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YSL BabyDoll Mascara is the Challenge Winner!

Thanks so much to everyone who voted in the Mascara challenge.  I had a lot of fun with this challenge and reading everyone’s reasoning on why I should try which mascara. For people who picked more than 1 mascara, I only counted the first one they mentioned that I had not yet tried. I’ve tallied the votes here and BeautyTalk. The results are YSL Babydoll won with 12 votes followed by Blinc with 8 votes. The other votes came in the following order: Josie Maran got 5, Urban Decay Perversion got 5, Butterfly got 3, Marc Jacobs got 3, Tarte got 3, Estee Lauder got 2, Clinique High Impact got 2, Buxom got 2, Hourglass got 2, Sephora got 1, Hypnose Drama got 1 (already used but kept the vote that was never changed), and Bare Minerals got 1.

A lovely reader gave me an idea to host an impromptu drawing. For the drawing, I assigned a number to the 12 ladies who picked YSL in the order they responded. It seems like a good idea to send my second sample to a home that knows and loves the product.  I also assigned Gwenhwyfar a number, because I put her down for Marc Jacobs for mentioning she loved it. However, I realized she did write YSL first. As I specifically tried to only give the first item mentioned to everyone, it would not have been fair to leave her out. By my caluclations (and remember I only counted you for YSL if it was the first mascara you wrote that I have not yet tried meaning you will not see your name on the list if you mentioned another mascara first).

My entrants were:
Jb*** 1
B******** *** 2
J******** 3
S****** **** 4
Jo******* 5
M******* 6
A***** 7
M***** 8
C***** 9
E******* 10
G********* 11
K*********** 12
D******** 13

And, my winner is
Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.46.19 PM

So, A***** will receive an pm from me for her address. If she lives outside North America (which includes Mexico and Canada) or declines the offer, I will draw again. I will send her the mascara plus another item from her wish list or similar to her wish list if I do not have it.

Some people have asked to read more about the mascara and my thoughts.  I applied one coat of mascara to my left eye and thought it looked nice.  On my right eye, I applied Lancome CILS booster first (a new sample of this will be included in the giveaway for 100 followers).  The difference between the two eyes was very noticeable.  This booster is almost three months old, so it does not look or perform as well as a brand new one would.  It still looked pretty good to me.  The verdict is I like the mascara after the first use, but I love it used in conjunction with CILS.

YSL Mascara 3

For those who like to see what the wands look like, a lovely reader suggested I include pictures.  This is what the YSL wand looks like.  It actually applies mascara nicely and seems like it would make clumping difficult.  I will do a follow up down the road to see if the mascara remains clump free right around the three month mark. The bristles are smaller and less sparse than I am used to, so one pass seemed to hit most of them. The design of the brush also prevents it from picking up too much product. That eliminates some possibilities of it getting thick or gooey, so I think it will be far less likely to clump. The application was smooth. I usually make a mess around my eyes that I have to clean up with a Q tip. While I did have one tiny slip up, it was pretty carefree.

Mascara Brush YSL

The wand on the CILS booster has thicker bristles that are more sparse.  This wand is very near the 3 month mark, and as you can see the product is not overly thick or clumpy except at the very tip. That made the CILS seemed to be a little less smooth on my eye as well. I’m not quite sure if it is due to the fact that the CILS is older (almost three months) or if this mascara may bunch slightly when they’re combined. I will open a new CILS soon and find out. The products definitely look better together to me.

Mascara Brush CILS

This is what my natural lashes look like.  The tips are so blonde, you cannot even see them in the picture.

Natural Lashes

You can see in the full face pictures that my mascara looks thicker courtesy of CILS on the right eye.  For those who like to see mascara models with only mascara, this is as close as it gets.  I plopped on a nude lipgloss, because I am so close to the end of a lip challenge.  Other than that, I am not wearing anything else.

YSL Mascara 2

I liked that picture, but I noticed the lighting was slightly off.  Here is one with better lighting.  Sorry for the inadvertent scowl.

YSL mascara 6

Here are some close ups.

YSL Mascara 1

YSL Mascara 4

YSL macara 5

I am in the process of growing out my brows, so please excuse their tattered look.  The bottom picture does the best job of showing how CILS made the mascara look more full.  My right eye is of course on the left side of the screen. See all Challenge articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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