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Sephora’s Beautytalk Members Receive a Free Formula X The System to Go Set

Some of you may have already read Beautytalk and How It Pays to be a Member. Well, courtesy of Formula X owner, Kendo, it is paying again. It appears Sephora sent the vast majority of Beautytalk members were gifted a free Formula X The System to Go Set. The set contains 4 0.1oz nail polishes and retails for $16. While this thread clearly demonstrates some are still waiting, I have a good feeling most people will be victorious in receiving a set. Thus far, responders have only reported to receiving Alive, the set with peach-pink polish, and Pyrotechnic, the set with red polish. I am watching the thread to see if anyone receives Thrilling, the set with gray polish.

If you have not received yours yet but have ever created a Beautytalk account, there is a good chance that yours is on the way. The first reports of this lovely gift were dated five days ago, but I only received mine yesterday. With thousands of users, it makes sense that they are staggering mailings. It does not appear closeness to Kendo has anything to do with the timely manner in which you will receive the item either. My package was mailed from 525 Market Street, 15th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105. Although I live in the next state over, people in Canada (yes, Canadians are not excluded) received theirs before I received mine. There was even a user who reported receiving one at her UK address.

An issue may come into play when it comes to addresses. It seems Kendo is not pulling addresses from current Sephora shipping addresses, so I am unsure what involvement Sephora actually had in this promotion. One would think that Sephora would have provided current shipping addresses but others have also questioned whether Sephora would have done that or not. Generally, Sephora will contact someone before giving their address out to a third party to mail them something free. That also gives the person the chance to give the most relevant mailing address. Personally, I love receiving free items, so I would not have cared if Sephora gave Kendo my address. Some people do not feel the same way, so where did Kendo get these addresses?

If I learn the answers, I will edit this and report back. In the mean time, I can say that people are getting products mailed to old addresses, billing addresses, secondary addresses, etc. People who only have one address on file, like myself, are more likely to receive their product at their shipping address.

How can I be sure only Beautytalk members are receiving this gift? I’m not, really. Friends and family members of mine who are Sephora customers but not Beautytalk members have not reported receiving anything. The sample size on that group is way too small to have any statistical significance though. I’ve only seen one post from a Beautytalk member that appears someone who is not a Beautytalk user received a product. Then again, I registered for Beautytalk over a month before I realized I did, so I cannot be sure this person does not really have a Beautytalk account. When I reviewed my first product on Sephora’s website in June 2013, it automatically enrolled me. It was not until July 2013 that I made my first visit to Beautytalk and realized I already had an account. Your Beautytalk account and reviewing username are the same. This means people who have reviewed products technically have a Beautytalk account.

The package I received is a small white cube. It seems like some people my also be received their package from Lahlouh IncDirections Marketing Consultant Address rather than kendo. My guess is Kendo contracted them to help with this promotion.  If you receive a package from them or someone named Romeo Salonga, you may see the following address: 1649 Adrian Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010, United States. Seeing United States listed after the zip is unusual, so they probably did most of the international mailings.

Formula X 3

When I opened the box, I was happy to see I received the Pyrotechnic The System To Go Set. It includes 0.1 oz bottles of Cleanse Nail Cleanser, Prime Base Coat, Shine Top Coat, and the Nail Color. Red is my favorite color, so I am happy I received Pyrotechnic. Although I am unsure how, they knew it was the one for me. Okay, I am obviously joking, but I am super happy with it. Other than the beautiful red, I also love that the set includes a nail cleaner. I love my Deborah Lippmann 2 Second Nail Prep, but I rarely use as often as I should.

Formula X 1

In addition to the color and cleaner, the set also includes a base and top coat.

Formula X 2

The 0.1oz bottles are tiny and so cute when separated from the top.

Formula X 4

I swatched the nail polish, and it is really beautiful red. Compare it to my other red nail polishes.

Formula X Pyrotechnic

Formula X Top Coat is a clear, semi glossy top coat. The finish is smooth. Compare it to my other Nail Treatments, Base Coats, and Top Coats.

Formula X Top Coat

Formula X Base Coat is a sheer, pink base coat. The finish is semi matte and smooth. Compare it to my other Nail Treatments, Base Coats, and Top Coats.

Formula X Base Coat

I am grateful Kendo sent me this lovely Formula X set. If you are a Beautytalk member who has not received one yet, keep checking your mailbox and good luck. It is important to note that Formula X is not a 3 free nail polish, so that should considered before applying it. Although I prefer 3, 4 and 5 free polishes, polishes without them are not a deal breaker for me. Formula X is a polish brand I enjoy. My last Formula X purchase was actually four days ago, so I should be receiving that polish very soon.

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6 thoughts on “Sephora’s Beautytalk Members Receive a Free Formula X The System to Go Set Leave a comment

  1. i think it was a fantastic gift to give to BTers..i’m pretty ecstatic that i received a kit w/ the color “alive” since i have a myriad of different shades of red polish. the clix system is so cute..i’m going to buy another “the match” clix kit and will swap out the nail cleanser for another color to have more color options for my traveling kit. so cool you got your fave color, too 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, I agree. I was happy to be included. My fingers are crossed that those still waiting do not stay left out, especially the super active members. I’ve seen BT members with hardly any posts with accounts created as late as 04/23/15 receive this gift, and I am glad they were included as well. It’s nice to see a site wide BT gift.

    The mod post that it is for the “most active” members does not line up to what I am seeing. My theory is it was sent to all BT members, regardless of activity, with accounts created before the cutoff date whenever they instituted this idea. “Activity” has less to do with the holdouts than the staggered mailings and the fact that they are sending to addresses on file that are not always the most recent shipping address. Boxes sent to old addresses because of this may never reach the intended recipients. Glad you got the color you wanted.


  3. Yes, considering I never even attended the Rouge event which ultimately led to this promotion, it was a very welcomed surprise. I woke up with a terrible headache the morning of the Rouge event and had to sit out. Based on past Rouge events in my city, I doubt I missed anything special. Glad you got one, too.

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  4. It was for “active” Beautytalk members, not just Rouge customers. The idea stemmed from the bad press Formula X took on Beautytalk following the early April Rouge event. Apparently, a lot of polishes given in their free bags were old and separated. Some people complained about the colors, too, but I collect polish in all colors (so odd colors would not have concerned me).

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