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Influenster Virtual VoxBox from Healthy Essentials

Influenster is the completely free sampling program that has members complete short surveys to see if they qualify for specific programs.  Read more about the free program.  I’ve received several physical Voxboxes before, but I recently received my first Virtual Voxbox.

As someone who loves deals and saving money, this virtual Voxbox was right up my alley.  Coupons are always nice to receive, but I have never taken the time to get into extreme couponing.  Thus, I tend to only use physical coupons I stumble upon and do not actively seek them out the way I actively seek out online promo codes.  Healthy Essentials offers virtual coupons, so I should be able to print coupons I want.

Sadly, what I should be able to do and what happened are two different things.  I mostly work on my MACBook.  Following Influenster’s link, I went to the Healthy Essentials website to set up my account.  Admittedly, I was excited to see what they had to offer.  In no time at all, I was clipping coupons digitally.  Though I was not found of the requirement that I had to print them, it was not a deal breaker to me either.  After selecting $16.50 in coupons I knew I would redeem, I headed off to print.

Printing was not happening.  Java was a requirement for printing.  It said my Java was out of date, which was odd because no other sites seemed to have a problem with my Java.  I followed Healthy Essential’s suggestion that I download the latest version and remove the older version.  Then, I attempted to print again.  The same errors popped back up.  While I am not the most technically savvy person, I am not computer illiterate either.  I followed all of the instructions but got the same error.  Still wanting my $16.50 in coupons, I repeated all of the steps to see if I encountered an error along the way.

After repeating the process to update Java, I made my third attempt to print.  Once again, I was getting the same error.  Following my usual three strikes you’re out rule, I gave up on the idea to print these coupons from my MAC.  I went to my desktop, which still hosts a PC, Dell specifically.  Surprisingly, the system said that Java was out of date there, too.  My husband does some pretty impressive work on this computer, so I do not believe for a second the Java was out of date.  Regardless, I repeated all of the steps on my PC that I attempted twice after the first failure on my MAC.

Once again, I got the same errors on my second attempt to print coupons after trying to update Java.  Thinking there is no way this is a user error, I decided to try a second time just like I did on my MAC.  I was happy to see that I actually got a little further in the error process.  Rather than just total failure, there was an option to override the failure “just this once.”  Of course, I selected that option.  After all, I love Influenster and saving money.

When I went to print my emails, it said I had already printed them.  I checked my printer to see if they magically went over.  They did not.  Then, I printed something else just to ensure my printer as working.  It was.  There were no documents in the queue either.  Once again, I tried to print the coupons.  The same pop up that I cannot print them again came up.  Again?  I would just like to print them once, please.  This was on Thursday, May 28th.  Still willing to give this whole thing another shot, I emailed Healthy Essentials.

Five days later, Healthy Essentials has not responded to my email, and my account now freezes when I try to log in.  On three different log in attempts, I wait over five minutes, and the system still wants me to wait longer.  No thanks.  I am done waiting for a faulty system, an email to be returned that I sent in during business hours five days ago, and now my $16.50 in coupons are lowered to $11.  There is a very minute possibility that this is a user error, so I do not want to point the finger at the site and say it is completely flawed.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.17.56 PM

I am sure it works for some and hope they find great deals on it, because I fully support what they are doing.  However, I have now devoted hours to this and have nothing to show for it.  No coupons, an account I cannot even access, an incomplete Influenster badge (because I cannot screen shot the coupons that will not print more than once or write a review to encourage others to sign up).  I will not spend any more time on this other than the exit survey Influenster requires after you receive a box.  This is my first virtual box, so I am unsure if they will require one on this.  If I remember, I will come back and let you know.

So, where do I stand on coupons?  This process made me realize that I should open up some coupon accounts, so I will do a  little research and see if I can find one I like.  If I open a new account and am not adept enough to print any actual coupons, I will come back and apologize to Healthy Essentials.  On the other hand, if it goes well, I will come back and tell you about the program whatever and wherever it may be.  Someone was recently writing good things about, so I may start there.  We’ll see.

If this article made you want to join Healthy Essentials, I have two questions?  One, did you really read this or did you just skim the headers?  Two, can you please come back and tell me you actually got some coupons to print?  I do not support the site at the moment, so I will not link it (I only link sites I support and will remove links if any sites I support are this difficult to work with).  You can Google it if you want to join.  While I know this article was not a glowing recommendation for Influenster, I can still link their site.  I do not blame them for my issues with Healthly Essentials and wholeheartedly hope their other members had more luck with the program than I did.  It must work for some people or the site would cease to exist, so I cannot be a total hater.  I am done.  If anyone ever responds to my email, I will come back and let you know.

The saddest part of this whole thing other than the time suck is I was really looking forward to those coupons.  Knowing I could have received them for cheaper if my coupons would have printed almost makes me not want to buy them.  I hate knowing I can get a better deal than what I am getting.  Maybe, when I finally print coupons I will love this a little too much and become an extreme couponer.  Who knows? See all Influenster articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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