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Fabletics July 2015 Waikiki

My quest to get better workout gear continues. Fabletics provides quality workout gear for a decent discount over buying the similar items from sporting good stores. They are cute and high quality. Workouts in quality clothing not only make you look better, but they also make the workouts more comfortable. There is a large selection of outfits every month from plain to fun. My goal is to get some of both.

Outfits are usually 2-3 pieces and run from $49.95 to $89.95. From the 1st through the 5th of every month, you select the outfit of your choice or opt out online for the month. Reminder emails make it hard to forget. If you do forget, Fabletics will charge the card on file $49.95 and give you a credit toward a future selection. You will not receive anything you do not hand select, so you build your workout wardrobe based on what you want. You even get 50% off your first outfit making the first outfit an incredible deal too good to pass up. Follow up outfits are still a great deal in their own right.

For those who do not want a membership, you can shop Fabletics without one. Only subscribers get the VIP discount, so I do not recommend shopping without a membership. I would suggest joining and skipping months that do not speak to you.

Fabletics July 2015

This month, I opted for the Waikiki outfit. I love swimming, and I like that this swimsuit resembles a wet suit.  It is also black and looks athletic, but traditional.  The Rialto Bodysuit is 89% polyester and 11% spandex. All claims about the fabric are true, which are: it is moisture-wicking (as any swimsuit should be), has a four-way stretch, has a scoop back design, has a locking zipper detail, has a liquid black side panel for figure flattering shape.  I definitely think this is figure flattering, so they hit the ball out of the park on the last one.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 4.28.25 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-04 at 4.28.42 PM

The shorts are my first fun option.  Hopefully, I can continue to select some fun options.  It helps to pair fun items with more traditional ones.  The Adrian Short in tropical is 94% polyester and 6% spandex.  All claims about the fabric are true, which are: they have a lightweight stretch woven fabric, hidden back zip pocket, adjustable waistband with a pull-stop, and an eyelet detail for added ventilation.  As these are “water shorts,” I really appreciate the eyelet.  These are way more stylish than I thought they would be without being over the top, so I am glad I selected them.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 4.27.41 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-04 at 4.27.56 PM

It has a $99.90 value, but my VIP price was $59.95. Purchasing an outfit can save you money over buying items individually. The swimsuit retails for $54.95 or $39.95 for VIP members. These shorts retail for $44.95 or $29.95 for VIP members. That means buying them separately would cost you $99.90 or $69.90 for VIP members. There is no savings on the retail price, but you save $9.95 on the VIP price.  Hopefully, you are all shopping with the VIP price.  Keep that in mind when shopping extra pieces outside of monthly selections. You can buy full outfits outside of the selection period, so run the numbers to see if an outfit will give the best deal. Items placed in the Fit Finds section can go for less than the original outfit prices, but that is not always the case either.

When you purchase your outfits, you will usually get an option to add an item for $9.95. This month, I selected the Aventura tank.  It retails for $29.95 or $15.95 for VIP members. The fabric makeup is 60% Cotton and 40% Viscose. That combo makes it extremely soft and thin. I like how it feels and breathes, but it is very see through, even more so than in the picture.Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 4.34.26 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-04 at 4.37.08 PM

You also get two rewards points for every dollar you spend. That meant I got 140 rewards points for this $69.90 purchase. Once I review the outfit, I will receive 20 reward points for each item. This outfit was two pieces, plus the add-on, so I will receive 60 points for telling Fabletics how cute the outfit is and how much I enjoyed the quality. With 200 points thanks to this order, I am on my way. At 300 points, you can start redeeming for rewards. I may save them a bit longer to receive for something more valuable though.

You also get to select a free magazine subscription with each purchase. Does anyone pay for magazine subscriptions anymore? Between redeeming unused airline miles before they expire and all the places that give them free with orders, I cannot remember the last time I paid for a magazine subscription. I selected a digital Shape this month. They do not give your credit card info to the magazine either, so your subscription will not auto-renew. My first issue is already available.

If you have not joined yet, you can get 50% off your first order. You can opt out of any month you do not want to purchase. Read more about the program or visit the retailer page. Although you can shop Fabletics without a membership, these special prices are only available to subscribers. See all Fabletics store and subscription purchases. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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