however.)

  2. I’m glad you got this limited edition item and were kind enough to send it to me. Thanks again. Yes, that Lush product name is most unfortunate, but I still want to try it when I’ve used up some of my open items. I love that it prints an expiration date, so I will be sure to open it in time to finish it if I like it. The Bite Maples do look nice. Hope you find someone to trade with. A BTer and I went to Sephora recently and swatched the berries. I forgot the name of the one I liked, so I hope she remembered.

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