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Disney Makeup on Sale

This was actually a pajama order.  We are huge Disney fans, so most of my boys’ pajamas come from the Disney Store.  I also got a pair of pajama pants of my own.  Although I rock those Minnie Mouse pajama pants, I am writing this to share a different Minnie purchase with you.  Disney actually sells makeup.  As a frequent visitor to the cruise line, the mall stores, and the US parks, I’ve seen the makeup they’ve offered everywhere.  Some of it looks cute while other selections look cheap.

I decided it was finally time to take the plunge into the Disney world of makeup.  It might be fun to combine two of my favorite things, beauty and Disney.  Worst case scenario is I hate the item, but I still have a collectible trinket.  All things Disney are super cute, so I would keep my purchase regardless of the outcome whilst adding it to my Disney collection.  When it comes to makeup, one of my favorite things to collect also seems like the hardest item to ensure quality, eyeshadow.  If you get a lousy lipstick, you can always reapply.  Lousy eyeshadow is much harder to reapply, because once it creases or refuses to blend, it is done.  What better place to start my Disney makeup journey!  Will it end before it really begins or will this be the beginning of a new Disney addiction?

The Pop of Minnie 6 pan palette, pictured here on the bottom right, was in the clearance section online.  Disney was also running a 25% off discount that applied to it.  My total cost before tax was $13.49.  When it was first released, it was never on my radar, so I am unsure what the original retail price was.  I cannot remember the last time I paid less than $15 for a palette, so the price was perfect to test the Disney makeup line.  Looking at the entire lineup in the Pop of Minnie collection actually makes me sad I did not discover this earlier.  If any of you were lucky enough to nab any of these items when they were still being sold, I would love to read your thoughts.  Everything looks beautiful, especially the Kabuki brush.

Pop of Minnie Collection

I did an online search to see pictures or swatches of the item before I ordered it.  Disney released this short video on YouTube.  In that video, the makeup artist insists we should not be afraid of color.  She uses the nudish colors above the eye and places the blue just below the eye stating the blue, pink or yellow can be used for the pop of color.  While I am certain one can use the palette this way, all six pans are large.  If you only used the bright colors to make the eyes pop, you will run out of nudes and probably have enough color pops to last for years afterward.  My intentions with the palette were a little different.

Pop of Minnie Pop of Minnie Inside

All shades appear matte and chalky in the pictures.  While I definitely think the shadows stay a little on the chalky side, not that I am complaining with a $13.49 price tag, but these shadows are not perfectly matte.  To give you an idea of how big these pans are, picture the average 0.05oz Urban Decay shade and double it.  That’s right, these shadows are 0.10 oz each.  At 0.60 oz, this is the same amount of shadow you get in a Naked palette.  It also means the clearance price made this $22.48 an ounce.  The palette is made of sturdy cardboard and closes with magnets.

Pop of Minnie swatches Pop of Minnie swatches with flash

The swatches pictured without and with a flash do not show the micro glitter either, but I promise you will see it if you keep reading.  Other than the dark brown color, Downtown Mouse, I also found the swatches a little patchy and unevenly distributed upon application.  That said, my eyes were drawn to the beautiful pink hue, Oh My Bow, so I was still excited to play with it.  It almost seemed like Downtown Mouse was out-of-place with the other five, because it applied smoothly and looked much more pigmented than the others.  It is rare to see a shade better without a flash than with it, but the white shade, Polka, is almost drowned out by the flash.  I love blue shadow, but there was nothing about this shade, I’m Seeing Dots that was speaking to me.  The tan shade, A La Mode, seemed uninspiring, but I knew I would need it to blend with the colors.  On me, the yellow, Fa-Bow-Lous almost looked like a healing bruise.

Eyes Pop of Minnie Eyes Pop of Minnie indoors

Despite not loving 5 of the 6 swatches, I decided to play with it.  I’m Seeing Dots was left out of this look, but I found places for the other five.  Oh My Bow is on the lid.  It took a bit of building to fill the color in, but I am with the results.  This pink is as beautiful as I’d hoped, and it does not seem as chalky on as it does in the palette or in the swatch.  Despite my instincts, I used Fa-Bow-Lous as a highlight shade in my inner corners and underneath my eyes.  It does look like a bruise, so I will need to play with this more to see if I can ever use it.  A La Mode was uninspiring on my eyes the same way it was in the pan and swatch.  You can see that I used it above the lid and in the crease.  Since A La Mode did not do enough for me or my crease, I carried Downtown Mouse just past my outer V slightly into the crease.  Like the swatch, this applied smoothly and looked great on. Polka went on my brow bone and looked better than I expected.  As promised, you can see the micro glitter on the inside close up.  It is almost unrecognizable in the outside picture.


I liked the overall look, although the tan and the yellow do not really work for me.  This palette is not something I see myself using often, but I did not hate it either.  Paired with NARS Pro Prime eyeshadow base, I had no creasing.  Disney’s eyeshadow is average.  While I’ve used makeup that is much better, I’ve also used items that are worse.

Disney is currently running its Twice Upon a Year sale (its first run is the beginning of every January).  Neither my emails nor the site specify when the sale will end.  There are no makeup items in the sales section, but there are pajama sets on sale.  Between growing kids and lack of quality in Disney pajamas, we have to buy often.  I may buy some more, but after many years of thin, ripping pajamas, my kids may need to learn to learn to live with non Disney pajamas.  We’re a Disney family though, so characters outweigh quality.  Their costumes are made better than outsourced ones, so they need to do the same thing with their jammies.

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