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Nails Featuring Polish Julep Becky

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For anyone who did not read the previous installments, I made a goal to paint my nails at least once a week this year.  Installment one went over my polish collection among other things.  Then, I embarked on the challenge in the next installment.  If you want to join my in the challenge, follow along here or you can visit the Beautytalk challenge.  Nail polish Saturday was born.  If you’re looking at the calendar, you realize it is Sunday.  No worries though, because I did paint them yesterday and just waited until today to share them.

Julep released a lovely new color named Becky.  Gwen (a BeauyTalk friend of mine) mentioned Becky looked similar to Blakely.  I had not yet used Blakely even though I owned her.  After discussing the two with Gwen, my first plan was to paint one hand in Becky and the other in Blakely to compare the two.  Once Becky started arriving for people, I noticed she was swatching differently than I had seen Becky swatch.  Fearing a mismatched manicure, Gwen suggested I do Blakely on the ring finger of each hand and Becky on the other fingers.  It was a great idea, so that is exactly what I did.

I started with a Julep Oxygen base coat (currently my favorite).  It dries fast, smooth, and matte.  With its whitish tint, it also helps bring out the color in the polish a bit more than a clear base coat.  One coat of Becky on 8 fingers and 1 coat of Blakely on 2 fingers were all that I needed.  They’re both highly pigmented.  This is a swatch of Becky, but Blakely looks almost exactly the same to me.  It has a purplish gray base color with emerald green glitter. Compare this to my other purple polishes.

Julep Becky

I topped them with Bjork, which is a metamorphic topcoat.  She is whitish with a blue tint.  Compare this to my other Nail Treatments, Base Coats, and Top Coats.

Julep Bjork

Before I knew it, the very slight blue tint was giving Becky and Blakely a bluish overall color.  I cannot really tell the difference between Becky and Blakely.  Can you?  The polish looks messy, but I always scrape it off the next day in the shower when my skin is soft and the polish is completely dry.  If you have shaky hands, removing the polish when it’s still wet or your skin is dry is difficult and usually messy, so try this.

Manicure 020715Manicure 020715 2

The theme for this week’s challenge is Winter’s Last Hurrah.  Since my nail color was leaning blue, I thought it might be fun to draw some snowflakes.  Some may remember that I received a large GWP from recently (it’s now sold out, but I will alert you when I read of the next one).  It had a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in white nail inside that I decided to try.  For those of you who know me as notcreative, you may already know that I lack any talent whatsoever.  Despite my inability to draw, I took a stab at the snowflakes.  After using the pen, you’re supposed to add another topcoat to seal your drawings.

Manicure 020715 4 Manicure 020715 3

I decided to use Bjork again, because I like how she transformed the polishes.  By the second coat of Bjork, and I would have sworn the polish was blue to begin with.  While I am not happy with my drawings (neither is my husband), I love the final look of the polish.  These topcoats are awesome, and I am definitely in love with Becky and Blakely.

Most weeks, I will allow the readers to pick my polish as Nancy picked week one and Gwen picked week two.  Week three starts on Valentine’s Day, so I am going to pick my polish that week.  If you would like to pick week four, I will tally any votes received here and on next week’s article.  Majority rules.  If each polish only gets one vote, I will use the one picked first.  Thanks for following along.  Just remember that I will only consider ones I have not tried before (excluding base and top coats), because my goal with this challenge is to use new polishes until I have used them all.

