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A Year of Birchbox Gifts Volume Two

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I love Birchbox. Getting surprises and discovering new items makes the prospect of each box a fun mystery. While planning a birthday gift for my mother-in-law earlier in the year, I decided I would send gift subscriptions to all the women in my immediate family for their birthdays as well.  Seeing what comes in their welcome boxes, which are never customized to a profile, would be fun for me and hopefully helpful to someone thinking of purchasing a gift subscription for a family member or a first subscription for herself.  There were actually some birthdays in between Volume One and this one, but life got in the way and I took a little break.  Once I completed my break, I resumed my task.

My sister-in-law was turning 30 about two weeks after I decided to start placing orders again on 04/06/15.  It made the most sense to resume with her, since I was already late with the others.  Unfortunately, I did not have enough points to go toward the cost, so I paid the full $30.  I used code BBJETBLUE10 to get 100 points back on my next order.  You cannot count points toward your discount as you earn and redeem, so I will only count them as I redeem them.  That means the $10 I get back on this order will go toward a future order, and I will count it then.  The code is still valid if you want to try it.  Of course, you can always find the active list of codes. 

Birchbox Sarah

Her first box arrived a bit before her birthday.  The first item that jumped out at me was the Beauty Protector Protect & Oil.  This is a popular Birchbox brand, but it took me over a year of subscribing before I received my first item from them.  Though I have not yet tried my sample of this, I absolutely love hair oils.  My hair is frizzy, so anything that tames the frizz a little is very welcome.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Face Rejuvenator is a product I was not familiar with before receiving it in a box of my own.  Finding a face scrub that works well without giving me a rash is always a challenge.  My goal is to find one that works as well as Exfolikate without the high cost.  Thus, I always welcome samples that allow me to try before I buy.

Whish is a brand Birchbox introduced me to, and I fell in love with.  I never would have discovered the brand without Birchbox, so this is one of the many reasons I love subscription boxes in general.  I have not specifically tried the body butter yet.  As a Whish fan and someone who needs a lot of body butter to combat dry skin, I would be excited to receive this sample.

Recently, I read a post from a fellow blogger where she received a product from Jelly Pong Pong.  That was the first time I had ever even heard of this brand.  None of my Birchboxes have provided me with a sample from this brand at all.  Highlighters are always welcome in my beauty routine, so I would certainly be willing to try it if I ever receive this.  My unfamiliarity with the brand leaves me less than excited, but unfamiliar brands have impressed me in the past.

The TempleSpa Peace Be Still Calming Face and Body Balm is a dual product.  Some of you may already know how I feel about products that claim to work in two different areas.  Generally, I would rather buy two different products specifically designed for one area than one combo product.  It’s not that combo products cannot do a good job.  The skin on your face has different needs than the skin on your body, so I cannot imagine a product that would address both well.  My body has dry skin plain and simple.  Although the dry parts of my face are way more dry than my body, I also have oily parts of my face which are nowhere near as dry as my body making the task of a dual product working well so much harder.  I received this sample in a box as well, so I will try it on both my face and my body and stick to the area I prefer the product on rather than using it for both.

That means three of her five items look exciting to me.  The other two are not necessarily exciting but not completely disappointing either.   Some may wonder why I am offering my opinion on her items instead of getting her own.  The reason is I did not want the gifts burden her, so I did not want to have her tell me what she thought of each one. On that note, I also refrained from asking her for the size of the items.  Anyone who reads my personal box reviews knows I break down the value of the samples, and I will still do that for my boxes.

The welcome boxes usually do not take the beauty profiles into account, so I also did not feel it was necessary to ask my gift recipients a bunch of questions to see why they got the welcome box they did.  I am not sharing any of their boxes that take their profile into account.  Again, this is to let them enjoy their gifts without me bothering them.  My boxes are pretty good, so I have not touched my settings in a while.  I will be more than happy to share my settings on my box for people who want to tinker with theirs.

Birchbox Women

I answer more questions regarding the program if you want more details on how it works. You can review other welcome boxes I’ve sent and received this year. Ready to send a Gift Subscription? If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers and all available offers. When you’re ready to spend your rewards points, remember to add your free two piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus Shop. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration. See other Birchbox Subscription articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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