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Valentine’s Day Nails 2015 Featuring Polish Julep Hartleigh

When it comes to creative ideas, I will never be of any help to anyone.  My artistic abilities are lacking and hover near nil.  Say hover near nil five times really fast!  Some Beautytalk readers may have already seen these, because I actually shared them there just before I intended on writing this article.  Well life and a million other things got in the way.  This is the look I came up with for my nails, which I painted on Valentine’s Day.

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Sample Society February 2015 Get Ready

Sample Society closed in 2015. The Allure Beauty Box launched the same year. When these boxes were released Beautybar handled management.

After seeing the strength of the December 2014 and January 2015 boxes, I decided to resubscribe to Sample Society.  The January one did not have an overly high value, but it did have items I was extremely interested in.  I ordered those boxes separately from Beautybar and wrote about them here.  One of my favorite things about Beautybar is it releases additional boxes that do not fully sell out to subscribers on the site, so if you miss a great box or want to get another for any reason, you can just order it after the fact. I knew that we were getting a Strivectin serum sample in the box and as a Strivetcin fan, I was excited for that.  Some mistakenly got one in their January 2015 box, but they had already removed them by the time I ordered.  No worries, because it did arrive safe and sound in my February box along with other items of course. Continue reading

Allure Beauty Enthusiasts Testing Garnier

I joined Allure Beauty Enthusiasts after receiving an invitation via email.  Although I do not subscribe to Allure Magazine, I have subscribed to the Allure Sample Society box.  Generally, I trust Allure and respect most of its reviews.  As a Beauty Enthusiast, I get first access to deals, promotions, the chance to test new products for free, and more.

I received a survey to participate in a trial.  Apparently, my results coincided with the test subjects they were in search of.  My skin is combination dry with slightly oily skin in what I call my upside down T zone.  My forehead does not get oily, but my chin does.  The survey was short, so I do not worry about taking a lot of long surveys only to find out I do not qualify.  There is no charge for this program, so I decide how much time I want to spend on programs, which is very little.

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Get Free Beauty Samples Volume Two

Nothing beats completely free offers.  Sometimes, there really is no catch to obtaining free items.  You just have to know where to look and how to find them.  Welcome to the second installment of items I’ve received for free.  Other free sample articles will feature different freebies, like Volume One Did.  If you have not already read volume one, you can see the free items I received here.  My Free Samples Page provides more information on sample opportunities.

The offers at times come in emails.  Sometimes, you will see them on a blog or the direct brand’s website.  Other times, you can find free offers on social media or even through snail mail.  Offers can at times come by phone, but I never answer numbers I do not recognize.  I will miss out on any that come that way.

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Influensters Test Dessange Hair Care. Have You Joined Yet?

Some of you may have read or heard about Influenster.  If you have not, you can read my overview here.  The only thing better than getting a great deal and trying new things is trying new things for free.  Influenster always sends completely free items, so everything I received here was free.

Wen is my usual hair product and as you may know, I love it.  It is a cleansing conditioner, so it does not clean the same way a shampoo does.  Read more about how Wen cleans here.  I do tend to use other shampoos occasionally when I am in a hurry (Wen takes time) or I just want a deep clean.  Whenever I receive shampoos, I am not overly excited.  My hair tends to feel like straw on a Wen off day whereas it feels like silk on a Wen day.

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SAKS Fifth Avenue $50 off a $200 Beauty Purchase, and a Sample Filled Tote

February 18th started like any other day.  My beautiful niece, Sammy, had been in the hospital since the 16th.  Prior to the 16th no one knew anything was wrong with her.  She woke up with swollen limbs, and my sister rushed her to the hospital to find out why.  For two days, the doctors told my sister that her daughter’s heart condition was beyond repair.  From one hospital to the next, my sister was in search of a better trained hospital and a more favorable prognosis.

Every time my sister told me there was no hope, I refused to believe it.  Some might say I was in denial.  After all, she was healthy or so I thought.  I prayed constantly and asked my friends to do the same.  There were leagues of people praying for one little girl to overcome her ailments.

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