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Sample Society February 2015 Get Ready

Sample Society closed in 2015. The Allure Beauty Box launched the same year. When these boxes were released Beautybar handled management.

After seeing the strength of the December 2014 and January 2015 boxes, I decided to resubscribe to Sample Society.  The January one did not have an overly high value, but it did have items I was extremely interested in.  I ordered those boxes separately from Beautybar and wrote about them here.  One of my favorite things about Beautybar is it releases additional boxes that do not fully sell out to subscribers on the site, so if you miss a great box or want to get another for any reason, you can just order it after the fact. I knew that we were getting a Strivectin serum sample in the box and as a Strivetcin fan, I was excited for that.  Some mistakenly got one in their January 2015 box, but they had already removed them by the time I ordered.  No worries, because it did arrive safe and sound in my February box along with other items of course. Sample Society membership is $15, plus tax in most states.  My cost is $16.22.  Although I have not used any of the items inside the box, I look forward to trying them all.  That means I will probably use all of the value in this box.  I calculate actual value and my value, because items I will not use are not valuable to me.  One of the nugg masks actually came in a previous Birchbox that I have not tried either.  If I do not like the Birchbox one, I will likely gift this one to someone meaning it is possible it may not have full value.

February 2015 Sample Society 3

The 0.33oz NAILS INC in Princess Palace is full size. It is worth $9.50.  The 1.6oz Blush Batiste Dry Shampoo is a deluxe size, and its full size counterpart is 6.73oz.  I was surprised to see such a range in price for the full size.  Target sells it for $5.99, whereas others sell it as high as $7.99.  For that savings, I would but it at Target making this deluxe size worth $1.42.  Nugg masks retail at $19.75 for the variety 6 pack making these single use packages $3.29 each.  Love Story by Chloe at 0.04oz is worth $3.00.  The 1 oz size is $75.  Most products get cheaper per ounce as the sizes get bigger and more expensive as the sizes get smaller.  To take this in account, I always calculate value based on the smallest size sold.  That is the cheapest “in.”  Strivectin Intensive Illuminating serum retails for $89 in its 1 oz size.  This 0.25 oz sample is worth $22.25. That makes the actual value of the box $46.04, which is pretty good since I paid $16.22.  If I do not end up using the duplicate nugg mask, my value will still be $42.75.  That makes this box a win.  Now, I just have to try some items to see how much of a win it is. I did swatch the nail polish, which is a very pretty, baby blue/periwinkle hybrid.  My nails have not been actively painted in a while, so I just left the swatch in place for a while.  Like all NAILS INC polishes, I was impressed with its staying power. Compare this to my other blue polishes.

Nails Inc Princess Palace

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Batiste, so I cannot wait to try it.  Blush is the one I had my eye on, too, so this is perfect for me to start off with.  My hair absolutely needs dry shampoo if I go a day in between washing without putting it up.  To this day, I have tried a lot and have not found one I am super in love with, so I always enjoy trying new ones. The Chloe Love Story was everywhere in February.  Even after giving some away, I still have two more, so I will eventually get around to seeing if it is worth all the good hype.  Of course, I will come back and edit this if I try it soon and remember.

Ready to subscribe?  Too bad!  Just noticed when Sample Society did a box sale recently that they have temporarily halted memberships.  One of the things that happens when you get really behind on sharing posts is it is too soon to share all details about situation anyway. So, I will share my membership status when I share my March box.

I actually received an email the day after I wrote this article that Allure is starting its own subscription box program without utilizing Beautybar’s assistance.  That explains why they are not accepting new subscribers.  At this time, I am unsure whether or not I will subscribe, but I will let you know if I change my mind.  See all Sample Society articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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