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Julep January 2015 Birthstone and a Nail Polish Challenge

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My hands are not the best, so I have a love/hate relationship with nail polish. On the one hand (sorry that I could not help the pun), unkempt hands get ignored. That way, no one notices them. At the same time, all hands look better with a nice manicure and a little polish. Yes, more people will notice them, but at least they will look as good as they can. So, I invite all of you on my journey to keep my rough, man-hands polished as much as possible. I’ve joined a nail polish challenge and plan to paint my nails at least once a week for the remainder of 2015.

Nail polish Saturday will be my new “thing.” I started collecting nail polish in May 2013. Prior to that, I only owned a couple of older bottles that I tossed when my new collection started. That means my current collection is all less than two years old with some being very near the two year mark and others that just arrived today. My newest haul from Julep just came in with two polishes and a plush pout. Of course, I will always swatch new items for you.

Here is the Plush Pout in Cardinal. It looks red in the container, but it presents more pink-red on my skin. That probably has to do with my natural pink undertones and the moisturizing center lightening the color. Yes, I know this is a nail polish topic, so I will not spend too much time on this. I will just say that I am in love with these. Magenta Plum was my first, and it is amazing. These wear so beautifully and feel great. I picked up Aurora Pink in October and hope to use it for the first time soon. Almond Nude is the only one I am missing now, but it is coming in my next box. My collection will be complete when it gets here.

Julep Plush Pout Cardinal

Luna was the polish that got away in December. If I could describe this polish in one word, I would call it Frozen. It just reminds me of the movie. I regretted not ordering it, and it was not an option in January. That just meant I needed to place an order outside my box. Julep is clever about getting Mavens to place extra orders. Compare this to my other blue polishes.

Julep Luna

Last year, I collected all of the birthstone polishes. I started with my birth month, Aretha. She was so beautiful that I eventually added them all. On top of the fact that they all look beautiful, I love the special bottles with the gold tops. There are a brand new set of gemstones this year, and I have my heart set on collecting them all as well. January’s Geena, named after Geena Davis, is so beautiful that they are off to a great start with this amazing light pink glitter shade. Compare this to my other pink polishes.

Julep Geena

I used coupon code COLORFUN to get this nail polish free. It is still good until 01/31/15 with a $15 purchase. Pretax subtotal must be $15 after deducting the polish. My total for this order was $18.39, so each item cost me $6.13! The polishes were $11.20 each, and I got the Plush Pout on sale for $9.99. The coupon took $14 off, because they tend to take off the full polish price of $14, even though I only pay the $11.20 Maven price (which is 20% less than the general public.  Like this deal. View Julep and others in the current deals. When I add the new polishes into my current collection, I have a total of 253.

Of those 253, I’ve only used 31. Some of you are starting to see why I joined a nail polish challenge. The older ones (remember none are older than May of 2013) are starting to break apart. I have one that is probably damaged, but I have put Seche Restore in it to see if I can save it. Luckily, it is one of the 31 I’ve used, even if it was only once. My goal is to only wear new ones until the end of the year and hopefully not to skip a Saturday of painting. If I get adventurous and try nail art, that may even help me use multiple colors at once. Join me this year as I try to complete the challenge and my goal not to skip any weeks. Saturday will be my first painting of the year, and I want some feedback. My list of polishes is attached. Are there any I own and have yet to try that are amazing? The polish with the highest number of votes will be the first one I use this Saturday, so please pick one for me.

