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Nails Featuring Polish Julep Nancy

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If you read my last nail polish installment, you may remember that I entered a nail polish challenge to keep me motivated to paint regularly and use some of the polishes I have collecting dust. My goal is not to repeat any (not counting base and top coats) until I have tried them all.  I’d also like to paint at least once a week.  As Julep makes it so easy to collect quality polishes at incredible prices, I own more Julep than any other brand.  I asked the readers to pick the polish color for this week, and I was happy to start with a Julep color.

Julep Nancy was the polish selected.  It looked like a dark silvery gray in the bottle.  After prepping my nails with the Julep Oxygen base coat, I applied Nancy.  She presented as a beautiful, shimmer dark green much to my surprise.  I do not remember when I picked her up, so I had no clue she was green.   Her color is so dark green, she makes forest green look light.  As the polish was so dark, I decided not to do a second coat.  I used Julep Tilda for the topcoat.  This is a Metamorphic color that seemed to almost lighten Nancy a bit.  Some may remember that Tilda presents white with a green tinge in the bottle.  Compare this to my other nail treatments, base coats, and top coats. The color created by combining them is absolutely stunning as you can see in the pictures taken with a flash to show the color.  Compre this to my other green polishes.

Manicure 013115 4 Manicure 013115 5

Of course, I also took pictures sans flash to give a better interpretation of how they look in real life.

Manicure 013115 2 Manicure 013115 3

I did have to apply a second coat on one thumb and one ring finger, because they smudged.  After I was confident they were dry, I used a Julep hand mask to treat my overly dry hands.  Although, nothing can make my hands feel soft for long periods of time, these masks do help temporarily.  They are keepers.

Manicure 013115 1

My hands shake, so I find it easier to clean up my edges the following morning when the skin around my nails is soft.  I can just scrape the polish right off without removing it from the nail.  When I remove it while polishing, my shaky hands always run into the nail.  It means pictures taken the night of polishing will always look a little messy, but they will look much nicer (assuming they do not chip overnight).

Want to vote for next week’s polish?  See my list of polishes.  I only ask that you vote on one I have not yet tried, and that you place your vote in the comments at the bottom of this article.  Thanks for following along with my nail polish journey.  If you’re embarking on one yourself, please tell me which polish(es) you used this week. See all nail polish and Challenge articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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