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FabuFinds: Product Spotlight February 2015

Every month, I review my empty products.  If you missed this month’s empties, you can find them here.  Some products are obviously miserable, and I do not want to think about them again.  Others are so wonderful and seem like they’re made just for me.  Those are FabuFinds, and I generally like to devote a little more time to discussing them.  They are items I have repurchased and will continue to repurchase even at full price if I could not find a good promo code.

Of everything I used in February 2015, there were only three I consider FabuFinds.  Two already exist in my stash, and the other one will once I’ve used the samples I own of it.  Three is one less than last month, but finding products that are just right for you is a task.  If you find even one a month, it makes your never-ending quest to find them worth it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 2.13.35 PM

The first item this month is Benefit Big Easy.  This is a foundation.   I find the coverage light to medium.  It is buildable, although it will look cakey if you try to apply this as full coverage.  Rarely do I apply full coverage in anything, so this works for me.  Living in Vegas, full coverage anything is not advised 5-6 months out of the year anyway.  Big Easy blends very nicely for a slightly thicker foundation.

The formula feels great.  My skin is very dry in certain parts and very oily in others.  I find this does not dry out the oily parts of my skin, but it does not overly accentuate the dry parts of my skin.  This is what I reach for when I want a very quick foundation application.  It dries matte, so you will not need a setting powder (unless your skin is very oily or you live in a very humid climate, neither of which apply to me).

The coverage on this is so much better than your average BB cream or tinted moisturizer, but the application time is about the same.  One of the reasons I do not bother with full on foundation most days is because I do not like how long it takes to apply it.  This is the perfect medium between the fast applied but very light coverage BB cream and the great coverage but takes too long to apply foundation.  It is the best of both worlds.

Benefit only makes this in six shades.  I find my shade closer to one in the winter and closer to two in the summer, but I am never a full on one or two.  That means short of mixing the colors together, it is not a perfect match.  Sheering my full size two out with a little moisturizer helps make the color lighter, but I wish I did not have to do that.

The more I used this the more limitations I noticed. It still works beautifully during normal weather that it not too hot or too cold, so I still love this in the spring and fall. During the summer, it slides off unless I set it. Not setting it is the main reason I named it a FabuFind, because it resembles BB cream with more coverage. My skin is dry, so I always recommend setting it for people with oily skin. In the winter, it highlights dry patches more than more luminous formulas. I will still reach for this in nice weather when I want something as easy to apply as BB cream with slightly more coverage.

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My second may surprise some of you.  It is YSL Touche Eclat in Shade 2.  I originally tried this in shade 1 a while back and did not get the hype.  The color did not look great on me, and I found that it moved and creased.  Fast forward a bit, and I decided to sample it again in shade 2.  This shade looks as if it was made for my skin.  When mixed with foundations from its line or its sister line, Lancome, it does not really move or crease either.  It provides a very pretty, somewhat subtle glow.  That is just the look I am usually going for.

If I could name one issue that keeps this from being perfect, it would be the mixture with certain foundations.  I find that it does move and crease with certain foundations.  It is hard to blame this product or the foundation when neither crease alone.  The two coming together causes slight creasing.  Of course, this is on my skin.  The skin under my eyes is very dry, so yours may not crease as badly if your skin is more moisturized.  Also, you may use a foundation that blends with this perfectly.  Anyway, my suggestion on this and any highlighter or concealer that creases is to try it with a different foundation before writing it off.  Sometimes they do not blend well with certain products, but they do fine with others.  With YSL foundation, Touche Eclat looks magical.

I have a few samples left and find that even though they are foils, they last me a decent amount of time.  Granted, I do not wear makeup often, and I have other highlighters I mix in when I do wear makeup making these last even longer.  As with all foils, store unused product in a sealed Ziploc to help them last longer.  Do not forget to remove them from the bathroom with the rest of your makeup (if you apply in there like I do).

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A lot of you already know my third product.  My favorite serum ever is Lancome Genifique.  Whenever I use this, I notice a very slight natural glow.  The glow disappears almost immediately when I am not using it meaning the serum has an illuminating affect that works only while you are using the serum.  In addition to the immediate effects, it also has long-term effects that I like. It gives an overall youthful appearance by making skin look smoother and more even.  This is an activating serum, so I tend to use it with another serum.  However, it works fine as a solo serum.

This is one of my favorite products, so I cannot think of anything that would make it better.  I’ve heard some people say that the older version was better, but I never tried it.  If the older version was truly better than the reformulated one I love, I cannot imagine how amazing it was.  I am a huge Lancome lover, so I try to acquire as many of these as possible in the very generous GWP products the brand offers.   The serum is wonderful, so I will always have this regardless of what GWP offers are available.  If you have not tried this yet, it is very easy to acquire it in a Lancome GWP.

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