# Name Used Yet
1 100% Pure Forever No
2 Butter London Fairy Lights No
3 Butter London Fruit Machine Yes
4 Butter London Inky Six No
5 Butter London Knees Up No
6 Butter London Lovely Jubbly No
7 Butter London The Old Bill No
8 China Glaze Isle See You Later No
9 Ciate Caviar Pearls Cupid Arrow No
10 Ciate Cha Cha Cha No
11 Ciate Fit For a Queen No
12 Ciate Sequin Glitter Grip Yes
13 Clinique hot date No
14 Clinique Really Rio Yes
15 Color Club Gold Struck No
16 Crabtree&Evelyn Clementine No
17 Deborah Lippmann 2 Second Nail Primer Yes
18 Deborah Lippmann Chain Reaction No
19 Deborah Lippmann Girls Just Want to Have Fun No
20 Deborah Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad No
21 Deborah Lippmann Magnetic Wave Big Red Machine No
22 Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream No
23 Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Eyes Yes
24 Deborah Lippmann Moon Dance No
25 Deborah Lippmann On the Beach No
26 Deborah Lippmann Phoenix Rising No
27 Deborah Lippmann Prelude to a Kiss No
28 Dermelect Moon Kissed No
29 Dior Delice No
30 Dior Porcelaine No
31 Essie nothing else metals No
32 Essie vanity fairest No
33 Face Stockholm Dance Party No
34 Formula X Arctic Yes
35 Formula X Atom+Eve No
36 Formula X Base Coat Yes
37 Formula X Bond, Ionic Bond No
38 Formula X Crash No
39 Formula X Dark Matter No
40 Formula X Invincible No
41 Formula X Mr. Positivity No
42 Formula X Voodoo No
43 JinSoon Coquette Yes
44 JinSoon Nostalgia No
45 JinSoon Voile No
46 Julep Abbie No
47 Julep Alexandra No
48 Julep Ally No
49 Julep America No
50 Julep Annemarie No
51 Julep Annika No
52 Julep Aretha Yes
53 Julep Ariana No
54 Julep Avery No
55 Julep Bergen No
56 Julep Betty No
57 Julep Beverly No
58 Julep Blakely No
59 Julep Brielle No
60 Julep Candace No
61 Julep Cara No
62 Julep Cassie No
63 Julep Catrina No
64 Julep Celia No
65 Julep Claudia No
66 Julep Coco No
67 Julep Coretta No
68 Julep Dahlia No
69 Julep Daria No
70 Julep DeAnn No
71 Julep Dendrie No
72 Julep Devon No
73 Julep Eliana No
74 Julep Emerald City No
75 Julep Farrah No
76 Julep Fast Dry Topcoat Yes
77 Julep Fazia No
78 Julep Fiore No
79 Julep Freedom Polymer Topcoat 1 No
80 Julep Freedom Polymer Topcoat 2 No
81 Julep Freedom Polymer Topcoat 3 Yes
82 Julep Freedom Polymer Topcoat 4 No
83 Julep Gabrielle No
84 Julep Gayle No
85 Julep Geena No
86 Julep Gianna No
87 Julep Glam Roc No
88 Julep Glinda the Good Witch No
89 Julep Gretchen No
90 Julep Harley No
91 Julep Helen No
92 Julep Hermoine No
93 Julep Ilsa No
94 Julep Jane No
95 Julep January No
96 Julep Jessie No
97 Julep Joanne No
98 Julep Joni No
99 Julep Joyce No
100 Julep Julie No
101 Julep Kathy No
102 Julep Kendra No
103 Julep Kiki No
104 Julep Kim No
105 Julep Kimberly Yes
106 Julep Kirby No
107 Julep Kristen No
108 Julep Lena No
109 Julep Lissa No
110 Julep Logan No
111 Julep Lola No
112 Julep Lorenzana No
113 Julep Luna No
114 Julep Maddy No
115 Julep Malala Yes
116 Julep Marjorie No
117 Julep Martha No
118 Julep Martina No
119 Julep Mary Lee No
120 Julep Marzia No
121 Julep Nan No
122 Julep Nancy No
123 Julep Nic No
124 Julep Noelle No
125 Julep Oscar No
126 Julep Oxygen Base Coat Yes
127 Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment 1 No
128 Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment 2 Yes
129 Julep Oxygen Topcoat 1 No
130 Julep Oxygen Tpcoat 2 Yes
131 Julep Phia No
132 Julep Phoebe No
133 Julep Priscilla No
134 Julep Queen Anne No
135 Julep Ramona No
136 Julep Rochelle No
137 Julep Rooney No
138 Julep Rosa No
139 Julep Ruby Slippers No
140 Julep Sandi No
141 Julep Savannah No
142 Julep Sawyer No
143 Julep Scarlett No
144 Julep Serena No
145 Julep Shari No
146 Julep Shoshanna No
147 Julep Sienna No
148 Julep Silk Effect Topcoat No
149 Julep Soleil No
150 Julep Something Blue No
151 Julep Stevie No
152 Julep Sunny No
