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Valentine’s Day Nails 2015 Featuring Polish Julep Hartleigh

When it comes to creative ideas, I will never be of any help to anyone.  My artistic abilities are lacking and hover near nil.  Say hover near nil five times really fast!  Some Beautytalk readers may have already seen these, because I actually shared them there just before I intended on writing this article.  Well life and a million other things got in the way.  This is the look I came up with for my nails, which I painted on Valentine’s Day.

The goal for 2015 was to paint my nails every Saturday.  My nail polish collection, which sits at 298 bottles while I write this consists of mostly unused polishes.  Most of the polishes were never even opened until very recently when I decided I no longer wanted to spend five minutes pulling random bottles out of the containers to see if that was indeed the color I was looking for.  Thus, I embarked on what ending up being a multi day, several hours a day project to label and swatch the top of each bottle.  I still have five bins of polishes, but I have found locating polishes to be a little faster now.

I also created an Excel spreadsheet.  When you do not use polish often but buy it often, it is easy to buy one you think looks awesome only to find out you already own it.  That definitely happened to me more than once, but I found some nice homes to send those duplicates to.  Backups are not something I need on makeup related items, because I do not use them enough to ever need a backup.  If something so amazing that I require a backup comes along, I will be sure to let you know.

On Valentine’s Day morning, I pulled out my Julep Oxygen Base Coat, Julep Tyra topcoat (described as a magenta pearl), and Julep Hartleigh.  I also grabbed some flower decals by Elegant Touch.  My goal was hearts and flowers, typical Valentine’s gifts.  Tyra creates such a beautiful, soft pink color.  She was applied a little thick for my taste, so I need a lighter hand next time.  The flowers on every finger also seem a little overwhelming.  Next time, I will only apply decals to select fingers rather than all of them.  I did save the roses for the typical decorative finger, but I actually prefer the way the other flower looks. Compare Tyra to other nail treatments, base coats, and top coats.

Manicure 021415   Manicure 021415 Flash

Julep Hartleigh is a beautiful clear polish with white accents and heart decals built right in.  I found it a little difficult to work with.  The hearts either would not stick or they would apply sideways at the very tips of my nails.  I had to carefully lay them back down.  It would have been nice to see them apply a little more evenly.  This was actually a completely free polish received for accepting the February 2015 Julep Maven box, so I cannot complain too much.  This is what it looks like on its own.  Compare this to my other red polishes.

Julep Hartleigh

I will definitely give it another try to hopefully get the hang of it.

My toes were also painted on Valentine’s morning.  I only used Julep Oxygen Base Coat and Dior Delice.  The funny thing is a base and top coat help make my manicures last longer, but using three polishes on my toes makes them fade faster.  If I am using a light color, I tend to only use the color and a topcoat.  For darker colors, I like to use a base coat to prevent from toenails from getting stained.  This color applied as a beautiful pinkish orange and did not look much like the way it presented in the bottle.  Compare this to my other orange polishes.

Dior Delice

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