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WalMart Beauty Box Spring 2015

I subscribed to the Wal-Mart Beauty Box.  My Spring Box was actually opened at the same time as the Winter Box on 03/26/15.  To make sure I did not mix them up, I kept them in separate places.  It honestly would not have mattered which one I presented first, because they were that similar.  I already wrote in the last installment that my late subscription may have had something to do with this.  Other reviews of the winter box seemed to contain different items than mine.  Thus, my theory is they ran out of some winter stock and started using advanced spring samples for later winter orders.  If you place an order late into the season, this may happen to you as well.  That could be great if you love the items or not so great if you do not, because then you end up with two not so great items.

Now that my subscription is active, I hope to only get items from the current season.  Wal-Mart Box items depend on the age you enter when you sign up and the colors vary.  That means there will be some variety from box to box, and there is no guarantee you will get the same box I get.  It is a recurring subscription. You get the box for free but pay $5 for shipping. The $5 charge posts immediately when you subscribe, and you get a box from the current season, which can take a few weeks.  Boxes go out once per season. Each box after your first will only charge the $5 fee when it ships.

Walmart Spring 2015 Beauty Box

WalMart Spring 2015 Beauty Box 4

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was I received what initially looked like the same lipstick I received in the Winter Box.  Thankfully, the lipstick was actually a different color.  It was a nude and not a color, which was slightly odd.  Getting a color in winter and a nude in spring seems backwards, but I equate this again to getting advanced stock of spring items in the winter box.  Other winter boxes had a completely different lipstick brand.  I am thankful they were different colors at least.  This one is the full-sized Hard Candy All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stain in sand castle.  This retails for $5, so this product alone pays for the box if it interests you.

I went into this expecting the same result as the last one.  Unlike the other one that highlighted dry patches of skin, this one applied silky.  It almost looked like a gloss with a very subtle sheen.  This does not wear like a gloss though and feels more like a glossy balm, which is decently moisturizing.  The color is a little more nude than my nude, pink lips.  As this wore off, it blended with my natural lips.  There was no patchiness or awkward wear.  I was surprised this was the same product as the last one, which was average at best.  For $5, this is a nice product and something I would repurchase.  The inconsistency across the colors is a little disconcerting, because I would go into a purchase hoping for one like this and be bummed if I only got the average one the last box brought me.  Regardless, with the $5 price tag, I would not be overly worried about getting a dud.

WalMart Spring 2015 Beauty Box 3

WalMart Spring 2015 Beauty Box 2

Hard Candy All Glossed Up sand castle 2

Hard Candy All Glossed Up sand castle

The Dove Pure Care Oil was definitely a repeat from the last box. For those worried that you will keep getting the same samples over and over, I will put one reminder here that I subscribed late to the winter box.  Other reviews I’ve seen thus far do not make it seem that items repeat.  Luckily, hair oil, unlike the same shade of lipstick, is something I do not mind having a duplicate of.  As someone who uses hair oil after every wash to help keep frizz at bay, I never worry about wasting those items.  If by any chance I hate the first sample, I will pass the second sample on to someone who either loves it or somehow managed not to receive a sample of it.  They’re everywhere, so finding the latter scenario may prove difficult.

I already mentioned in my last review I find it silly Wal-Mart does not carry an item received inside its sample box, but you can read that section here if you need a refresher or missed it the first time.  Anyway, this item retails for $12.99 at Walgreens in the 3.38 oz size. The sample in the box is 0.4oz, making the value $1.54.

Some of you may have noticed that this box only has four items, not including the foils that were the same as the previous box minus one that was in the other box and not in this.  Like the Dove Pure Care Oil, I will pass on the Loreal Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy and John Frieda Luxurious Volume foils if I do not like either when I try the foils from the first box.  If I do like them, I am happy to receive another set.  Although, I never place a value on foils, I always appreciate receiving them.  They’re bonuses in my eyes.  The good news about getting only four items is two are full size.  That beats the last box that only had one full size item.

The full-sized Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Volume retails for $7.97.  I actually have way too much mascara, and despite giving a bit away, my stash has grown since this article.  Due to the shelf life of mascara and how infrequently I use it, I cannot say I will get to this on time.  For the time being, I will still list in my value.  If it does not go bad before I get to it, I will gladly try it.  Remember to enter my giveaway if you have not already, because this could be gifted to you if you’re interested and you’re the winner.

The last item is Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser white tea & vitamin e.  Sampling face washes is always great.  My combo skin leans extremely dry in some parts causes flaking patches of skin and oily in other parts causing breakouts.  Finding the latest, greatest cleanser is near the top of my list of important things to do.  Skin care comes first.  This retails at $7.26 for 9oz.  That makes this 0.5oz sample worth $0.40.

My value and the box value are both $14.91, because I am willing to try everything inside.  I am happier with this value than I was with the last one.  Once again, my box did not have any coupons.  If my next box comes sans coupons, I am going to wonder what is going on.  With the first box, I understood.  Maybe, the lack of coupons on the second box could be an oversight.  If they’re missing from the third box, it becomes a pattern.  Back to back reviews on boxes only shipped quarterly may seem odd.  However, the summer boxes are shipping now.  My account was charged on 06/18/15.  I was super bummed that I never saw anything on the Fall 2014 box until after they stopped selling them, so I wanted to make sure I got these reviews done before summer boxes arrive.  Gives everyone more time to decide.  If you’re still unsure, no worries.  I will post the summer box (allowing it to jump the line in front of other backlogged articles) soon after it arrives.

And, my baby turned 4 today, so the article would not be complete without saying, Happy Birthday, Connor!  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads as well! USA, LLC

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