153 Julep Sydney No
154 Julep Tatiana No
155 Julep Teri No
156 Julep Tilda Topcoat No
157 Julep Tin Man No
158 Julep Veronica No
159 Julep Zora No
160 Lancome Rouge in Love Yes
161 MAC Pearl Highlight No
162 Nails Inc Alexa Lace Yes
163 Nails Inc devonshire row No
164 Nails Inc edinburgh No
165 Nails Inc Old Park Lane No
166 Nails Inc Sheraton Street No
167 Nails Inc Sugar House Lane No
168 Nailtini Bloody Mary No
169 NARS Disco Inferno No
170 Nicole by OPI Cinna-Man of My Dreams No
171 Nicole by OPI On What Grounds? No
172 Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Chimera Yes
173 OPI Go on Green No
174 OPI Happy Anniversary No
175 OPI Hey Baby No
176 OPI I Can Teal You Like Me Topcoat No
177 OPI I Have a Herring Problem No
178 OPI Lay Down That Base No
179 OPI Let’s Do Anything We Want No
180 OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight No
181 OPI Push and Shove Topcoat No
182 OPI Are You Calllin’ Me a Lyre? No
183 Orly Unlawful Yes
184 RGB Oxblood No
185 Rococo Flower Child Creme No
186 Ruffian Blue Lagoon No
187 Ruffian Endless Love No
188 Ruffian Sahara No
189 Sally Hansen Big Matte Topcoat No
190 Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Yes
191 Sally Hansen Punch Drunk No
192 Seche Clear Crystal Clear Basecoat Yes
193 Seche Elegant Yes
194 Seche Restore Yes
195 Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat Yes
196 Sephora 1st Night No
197 Sephora by OPI What Aura Gonna Wear? No
198 Sephora by OPI White Blasted No
199 Sephora Cross The line No
200 Sephora Drive men wild No
201 Sephora Full Moon Party No
202 Sephora in bed with No
203 Sephora Myrtille Yes
204 Sephora Pantone Brick Dust No
205 Sephora Pantone Universe Fairy Tale No
206 Sephora Pantone Universe Orchid Chrome No
207 Sephora Pantone Universe Radiant Orchid No
208 Sephora Pantone Universe Rhododendron No
209 Sephora Psychedlic No
210 Sephora X Ariel (Turquoise) No
211 Sephora X Devotin to Floatin (Ariel Teal) No
212 Sephora X Hotter Under the Water (Ariel Purple) No
213 Sephora X Life is the Bubbles (Ariel White) No
214 Sephora X Off the Hook (Ariel Silver) No
215 Sephora X We in Luck Here (Ariel Coral) No
216 Sinful Colors Face the Facets No
217 Sinful Colors Nail Junkie Yes
218 Sinful Colors Sheer Genius No
219 Spa Ritual Copper Shimmer No
220 Strange Beautiful Color Bloc July 4th Blue No
221 Strange Beautiful Color Bloc July 4th Red No
222 The New Black Metallic Silver No
223 The New Black Miami Vice Gold No
224 The New Black Miami Vice Pink No
225 The New Black Silver Glitter No
226 Ulta Baby Doll No
227 Ulta Basecoat Yes
228 Ulta Green and Wear It No
229 Ulta Oh! Yes
230 Ulta Professional Black Diamond No
231 Ulta Professional Crown Jewels No
232 Ulta Professional Fairy Dust No
233 Ulta Professional For Bitten No
234 Ulta Professional Get a Grip Bonding Basecoat Yes
235 Ulta Professional Happily Ever After No
236 Ulta Professional Nails of Steel No
237 Ulta Professional Runway Rose No
238 Ulta Professional Vampire Kiss No
239 Urban Decay Addiction No
240 Urban Decay Deep End No
241 Urban Decay Goldmine No
242 Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace No
243 Urban Decay Naked Creep No
244 Urban Decay Naked Hustle No
245 Urban Decay Naked Naked Yes
246 Urban Decay Naked Sidecar No
247 Urban Decay Naked Smog No
248 Urban Decay Naked Toasted No
249 Urban Decay Vice No
250 Urban Decay Woodstock No
251 Wet n Wild Through the Grapevine No
252 Zoya Maya No
253 Zoya Rayne No

Julep Iman was missing from the lsit above. It was the July 2014 birthstone. I do love Julep, so I am hoping to start with one of those 114 (well 112 new ones). I will try whichever brand you decide on, so I am open to suggestions. How many polishes do you have? Are you planning on painting your nails more this year?

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