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Vegas Style

They say everything is bigger in Texas.  I lived in Texas for nearly four years and can attest to the fact that it is big.  Texas has nothing on Vegas though.  Women dress to the nines to enjoy a night on the town.  Glitter, big hair, fancy clothes, makeup, high heels, lots of hair spray and more beauty products than you can imagine help these beautiful women get ready.  I’ve travelled to many places but only have to drive about 30 minutes if I want to see some of the most beautiful women in the world.  They come from everywhere and look so amazing when they hit the town.

When it comes to beauty and style, my husband is not your typical male.  He has a great sense of fashion, and he knows what looks good.  After I lost contact with my longtime stylist, who was amazing and tried a few duds in my search to replace her, my husband told me who I needed to see.  Long time native, Andeen Rose-Clark knows Vegas.  This smart and beautiful woman lives to make other women look as great she does.  You’ll never guess her age, because she looks amazing.  With her fiery red hair and matching bright red lipstick, she is hard to miss.  Vegas has already learned she is a force, and the rest of the world is catching on.  She knows what women hitting the town want and started a business to cater to them.

Andeen Rose

The business is called The Style Lounge.  It’s located at the LINQ, which is the newest venture by Caesars Entertainment.  I am in love with the vibe at the LINQ, so I think Caesars really created a gem.  It has a fun, party feel.  The High Roller, which is now the largest ferris wheel in the world at 550 feet is the centerpiece for this destination.  My older son loves the attraction and would ride it everyday if we let him.  It takes riders on a 30 minute trip where the sights of the city and strip make a beautiful background.  The surrounding shops and businesses compliment the vibe Caesars was looking for.  There are great restaurants, entertainment spots, casinos and of course, this incredibly wonderful business called The Style Lounge.

Style Lounge 4 Style Lounge 5 Style Lounge 6

This is a full service salon where people can enjoy many beautifying practices: including hairstyles, haircuts, hair color, hair extensions, manicures, pedicures, makeup application, spray tans, waxing and more.  One could spend an entire day here getting the different services, which sounds like a great gift to anyone wanting to gift such a thing to someone.  If you’re thinking this is the perfect place for your event, you’re right.  It is open most of the day.  This is Vegas after all, so they get that events run all day long.  If your event is in the morning for a wedding, conference, or convention, they’re open.  Should you need evening hours because your event starts at midnight and you do not want to get fully dressed hours before other salons close, they’ve got you covered.  One of the most different aspects of the salon is it has a bar.  You can enjoy cocktails while they make you beautiful.

Style Lounge 7 Style Lounge 19 Style Lounge 3

The whole location is very beautiful.  It’s decorated in white and purple, which is my second favorite color.  I love the designs and accents.  Relaxing here is very easy, because the environment is laid back with soft music pumping through the room.  At one point, they even had a change in music.  That makes me think they are very accommodating to requests.  One of my favorite design elements was the blow dryers that come out of a contraption above the chairs.  Just be careful when standing and sitting, so you do not run into it.

Style Lounge 14 Style Lounge 15 Style Lounge 20 Style Lounge 23

Although I have only partaken in the hair services thus far, I enjoyed seeing their setup for everything else.  The manicure stations have a tv over them.  That is convenient.

Style Lounge 25

I found the pedicure stations stunning (although I should have walked around the sound system to get a better picture).

Style Lounge 18

The makeup application table is beautiful.  I met the new makeup artist, Heidi Marie, yesterday.  She was wearing the most beautiful shade of purple MAC lipstick, so I can tell she has great style.  Their other makeup artist, Didi, is really good at what she does.  Her creations sometimes hit my feed, and I am always impressed.  I’ve had her wax my eyebrows in the past, and she did a great job.

Style Lounge 8

I love the entire hair section from the blow dryer placement I already mentioned to the art deco purple mirrors on the clean white countertops.  The black chairs are stylish and comfortable, which are two words that usually do not go together.

Style Lounge 22

Even the display for items available for purchase looked lavish.

Style Lounge 9

After I scoped out the new location, I was ready to start my appointment.  Andeen has cut my hair for a few years, but this was my first time seeing her here.  On top of being personable, she is very talented.  People come from places far and wide to seek her services.  Her clientele include many high-powered women and celebrities who seek her out when they come to town.  Anyone looking for a new stylist or any of the technicians available here would be in great hands.  This is my before picture, and you can see that I was in need of Andeen’s services.

Style Lounge 21

I took more pictures throughout the process while Andeen and I discussed what was new in our lives.  She’s had a lot going on over the past few months, so I was happy to catch up.  Yes, she makes every client feel like a friend, so you can count on the same friendly service I receive.  Andeen is also a perfectionist, so she takes the time to do everything perfectly.  When training Heidi (her new makeup artist) on how to blowout my hair, she explained so perfectly that I am going to try it myself.  Whenever I try to blow out my hair, the round brush gets stuck.  It is not pretty.

Style Lounge 24Style Lounge 13Style Lounge 12Style Lounge 1

In no time at all, my hair was ready.  It looked so much better than it did before I arrived.  I am always happy with my outcome and yesterday was no different.  This was a makeup free day, so please excuse the friend who popped up on my chin.

Style Lounge Hair 011315

Andeen knows I like free samples and trying new things, so she sent me home with a trial sized bottle of leave in conditioner to try.  This Unite 7Seconds Condition looks fabulous.  It smells great and detangles very well.  My fine hair tangles easily, so I love a nice leave in conditioner.

Unite Sample

Considering she is a celebrity hairstylist and her location is on the strip, her prices are very reasonable.  The cut is $95, and the highlights are $125.  The $27 charge was a mistake, so Andeen reversed it.  I hate tipping change and usually round-up to the nearest dollar, but the payment system automatically calculated a 20% tip for me.  Once the refund is processed, my total will be $280.92.  That is a decent value for the caliber of stylist she is.

Style Lounge Receipt

For locals who have not yet seen Andeen, she is running a current special for 30% off.  That deal is too good to pass up.  Yes, that is me in her ad.  I was honored when my husband spotted the picture on her site.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 2.03.18 PM

While you’re there for a service, check out some of the amazing shops nearby.  There is a Sprinkles Cupcakes location right across the walkway.  I picked up some!

Sprinkles Cupcakes

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