Name Used Yet
100% Pure Forever No
Butter London Fairy Lights No
Butter London Fruit Machine Yes
Butter London Inky Six No
Butter London Knees Up No
Butter London Lovely Jubbly No
Butter London The Old Bill No
China Glaze Isle See You Later No
Ciate Caviar Pearls Cupid Arrow No
Ciate Cha Cha Cha No
Ciate Fit For a Queen No
Ciate Sequin Glitter Grip Yes
Clinique hot date No
Clinique Really Rio Yes
Color Club Gold Struck No
Crabtree&Evelyn Clementine No
Deborah Lippmann 2 Second Nail Primer Yes
Deborah Lippmann Chain Reaction No
Deborah Lippmann Girls Just Want to Have Fun No
Deborah Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad No
Deborah Lippmann Magnetic Wave Big Red Machine No
Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream No
Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Eyes Yes
Deborah Lippmann Moon Dance No
Deborah Lippmann On the Beach No
Deborah Lippmann Phoenix Rising No
Deborah Lippmann Prelude to a Kiss No
Dermelect Moon Kissed No
Dior Delice No
Dior Porcelaine No
Essie nothing else metals No
Essie vanity fairest No
Face Stockholm Dance Party No
Formula X Arctic Yes
Formula X Atom+Eve No
Formula X Base Coat Yes
Formula X Bond, Ionic Bond No
Formula X Crash No
Formula X Dark Matter No
Formula X Invincible No
Formula X Mr. Positivity No
Formula X Voodoo No
JinSoon Coquette Yes
JinSoon Nostalgia No
JinSoon Voile No
Julep Abbie No
Julep Alexandra No
Julep Ally No
Julep America No
Julep Annemarie No
Julep Annika No
Julep Aretha Yes
Julep Ariana No
Julep Avery No
Julep Becky Yes
Julep Bergen No
Julep Betty No
Julep Beverly No
Julep Bjork Yes
Julep Blakely Yes
Julep Brielle No
Julep Candace No
Julep Cara No
Julep Cassie No
Julep Catrina No
Julep Celia No
Julep Claudia No
Julep Coco No
Julep Coretta No
Julep Dahlia No
Julep Daria No
Julep DeAnn No
Julep Dendrie No
Julep Devon No
Julep Eliana No
Julep Emerald City No
Julep Farrah No
Julep Fast Dry Topcoat Yes
Julep Fazia No
Julep Fiore No
Julep Freedom Polymer Topcoat 1 No
Julep Freedom Polymer Topcoat 2 No
Julep Freedom Polymer Topcoat 3 Yes
Julep Freedom Polymer Topcoat 4 No
Julep Gabrielle No
Julep Gayle No
Julep Geena No
Julep Gianna No
Julep Glam Roc No
Julep Glinda the Good Witch No
Julep Gretchen No
Julep Harley No
Julep Hartleigh No
Julep Helen No
Julep Hermoine No
Julep Ilsa No
Julep Jane No
Julep January No
Julep Jessie No
Julep Joanne No
Julep Joni No
Julep Joyce No
Julep Julie No
Julep Kathy No
Julep Kendra No
Julep Kiki No
Julep Kim No
Julep Kimberly Yes
Julep Kirby No
Julep Kristen No
Julep Lena No
Julep Lissa No
Julep Logan No
Julep Lola No
Julep Lorenzana No
Julep Luna No
Julep Maddy No
Julep Malala Yes
Julep Marjorie No
Julep Martha No
Julep Martina No
Julep Mary Lee No
Julep Marzia No
Julep Nan No
Julep Nancy Yes
Julep Nic No
Julep Noelle No
Julep Oscar No
Julep Oxygen Base Coat Yes
Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment 1 No
Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment 2 Yes
Julep Oxygen Topcoat 1 No
Julep Oxygen Tpcoat 2 Yes
Julep Phia No
Julep Phoebe No
Julep Priscilla No
Julep Queen Anne x 2 No
Julep Ramona No
Julep Rochelle No
Julep Rooney No
Julep Rosa No
Julep Ruby Slippers No
Julep Sandi No
Julep Savannah No
Julep Sawyer No
Julep Scarlett No
Julep Serena No
Julep Shari No
Julep Shoshanna No
Julep Sienna No
Julep Silk Effect Topcoat No
Julep Soleil No
Julep Something Blue No
Julep Stevie No
Julep Sunny No
Julep Sydney No
Julep Tatiana x 2 No
Julep Teri No
Julep Tilda Topcoat Yes
Julep Tin Man No
Julep Tyra No
Julep Veronica No
Julep Zora No
Lancome Rouge in Love Yes
MAC Pearl Highlight No
Nails Inc Alexa Lace Yes
Nails Inc devonshire row No
Nails Inc edinburgh No
Nails Inc Old Park Lane No
Nails Inc Sheraton Street No
Nails Inc Sugar House Lane No
Nailtini Bloody Mary No
NARS Disco Inferno No
Nicole by OPI Cinna-Man of My Dreams No
Nicole by OPI On What Grounds? No
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Chimera Yes
OPI Go on Green No
OPI Happy Anniversary No
OPI Hey Baby No
OPI I Can Teal You Like Me Topcoat No
OPI I Have a Herring Problem No
OPI Lay Down That Base No
OPI Let’s Do Anything We Want No
OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight No
OPI Push and Shove Topcoat No
OPI Are You Callin’ Me a Lyre? No
Orly Unlawful Yes
RGB Oxblood No
Rococo Flower Child Creme No
Ruffian Blue Lagoon No
Ruffian Endless Love No
Ruffian Sahara No
Sally Hansen Big Matte Topcoat No
Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Yes
Sally Hansen Punch Drunk No
Seche Clear Crystal Clear Basecoat Yes
Seche Elegant Yes
Seche Restore Yes
Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat Yes
Sephora 1st Night No
Sephora by OPI What Aura Gonna Wear? No
Sephora by OPI White Blasted No
Sephora Cross The line No
Sephora Drive men wild No
Sephora Full Moon Party No
Sephora in bed with No
Sephora Myrtille Yes
Sephora Pantone Brick Dust No
Sephora Pantone Universe Fairy Tale No
Sephora Pantone Universe Orchid Chrome No
Sephora Pantone Universe Radiant Orchid No
Sephora Pantone Universe Rhododendron No
Sephora Psychedlic No
Sephora X Ariel (Turquoise) No
Sephora X Devotin to Floatin (Ariel Teal) No
Sephora X Hotter Under the Water (Ariel Purple) No
Sephora X Life is the Bubbles (Ariel White) No
Sephora X Off the Hook (Ariel Silver) No
Sephora X We in Luck Here (Ariel Coral) No
Sinful Colors Face the Facets No
Sinful Colors Nail Junkie Yes
Sinful Colors Sheer Genius No
Spa Ritual Copper Shimmer No
Strange Beautiful Color Bloc July 4th Blue No
Strange Beautiful Color Bloc July 4th Red No
The New Black Metallic Silver No
The New Black Miami Vice Gold No
The New Black Miami Vice Pink No
The New Black Silver Glitter No
Ulta Baby Doll No
Ulta Basecoat Yes
Ulta Green and Wear It No
Ulta Oh! Yes
Ulta Professional Black Diamond No
Ulta Professional Crown Jewels No
Ulta Professional Fairy Dust No
Ulta Professional For Bitten No
Ulta Professional Get a Grip Bonding Basecoat Yes
Ulta Professional Happily Ever After No
Ulta Professional Nails of Steel No
Ulta Professional Runway Rose No
Ulta Professional Vampire Kiss No
Urban Decay Addiction No
Urban Decay Deep End No
Urban Decay Goldmine No
Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace No
Urban Decay Naked Creep No
Urban Decay Naked Hustle No
Urban Decay Naked Naked Yes
Urban Decay Naked Sidecar No
Urban Decay Naked Smog No
Urban Decay Naked Toasted No
Urban Decay Vice No
Urban Decay Woodstock No
Wet n Wild Through the Grapevine No
Zoya Maya No
Zoya Rayne No

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