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Beautytalk Chat with Murad and Dr. Dennis Gross Yields Free Gifts

Sephora hosts a variety of chats via Beautytalk with beauty professionals who represent the brands we know and love. I’ve participated in a lot of them for over a year. Who better to ask your brand specific question to than the brand creator or a top executive. Murad and Dr. Dennis Gross are two brands I love, so it was nice to see that Dr. Murad and Dr. Gross themselves were going to chat with us for an hour each. The topic of the chat was summer skin care, which was specifically set up to discuss sun safety.

If you’re like me, you begrudgingly love the sun. It is wonderful to spend a day playing in the sun, but the rays are so damaging to our skin. Sunburns, sun spots, and the long-term wrinkle damage can prematurely age us. On 06/02/15, I was happy to take part in this chat. Although you may have missed the chat, someone could have asked a question similar to one you may have had, so it never hurts to refer back to it. There were a couple of insightful questions that both Dr. Murad and Dr. Gross answered much to my delight as much as the poster of the questions.

I’ve read that certain chats have resulted in free gifts, and who does not love that. Until now, I had never received any free gifts resulting from a chat. Once again, being a Beautytalk user was paying. Last August, I received a full-sized gift from Dr. Dennis Gross. Then, a lot of Beautytalk users received a free gift from Formula X. While none of us Beautytalk users hang around to get free gifts, I like that I received three in less than a year.

On 07/02/15, I received a letter dated 06/24/15 thanking me for my participation in the thread. It requested I review these products on Beautytalk as well as Sephora’s review page, which I plan to do both upon completion. Enclosed was a 0.25 oz Dr. Dennis Gross dark spot sun defense, and a 0.17oz Murad Invisiblur.

Beautytalk Murad and Dr Goss Chat Gift

I’ve been wanting to try that specific Dr. Dennis Gross product, but I forgot until after I received this that I got one of these in the Sun Safety Kit. Dark spots are the worst, and I have one I am already dealing with. In addition to trying as many products as possible to fade the spot I have, I want to prevent new ones from forming. Sunscreen is a huge must for me, and I like the idea of this combo product. The Murad Invisblur has been popping up in so many gift with purchase samples, so I am certain I now have a few of these.

Beautytalk Murad and DDG Letter

It surprised me how nice Murad Invisiblur was. This has a very silicone feel, and it bonds very well with the makeup I placed on top. Despite using no setting powder, everything was still there when I removed my makeup at night. Granted, it is cool outside, so I will test this product again over the summer to see how it holds up to heat. That will also test the SPF function. Thanks again to Sephora, Dr. Murad, Dr. Dennis Gross, and Beautytalk.

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  1. I like all the ones I’ve tried so far. There aren’t any I can say I love or hate, but I love exploring the brand. Right now, I am using a retinol serum for deep lines. I want to say I am loving it but the sample may be too small to know for sure.

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