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WalMart Beauty Box Winter 2014/2015

I ordered the Wal-Mart Beauty Box on 01/17/15 based on the strength of the Fall Box, which I missed.  That box seemed amazing, and I love that it had a full-sized Secret Clinical strength deodorant, which I already use.  It retails for over $5 alone.  Sadly, I knew nothing about this box when they were originally filling orders, so I missed out.  It is a recurring subscription.  You get the box for free and pay $5 for its shipping.  The $5 charge posted immediately, which I expected.  On the website, it says the charge posts right away, and you will get a box from the current season.  Boxes get shipped once per season.  My first box arrived during the time where I never opened any packages, so it had to have been sometime after 02/18/15.  All of that time blurred together, so I apologize for being unable to pinpoint an exact date.  I know I opened it on 03/26/15 though. It actually took me a bit longer to go through it and begin to put the items away, because of everything going on in my personal life at the time.

Other reviews of the winter box seemed to contain different items than the items from mine. My late subscription may have had something to do with the fact. It seems as though they ran out of some winter stock and started using advanced spring samples for later winter orders. If you place an order late into the season, this may happen to you as well.  Unlike Target Beauty Boxes where you know all the items in advance, and the only variation is in color, you have no idea what will come inside your Wal-Mart box.  It is a big surprise.  Even if you read spoilers on sites like mine, your items could be slightly or entirely different.  For me, that is part of the fun.  I’ve found so many wonderful items I never would have purchased on my own through boxes.  If you do not like surprises, this is not the subscription for you.  Could you find $5 worth of value though?

Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2014:2015

Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2014:2015 2

Reviews I had seen of the box had me looking for coupons inside.  They either forgot my coupons, ran out, or decided not to include them because they had already expired.  My box did not have a single coupon.  It seems as though coupons will be a regular part of most boxes though.  I do not place any value on coupons until/unless they are actually redeemed.  Coupons are wonderful AS you redeem them and not a moment before.  Since my coupons were missing, I do not know if I would have redeemed them.

The first item to jump out at me was a full-sized lip stain.  This came in the form of Hard Candy All Glossed Up hydrating lip stain in chic.  It retails for $5, so the value of the box is already fulfilled on the first item.  Would I find the value though?  I put the product to the test and while I cannot say I hate it, I cannot say I love it either.  This was the first time I’d ever tried anything from the brand, so I was unfamiliar with it.  While I enjoyed the color and the way it felt on, it highlighted dry patches on the lips.  Exfoliation before use is an absolute must.  Unless I applied a lot of color and as it faded, it looked patchy.  For a $5 lipstick, I am a little more forgiving about those items making reapplication more frequent.

Julep Brow Poduct attempt 2

Hard Candy All Glossed Up chic 2

Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2014:2015 3

Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2014:2015 4

The verdict is this is worth $5, but it is not something I would ever buy.  I’m glad I sampled it, so I will include the $5 value in my value.  In order to calculate into my value, the item must be something I would use.  If I would not use it or do not like it, I still list it in the box value, but I deduct it from my value.

The Dove Pure Care Oil is the next item that spoke to me.  I’d seen it in multiple subscription boxes over the past few months, but I had yet to receive it.  It has received decent reviews, so I look forward to eventually trying it.  Looking up the price on this was rather interesting.  As the box came from Wal-Mart, it made the most sense to use Wal-Mart values to look prices up.  There is so much variation in drugstore prices from store to store.  Wal-Mart does not even sell this item.  Dove and Wal-Mart missed the mark in offering an item they do not sell together.  If one loves the product, they would need to buy it somewhere other than Wal-Mart.  Assuming said person buys his/her current oil from Wal-Mart, the company loses business by sampling an item it does not sell.  Of course, Dove not ensuring this oil would be sold at Wal-Mart may make it a deal breaker to loyal Wal-Mart shoppers.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.03.59 PM

Anyway, this item retails for $12.99 at Walgreens in the 3.38 oz size.  The sample in the box is 0.4oz, making the value $1.54.  This is a sample I will gladly try in the future, so I hope to get the value out of this.

Dry shampoos are one of my favorite things to sample.  I have not found my must have yet, so I am always on the prowl.  My scalp is dry, so my hair gets very oily to compensate.  That means I either have to wash daily, wear my hair up the second day, or use a dry shampoo.  Why do most dry shampoos make hair smell worse than before you sprayed it?  The idea is to clean, right?  This is a sample I look forward to trying.  Wal-Mart actually sells this 1.15oz sample in store for $1.47.

I have the driest skin on the planet.  Okay, maybe someone has drier skin, but it never feels that way when my skin starts itching.  It has gotten to the point where I have to put moisturizer on my skin every single time it is freshly washed making body lotion once a day and had cream many, many times a day an absolute necessity.  Receiving this Dial 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion in Omega Moisture was very welcomed.  At 0.5oz, this is worth a whopping $0.09.  Before you start laughing, I must share that I love it.  I can buy a 26.25oz bottle for $4.88, and I certainly will.  The smell is amazing, so I actually look forward to applying this.  Receiving moisturizers in small samples is awesome.   I love throwing them in my purse and using them while I am out.  The problem is most are fine for my body but not okay for my hands, which need something thicker and more moisturizing.

As dry as my skin is, my hands and feet are a million times worse.  Simple body lotions do not usually work well enough to moisturize my hands, which often forces me into buying much more expensive hand creams.  This Dial lotion is medium density.  It is thicker than your average body lotion but not as thick as your average hand cream.  When I first tested this on my hands, as I do with all small samples, I was very surprised to find it worked.  My hands stayed moisturized until my next washing.  This $.09 beauty is currently serving me well for my to-go hand cream.  When I buy the full size, I will try this on my body, so my hands do not have all the fun.  If it moisturizes my hands this well, I know it will do great on my body, which is nowhere near as dry.

Last but not least of the deluxe samples, I received a face scrub, St Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub.  My skin is incredibly sensitive.  Most scrubs give me a rash, but I have yet to pinpoint the ingredients that cause it.  They all seem to have different ingredients.  I do not return items, so I will no longer buy any scrubs I cannot sample first.  If I have an allergic reaction to the sample, I will pass it on to a family member.  At 1oz, this is worth $0.59.  I have a lot of face scrubs open, so I hope I can try this before its July 2016 expiration date.

I also received foils of the new Loreal Advanced HairCare Color Vibrancy line, Nivea Smooth Sensation Body Lotion, and the John Frieda Luxurious Volume line.  Foils are easy to come by and accompany most orders, so I do not place any value on these.  Even though I do not place value on these, I look forward to trying them.  My hair is very frizzy.  Finding something that manages the frizz or at the very least does not make it worse is a task.  Sampling new items that may or may not fit the bill is always welcomed.  The Nivea sample is a moisturizer, so you know I am going to try that as well.

The total box value is $8.69.  I will try all the items, so my personal value is also $8.69.  As I only paid $5, I feel like this was a good deal.  Anyone who already knows and/or has no interest in the Hard Candy would not have found a good deal with this box as that is the only item that makes the box worth it.  Everything else adds to less than $5 total.  Have you subscribed to this box yet?  If you have not subscribed but want to, the summer boxes are coming soon.  Your wait should be minimal.

Remember to check all offers before shopping online. See all Walmart Subscription Box articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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